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Download Files, Send Them to Another Android or Non Android Phone

Internet provides us the glut of stuff to download. Whether we are on computers, or we are on our hand held devices we continue to look for the stuff that are useful and can be downloaded from the Internet.

This post is about How to download files on android and then send them to another android and non android phones. I don’t want you to confuse with all other options and am going to deal only with the easiest way around.

How To Download Files on Android

If you are an avid android user you should have felt the need of a dedicated download manager just like your computer. Why because the default browser or even Google Chrome for Android is not capable of handling in downloading files of larger size.While there are plenty of download managers to try from Google Play store, I would recommend you to use Advanced Download Manager. It is as light as less than 500 KB in size and powerful enough to take every file type as download.


Like any other process it keeps running in the background without using much CPU. When you select to download a file, for once you will have to choose ADM to complete action using. Once set “always” it will detect the file to be downloaded and will start the download in the background without annoying notifications. The most pleasing merit of this ADM is it is capable of handling large file downloads too.

The free version comes with the ads, but I don’t think they are going to annoy you much because after all you are going to use the app interface only to close the process. To close the process you can open the app interface. Click on options and there you will find the power button.

Download Torrent Files on Android

Well if we talk about downloads and leave the Torrent part, the discussion will be incomplete. With the official uTorrent app (Beta) you can easily find and download torrents right on your android phone. Search for a torrent file, download like any other file and a notification pops up in the notification area. When you open the downloaded torrent file it should automatically get downloaded through the utorrent app.


You can even try uTorrent search for searching only for torrent files.

Bonus tip: If you want to manage your torrents on computer remotely you can try the uTorrent Remote by BitTorrent Inc. All you need to have is a account and you will be able to manage torrent files on the computer through your android phone remotely.

Send Files To Other Phones (Android and Non Android)

Before writing this part of the post I tried almost half a dozen apps which supported file transfer between two android phones. Among all of them Send Anywhere app turned out to be most efficient and easy to use app. The best part of this app is it is free and is also for iOS.


Simply choose to send or receive. You will get options to send either to phone or other computers. Simply enter the code generated and the file transfer between devices should take place at the blink of eyes. You also have options to scan QR code generate. I used it with my iPhone. It scanned the QR code in a second and the data was received at my device in next second. BOOM!

The above app will work with the devices which are connected in the same wireless network. In case you don’t have access to the same network you can utilize the services such as Dropbox. You need to install this app on every device of yours and when you put a file on one device, Dropbox will sync that file automatically to all your other devices. You can also give a try to Google Drive and SkyDrive. I would prefer Dropbox because it is pretty much easier to use and also its app is available for all major mobile operating system.


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