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Annotate PDF Files On Android Phone


Lately PDF readers have come into the limelight for a variety of reasons. In fact majority of the smartphone users now use free or paid PDF readers for reading ebooks and other stuff. Reading is one part of the story, as the latest PDF readers offer plenty of editing tools to help you annotate PDF files and make them appear even richer.

Although not many readers are interested in applications which let you annotate PDFs, this post of ours is dedicated to such readers and we shall be covering a couple of PDF applications, both free and paid.

Annotate PDF Files On Android [Free Applications]

Adobe Reader: The very first and most known PDF reader application is Adobe Reader. I know many of you must be thinking it is only a reader, but if any of you have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader, you should have noticed that Adobe has finally added a couple of annotation tools to it. The tools are quite basic ones and do not offer any advanced functions but at the its price, which is free, it is a good deal.


How To Use

To annotate a PDF using Adobe Reader, just open the same in the reader and tap on the third button from the left (looks like a dialogue bubble with pencil). Now you have a set of of tools for drawing, text bubble, text underlining, and more. You can even add a signature using Adobe Reader.

iAnnotate: The next free and known application is called iAnnoate PDF. The name itself says it is about annotating PDFs but the fact that it has less number of tools makes it a not so satisfactory app.


How To Use

The application has only a couple of tools which can be accessed using a floating toolbar at the right edge of the screen. Select a tool, annotate the section you want to, and press the Done button (present on a floating strip at the top right corner of your screen). The undo, redo buttons are also present on the same strip, along with the color options.

Annotate PDF Files On Android [Paid Applications]

ezPDF Reader: If you are willing to pay for a PDF annotation app, ezPDF Reader is the best application you can get for a reasonable price. And in return you will get plenty of annotation tools that are powerful enough to let you create a personalized PDF.


How To Use

Once you have successfully opened a PDF file in ezPDF Reader, all the annotation tools appear at the top. You can add text boxes and sticky notes, highlight, underline, or strikethrough texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings, and much more. Just tap on the tool, make required changes on the PDF page, and hit the back button. The changes will be processed immediately.

The only complaint you can have is the size of the buttons which is quite small and hard to tap on sometimes. Otherwise it is as good as you can explore it.


All the applications listed above are good for annotation. The free ones solve the purpose of basic annotation while the paid one offers some expert annotation tools. If you are not willing to pay anything, the official Adobe Reader should be your choice, whereas if you can pay $3.99 for an annotation app, look no further than ezPDF Reader.

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