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Install Fonts on Non Rooted Android Phones

Today’s smartphones are not just about features but also emphasize on how perfectly they match one’s personality. Now a days smartphones come in plenty of colors to choose from, which helps the consumer in picking up the right device for him/her. These colors are helpful enough as long as the shape,size, and finish of the smartphone is concerned, but what about the actual user interface.

Unlike other mobile operating systems, android offers loads of room to tweak the interface so as to make it appear close enough to your desire. This includes the use of wallpapers (both live and regular) and third party launchers, which together get the job done. But there is one more thing which can be customized to make your device look yours.

Fonts, is what we are talking about. Just like you replace the wallpaper and launcher, one can also change the default font but that needs a little effort from your end. This post will cover some of the methods by which you can change the default font on any NON-rooted android device.

For Samsung Devices

Although Google does not offer the font-change feature on the Nexus series, Samsung and LG have deliberately added this feature to make their devices look unique. Samsung devices like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 10.1, and Galaxy Camera come with preinstalled fonts which are quite easy to change. LG phones too come with a similar function, and one can also download more fonts from LG Smart World.

To change a font on the aforementioned devices, open Settings. Then open the Display section, followed by Font Style. Tap on your desired font and confirm it.

If you want more fonts, you can download iFont app from Google Play Store. You can browse through countless and fonts, download them on your device, and apply by going to Font Style section.

NOTE: iFont works on Samsung devices (both rooted and non-rooted) only but it can work on some ROOTED HTC, Sony, and Motorola models.

For Other Devices

You must have heard about GO Launcher EX, a launcher available on Play store for free. Interestingly, GO Launcher comes with a font-changing function. However, it demands some effort from your end and you will have to transfer the font file from your computer to the device.

Step 1: Download the font you want on your computer. Connect your android device, and transfer the font file to the below mentioned directory.


Step 2: Open GO Launcher EX, and from the home screen hit the Menu button (the one with 3 vertical dots) or you can also swipe your finger upwards.


Step 3: Select Preferences.


Step 4: Under Preferences, select Visual Settings.


Step 5: Under Visual Settings, swipe to the right to get to the Font section. Here under Font, you have two options – Scan Font, and Select Font. You need to tap on Scan Font so that the launcher picks up the transferred font from the SD card. Once it completes the scan, tap on Select Font and choose the font you want.


The only downside of this method is that the font applied will only be displayed on GO Launcher user interface and not on the actual system.

Source – AndroidAuthority

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