Add Emoticons, Symbols, Similes To iPhone, iPad

Recently I was chatting with some of my friends on whatsapp and suddenly I felt the need of adding Emotions, Symbols, Similes To iPhone, iPad when I used it as a great. Emotions are refereed to as emoji in japanese. In case of apple devices like iphone, ipod and ipad running iOS 5 or later has the inbuilt native emoji keyboard which consist of most of the symbols including Emotions, Symbols, Similes which can easily enabled under iphone settings. The emoji keyboard is not enabled by default, but once enabled you don’t need any app for adding emotions as it has a large number of emotions which you can add during chat under any app running on your iOS device.

Just in case you are running iOS 5 or later and you have emoji app installed on your device, you should uninstall the app and enable the default emoji keyboard on iphone, ipod or ipad. In case you are running older version of iOS then you can consider installing the emoji keyboard addon app from app store Emoji Plus [$0.99] which has around 1000 emotions or go for the global Emoji Keyboard [$0.99] which works for ios 3, ios 4 and ios 5 as well.

Enable Emoji Keyboard On iOS

For those running iOS 5 or later on the iDevices, should follow the guide below.

1. Go Settings >> General >> Keyboard


Now Tap on international keyboard as shown in the image below.


Under international keyboards – select emoji keyboard as shown in the image below.


Now when you need to tap over the international keyboard symbol on the iphone keyboard


Then you will see the emoji keyboard in action, tap on any symbol you want to add while typing in any application you are running on iphone as shown in the image below.


Same way you can add the emoji keyboard both on ipad and ipod touch as well.

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Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

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