Apple iCloud Services iMessage, Siri, Apple ID Status Reporting Webpage

You must have been troubled by some of the problems related to iCloud services or iTunes services in past. These troubles sometimes occur due to the outage of the service by Apple, outages are not a problem but these outages should be notified to the users. Keeping this provision in mind Apple has created the common notification point for the status of all the services offered by them. Now whenever you face any problem while using any of its services, then you can go to that link and then check the status of that service. In this post we will talk about that portal.


Click here to reach out to that page, you can see that all the services are mentioned in a sequence with their status symbol highlighted in front of them and all the services have been mentioned under broader categories. The significance of the symbols can be understood from the highlighted portion in the screenshot. Green indicates that the service is fluent and it does not have any problem whereas ‘Light Orange’ signifies that its’ facing some issues.


Moreover below that table you can see a timeline bar, where you can see the issue faced by the services throughout the day. On the left hand side you can see the description of the problem and the name of the service associated with it. And on the right hand side in the graph, you will see the duration for which the problem occurred with the specific start and end timestamps. You can change the dates with the arrows and check the status of the services at any day.


If everything is fine and you cannot see any issue related to the services then you can click the link named ‘Contact Support’ and then they will help you out. So, next time if you face any problem then you can get back here and get it resolved.


This portal is really useful when you are using lots of iCloud services because they get usually halted through the day. Whenever you want to check the status just visit the page and keep on refreshing it manually to check the status at a specific point of time because the status in front of you is only valid for that particular minute. Please let us know if you have any doubts.

Apple iCloud Service Status Page

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