[App Review] GupShup Messenger – A Free Messaging App For Smart and Feature Phones

As specified in the news of the launch of this application, this application combines the platform of exchanging the messages on Cellular data and SMS. This application might be familiar to the users of India and Indonesian and so, we will review it in this post and let you know that how this application works.


As soon as you install this application you will have to get your phone number verified by the most common procedure of entering the received code through SMS. Now you will see the screen where you will select the groups which have been featured, if you select any of those then the public section of the posts will be filled with the recent posts by those groups. The next section is the Private section, where you can choose to chat with any of your friends or a groups of friends, it does not matter where they have that application or not, if they do not have the application then you messages will be sent as the SMS through the server of GupShup (which means you message will be toll free), but the pre-condition is that DND should not be activated on their numbers.


I was not able to explore much about the Activity section but yes it show the activities done on your group and the Explore section will show you the groups available on this application. It will not show all the groups on a single scroll rather you can type the same in the search box if it is not appearing on the screen.


In the Settings section you can manage your profile and invite more friends to join you on that application moreover you can also see the users in your contact list which are available on Gupshup and who are available via SMS. Under settings section you will have only one option to sync the contacts again in order to update the list of users using this application.

The only thing which turns me off is the UI, which could have been much better when compared to WhatsApp or Hik messengers and another reason for using this application is mentioned below.

What’s Bad: Big Problem

The other annoying part is the notification when any group posts a new post, so if you have joined many groups at a time, then it is obvious that you will receive large number of notifications throughout the day and if that things annoys you then you will definitely want to mute the notifications of the application as mentioned here. Now if you mute this application then it is obvious that you will not be able to get notified even if your friends ping you. So this is the big problem in this application and to get rid of this they will have to provide the custom setting in the next upgrade of this application or you will have to choose the groups who don’t ping a lot or do not follow any of the groups.


This application is worth trying once as you may like the highlighted feature of this application. I don’t have much of my friend using this application and I feel that the SMS which are sent via this application take time to get delivered on the other end. Please let us know if you want to know more about this application.

By Abhinav Singh

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