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Find Who is Calling From Unknown Number on Android Phone or Tablet

Our smartphones nowadays are a gateway into all our personal information. They store a lot of personal information about its users including their name, numbers, address, and much more. Applications that run on these smartphones also have access to our sensitive information. Usually, whenever you are installing an app that will access your personal information, the OS itself will warn you.

While some rogue apps can collect your personal information and send it to anyone, some apps can take advantage of this and create a public profile for you for easy discoverability on social networks etc.

One such Android app – Truecaller – takes advantage of this and provides you with a public directory. Once the app is installed on your Android phone, it scans and collects the name, number and other relevant details of all your phonebook contacts, which is then uploaded to Truecaller’s servers*.

How To Find Out The Details Of Unknown Numbers On Your Android Device

By default, Truecaller will automatically show a pop-up when you receive a call from a number that is not on your phonebook. Depending on the information available, Truecaller will display the name and telecom operator of the unknown caller along with the city name from which the call originated.


If you want to find out the name or address of an unknown number, start Truecaller and head over to the “Search” tab. You can then enter the number of the unknown caller in the first “Name or number” field to see if any information exists about the caller in Truecaller’s directory. While Truecaller does have the ability to search for more information about a person via his or her name or address, the feature does not work in India.


Truecaller also has a very useful feature of reporting a number as spam. This will allow you to easily block the call of a tele-marketer by simply marking it as spam. The number is also marked as spam in Truecaller’s directory. In fact, Truecaller has a “Top Spammers” section which lists the name and number that has been ranked by other Truecaller user as spammers. The app offers a very useful option of automatically blocking calls from these numbers as well.


Another useful feature of Truecaller includes the ability to automatically pull all the relevant information from your friends Facebook’s profile and update them on your phone. This includes their address, email ID, phone numbers and even their birth dates. This option can be found under the “Update” tab. Do keep in mind that you will need to connect Truecaller app with your Facebook profile before you can use this feature.

*The latest version of Truecaller does not scan and upload your phonebook contacts to Truecaller’s server. The app was previously removed from the Play Store due to this reason, and the functionality was removed thereafter. 

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