AppGratis Allows To Download Paid Apps You Like For Free on iPhone [App Review]

If you are interested in discovering new application this is the best Application that could help you to get the app for free or for a very good discount rate. This application is having a very user friendly UI and it provides you one free app for a day and a different discount available for the day.

Lets have a quick look over this app and how it works:

In this application you will be provided with guaranteed one free apps for everyday and also with few apps which could have a attractive discount or might be free. Below is the Home screen of this application and this itself is sufficient to explain the working of this application. This application give you the list of application that are free or having discount. And along with that it gives you the details about that particular application


In this screenshot you can see that today I was able to get the “My Measure” application for free. At the right topmost corner I have the option for Download this application for free. If you are interested to download you can click on this option and you will be directly navigate to the Appstore having the Application already searched for you. And you only need to click on download option and the application will be available for you.


Also you can see in the lower part of the screenshot that there are many other list of application provided which are free for that day or have some good discount. You can just click on the interested app and you will get the detail of what that app is.

The offer will exist only for some particular time and this is the thing the application lacks. It does not show the time left for the offer. Still as this app provide really good application and with good discounts it deserves to be installed in your Iphone, iPod or IPad.

By Nilesh Khoriya

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