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Air Call-Accept Feature on Your Android Phones

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S4 made its appearance in the market, it made all those gimmicks look cool. As in if you see someone waving hands on their smartphone, you make a note that he must be possessing a Galaxy Phone. Imagine the situation before Galaxy S4, we never imagined this would happen. Not even thinking wildly.


Same set of gimmicks (at least some of them) can be now available at your Android phone and make you look cool too while gimmicking. The app which we will be talking about is called Air Call-Accept which provides some basic and useful in certain instances gimmick gestures.

The Air Call-Accept takes the advantage of the proximity sensors attached in your smart phone near your front camera and takes actions accordingly.

With Air Call-Accept you can answer calls with simply waving your hands over your proximity sensors or simply bringing your smartphone near your ears. It will sense the movement and pick up the call for you without letting you actually touch it.

The Air Call-Accept comes in Free and paid version. The free version allows you only to pick up calls either through waving your hands over the proximity sensor or bringing it directly to your ears, but the paid version has got a bunch of other interesting gimmicks.

The Paid version of Air Call-Accept will allow you to reject calls without even touching it, or put the call on speaker mode. Going further, you will be able to send SMS too while rejecting your calls.

A light warning before using this phone is that users having flips on their phones should avoid this. The product is not fully baked and can answer calls automatically when in contact with the flip cover.

The product is for those who really want to get an experience of the air gestures being used in Galaxy S4 other wise i would personally wait for the next stable release of this app before letting it to make a permanent place in my phone.

Download Air Call-Accept (Free) | Google PlayStore

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