Add Caption, Annotate, Edit iPhone Pictures With Evernote Skitch

Evernote is a great note making app and developers of the same have come up with similar and great applications like Evernote Food, Evernote Hello etc. Skitch is another interesting application from the Evernote group that lets you play around with pictures. With skitch you can annotate and edit pictures with sheer convenience and loads of fun.

The more you explore this app, the more you will like it. A simple interface and impressive functionality are the key characteristics that makes editing and annotating much more interesting. You can download it for free from the android market and install it.

The main page has three sections, Camera, Photos and New. If you want to take a fresh picture and then edit it, tap on camera. If you want to edit a previously taken picture click on photos. If you want to have a fresh blank white page to express your creativity, tap on the new page button on the extreme right.

Evernote SKitch Android

This is the editing interface where you have a number of buttons at the top as well as at the bottom. Starting from the extreme left of the bottom pane you have the colour button first where you can select the colour of the pen and also its size.

Evernote SKitch Android 2

With the next button you can choose between two types of pens: the standard and the other with an a. They both have a different effect which you distinguish while writing with your finger. The next button with an arrow, is for typical annotating purpose as you can indicate objects or people with arrows.

Evernote SKitch Android 6

The fourth button with a pointing finger is for reorienting already added text and arrows. You can select it first and then tap on an added arrow or text and then move it across the the picture to place it anywhere else. With the ‘a’ button you can add text to your picture and can also choose the colour of stroke. With the last button on the bottom right corner you can choose between straight line, square and circle, whichever you wish to create.

Evernote SKitch Android 5

Coming to the top of the screen you again have five buttons. The first one is for Home to go back to the main screen. With the second button you can crop a picture according to your wish.

Evernote SKitch Android 3

The trash button is to discard the current picture and open a new page. The next button to the right with an arrow is for redo and undo actions.

Evernote SKitch Android 4

When you are done annotating or editing the picture you can share the same using the button at the top right corner.

Evernote SKitch Android 7

App Requirements: Compatible with android devices. Requires android 1.6 and later.

Conclusion: Lovely interface and lovely features but I wish I had even more features

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For iPad – Yes, Download It From Here ]

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