Add Widgets, Shortcuts On Android Phone Lock Screen

XDA developer, who dedicatedly work for Android OS have come up with a new lock screen for the same which is quite nice and easy to use. It is perfect for all sorts of devices and is pretty fast.

The app is not available on the Android market but its APK file is available on the developer’s website. So you will have transfer the apk file to your device first and then install it. When you start the app it will open the settings first from where you must enable it first.


Now once you have enabled it, you can lock your phone and then unlock it to see the lock screen. The screen will be brand new and fresh and supports widgets only. So you can hold the screen until the widgets window pops up.


From here you can select as many widgets as the space on the screen allows. Most importantly you must put the GWL unlock button on the screen so that you can unlock your phone.


On my lock screen I have added the android market widget, the power button widget, a battery solo widget and last but not the least the GWL unlock button. Please remember wherever you hold your finger on the screen, the widget will be added at the same place and you will not be able to place it anywhere else or drag it.


In order to remove all the widgets, since you cannot remove one by one, press the menu button and the trash bin will appear at the bottom.


Now that you know how to apply and use the app, we can now come to the settings part. As displayed in the first image, the main sections are the General settings and the Advanced settings. In general you will get to see options like use secret code, custom wallpaper, enable volume keys, and lock on calls.


The most important feature of adding a security code at the time of unlocking the phone works great. I used it myself and when tapped on the lock button, a window asking for the password appeared.


In the advanced settings you can use options like Use the force which is used to unlock the screen with the help of light sensors. The force skip option skips the original lock and uses the GWL lock screen.


When you enable the option of Use the Force, you will be able to set your level of experience of using this feature so that it could well assist you and does not bring any trouble while using the lock screen.


Conclusion: The concept is nice and works well except for crashes which happen sometimes since it is the beta stage.

Our Rating: 3.5 | Price: Free | Visit XDA Developers Link To Download Generic Widget Lockscreen Beta4.apk

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No ]

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