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List Of Best Apps That Youth Should Not Miss This Festive Season

The festive season is on, and on must be your desires to own your favourite gadgets. We are buying gadgets like any time. The tyranny of choices cloud our buying decisions. Anyhow when we settle for the appropriate tablet or smartphone we reach out for our favourite softwares. And then choosing among the available is also not a walk in the park.

We experienced the same some time ago and we figured out some favourites meanwhile. Here are top applications that you should not miss this festive season.

Virtual World Teen Patti


English people know it with the name “Flush”. Obviously its in digitalised format and can be either played with real players from any part of the earth or the bots itself. No, it doesn’t require your credit card which makes it secure and free at the same time. Whats more is you can also have live in-game chat as well as exchange gifts.

Download : Android 

Hike : For a Better Messaging Experience


For messaging we have our own preferences but trying out a few worthy alternatives wont change the routine of the sun. Hike is one such alternative for messaging that truly deserves your attention. The big plus point of the app is that your recipient don’t necessarily have to be a hike user and still can get your messages.

Here is a detailed review of Hike Messenger.

Download : Android | iOS

Zomato Restaurant Finder App


If you are not a foodie you are not enjoying your life as much. And in case if you are from normal (lazy) breed of men, you must be finding good restaurants to cater your stomach. I believe until now you must have been doing it through google maps but here is Zomato Resturant Finder App that wont leave you unsatisfied either. The app is location aware and recommends worthy restaurants around. Filters such as “open now” are of great use. They only limitation with the app is its reach. If you happen to be from little less known city dont expect much.

Download : Android | iOS



Like i mentioned earlier, if you are not having exotic foods all around you are not living life either. Allthecooks is an application that lets you discover your culinary skills with some additional experiments. The apps has more than 150 thousands of recipes and also features a vibrant community of apps.

Download : Android 



Being a foodies is one thing to enjoy life and keeping yourself healthy is another. The advantage with the later is that it comes with free of charge. If you are looking for a start, here is an app that will help you and keep you motivated. RunKeeper is a fitness and trainer app for your smartphone. It will track your runnings, walkings, cyclings, and hiking with awareness of your location.

Download : Android | iOS

Other Options

If you are looking for some great deals and discounts on products FlipKart and eBay recently released their apps for smartphone. Visiting them often will keep you aware of the on going deals and offers.


We presented you the list of just five applications buy certainly there are myriad of others available and mentioning each of them was going to be a boring affair. But you can spark the conversation in the comments below by letting us know which is your favourite app for the festive season.

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List of Apps to Take Notes on your Android Device

Anything you read stays in your mind for only a certain amount of time. Having said that i am still struggling to mingle the habit of every time taking notes while reading or thinking. Taking notes on the fly actually is one of the biggest productivity boosters. Your ideas are fluid until they are penned down.

Obviously not every time you can open a computer to pen down your ideas. So here are five applications for android to take down the notes on the fly.

Google Keep


The application got me since its inception. I wrote about it earlier here. The application is very simple and robust at the same time. You can easily take a note in words, or as audio recording or as a quick snap. The recent additions include a to-do list also. If you have multiple accounts, you can also switch between them quite easily. The best part is, your notes are accessible via which means you don’t need to install an additional application to access it anywhere. All you need is a web browser.

Download : Android



Evernote is like paragon of note taking applications on all the platforms be it Mac, iOS, Android, or even Windows. The cross syncing ability throughout the platform makes it even more insisting. I might prefer Google Keep for some light note taking but when it comes to serious work i turn to Evernote and nothing else. Its integration with your browser makes another compelling reason to make Evernote your default note taking application.

Download : Android



Papyrus is another simple note taking application but with a difference. Instead typing, you enter notes either using an active pen or your finger. It automatically recognizes your handwriting. Once you have scribbled your notes you can export them to PDF as well. Like Evernote, in Papyrus too ou can organize notes within the notebooks. The app is still free and i recommend one to grab first before unprecedented happens.

Download : Android



This application by Microsoft for Android does deserve a place when we are talking about note taking applications. The note in OneNote gets automatically saved and synced in the cloud. The app perfectly suits people who have an android handheld and a windows computer.

Download : Android



Any.Do is primarily a to-do application. But in addition it also has the less used feature which i sometimes use to take notes while adding my to-do. just tap the microphone icon while adding a new note and your note gets saved automatically. You can shake your device to remove a complete task. The app also comes with a handy Chrome extension.

Download : Android

Similar Options

If you still looking for some other alternatives, you should definitely give a try to Catch Notes. It does not require any registrations, and you can take notes, voice notes, or even reminders after logging in with your facebook account. And then there is Fetch Notes. If you love hashtags, the app is for you. Just type in any note and you can classify it with appropriate hashtags.


But the list does not end here. There are other noteworthy applications available such as Springpad, Lecture Notes, Note Anytime and many more. Let us know which application is your default one to take notes.

Android Tips

Get Nexus 5 Feel On Any Android Phone [Launcher, Camera,Hangouts,Keyboards APK]


Google Nexus range is in real. It gets launched quietly, without much fanfare and blows away its competitors completely in terms of price and quality. However the debate Android Vs iOS is not what we are here to discuss about. But some great stuffs for Android lovers.


Its have been just hours since the Nexus 5 is officially launched with sporting Android 4.4 KitKat and folks all around already have its native launchers, updated email, search, keyboard, bunch of stock KitKat wallpapers and many more.

Google Play Services And Launcher

In order to install these Nexus 5 applications (as updates) you first need to install Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search and Google Home whose links are mentioned below. Google Home is the new default launcher which is an extremely improved (obviously) version with unlimited home-screen and easily accessible Google Now.

Other Apps

Once you have installed the above apps prior, you are ready to install these applications designed for Nexus 5 on your android phone. The links are mentioned below.


Nexus 5 also comes with bunch of beautiful and minimalistic wallpapers. We liked the “pinky” mountains. Let us know what’s yours.

Before you begin installing these apks, here is a piece of warning from our side. These apks are not official and you need to side-load these applications at your own risk. As far as we are concern, we have been playing around with all the above apks on Android 4.2.1 and we are pretty satisfied.

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Shoot Slow Motion Videos at 60fps From any iPhone

One of the three features that iPhone 5S was overhauled with was its ability to record videos at extremely slow speed. The way it was advertised completely left us awestruck. As a user of iPhone 3GS, (yes i am still using that) i wondered if i could get a pinch of that feature in my more than three years old phone too.

Recently, i came across an app called SloPro which has the ability to record up to 60fps and the big surprising element is that it is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later. In this post i quickly walk through as how to record slow motion videos from any iPhone.

Getting Started

The app SloPro has two versions. Lite one comes free and has some fences around it, like a watermark in every video you produce. The other one comes at a price of $1.99 which is full featured. For the time being we shall move ahead with the lite version.

Shooting Slow Motion Video


The moment you open SloPro, you are ready to start shooting videos. All you need to do is click on that red icon. Once you complete the shooting by pressing the red button again, on the left hand lower corner appears the recently shot video. Tap that and you will be taken to the all videos shot by the app.

Editing Shot Video


Once you play a shot video, you get an option to edit that video in the same window. As editing options you can further reduce the speed or even increase the speed in percentage. The default is 40% but can be lowered up to 25% more or can be fastened up to 4x speed. You also have the feature to clip in and clip out to specific frames in the video shot. Once you are done editing, you can click the “tick” and get results instantly.


In terms of size, video shot at 60fps of 30 seconds was around 30 MB on my iPhone.

Upgrading to Pro


SloPro offers option of in-app purchase for upgrading to full version. In full version you no longer have to deal with the watermark “made with slopro for iPhone”. In addition, you can export your videos to camera roll and also email them directly.


The slow recording performed by SloPro app does a pretty decent job even on the iPhone 3Gs. I expect it should work flawlessly on your iPhone 4 and later too. Next time when a iPhone 5S user is going to flaunt his slow recording feature, i am going to use this app as an answer.

Download SloPro for iPhone (Free) | App Store

Best Apps Lists

Top Five Apps of The Week For iOS and Android

Welcome to our “top apps of the week” series. In this series, every week we share few handpicked applications that are worth deserving your attention. The list contains apps for your android as well as iOS devices. We prefer to list out the apps which are free but also don’t avoid the ones which have the price worth its features.

For now read on the top apps that we selected to feature in this week’s issue.

Soundwave [iOS]


Soundwave is one of the rarest apps that marries social media with music. The app provides you a feed which is populated with what your friends are listening. Then you can tap that song to further share, preview or listen. The big advantage is you are out of the pain to search that particular song which your friends are listening. The app also lets you follow your favourite celebrities.

Download : iOS (Free)

SloPro [iOS]


SloPro for iOS is one app that lets you record videos from your iOS device at extremely slow speed. The app comes in lite as well as pro version which costs not more than $4. Easily capture the video, edit it on your device itself and share across multiple platforms. The app in our tests worked like breeze. (Read more.)

Download : iOS (Free)

Explore Shakespeare [iOS]


If you are interested in any of the plays of Shakespeare, this app is for you. With illuminating visuals, the Shakespeare’s best-loved plays are amazingly presented on your iPad. However for free you can only view the initial scenes of his best-loved plays. For the full version you will have to however spend few bucks.

Download : iOS (Free)

Xbox Music [Android]


Though it is little late but still better. The free app by Microsoft is Xbox Music cloud/streaming music service. You can do all what a cloud streaming music application does but cant stream it prior for offline download.

Download : Android (Free)

Simplenote [Android]


The app is by the company who created WordPress, Automattic. The app is fairly minimalistic in approach and has a basic idea of organising your notes through out the devices.

Download : Android (Free)

Android Tips

Block Annoying Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browser

Our fellow bloggers aptly call ads as “necessary evil”. Thats quite true too. Ads pay developers and in return you get the free services. As long as the developer is getting paid from apps, you will continue to get updates as well as the battery of other interesting apps. The chain follows.

Sometimes, these “necessary evil” act just like evil. Blocking them is only option left. In this post i discuss how to block ads in your android applications and games. I also discuss how you can block ads in your browser on your phone. Ready? Read on.

Blocking Ads Through ABP (Adblock Plus)

First thing, this is not the only app which will block ads. You also might try AdAway. Both of these work on rooted as well as un-rooted devices. For this tutorial we will move ahead with the ABP.

To install ABP, you need to adjust the security settings. Go to settings, – Security and click on the unknown sources.


Since google has blocked all applications which block ads, you will need to sideload this app. Go to Adblock Plus for Android, and download the apk file from there.

Configuring Adblock Plus

Once you have installed the application after adjusting the security mentioned above you are ready to configure the Adblock Plus.


If you device is rooted, after installation, the app will ask for superuser permission and it will start blocking the ads in apps and games.


If your device is not rooted, worry not it will still work but after some proxy tweak. The detailed instructions are mentioned here. Just to remind you, the instructions will be different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.


Now that you have tweaked the required proxy settings, the Adblock plus will start blocking the ads.

Blocking Ads on Browser

The Adblock Plus is also available for Firefox for mobile in the form of extension. The Adblock extension will only block ads appearing in web pages in mozilla. It wont have any effect on your apps and games.

If you are already not using Firefox, you can install form Google Play Store for free. Once you have installed the Firefox browser, open up this link. Its a Android add on with the name of Adblock Plus. Once installed restart the browser.

That is all for blocking ads in bowsers.


Here we saw how to block ads on rooted as well as unrooted android phones. Obviously the rooted users get more options to get into their devices and they can also block ads by editing host files. Host files are plain text files in any operating system to map hostnames. We will cover the same in our following posts. Stay tuned.

Apps Guides

Photo4id Assists You in Taking Passport and Visa Photos

To adhere by each and every terms and requirements of services is not at all that easy. And when it comes to passports and visas, government strict to the conditions like iron and magnet. Any deviation from the listed rules and you are nearly busted.

When it comes to appropriate pictures for passports and visas, anyone can go through mental trauma to meet their requirements. Here is a free app called Photo4id which assists you, and assists you merrily, in taking pictures which imply the conditions for passports and visas of your country.

Getting Started

You start by choosing your country. And then choose the purpose of the photograph. i.e. OCI, Passport, or Visa. Then you will be told about which background to use. In Indian scenario, its white. Then you are advised to wear dark clothes. And then finally a suggestion which indicates not to show your teeth in the snap.



Once you are done with the instructions, you are ready to snap a picture. The app also assists you by giving a boundary on your camera screen, in which you are required to fit it.


Biometric Marker Technology

Once you snapped a picture of yourself, you will be required to mark the biometric characteristic like eyes, chin-point etc. With this the app claims it calculates the exact size and position of the head.


Automated Background Color

Once you marked your biometric characteristics, the app will automatically change the background (if you already don’t have the required color) to the specified color by the country.


Sharing Options

Now the photo is ready. The app offers you myriad of options afterwards. You can either take a print, or email it to an id, or even save it on the device. While saving, you can give the photo is own file name. say your PAN Card number or SSN.



Photo4id does a pretty decent job in obtaining a photo which adheres by every specifications. Right now the app is only available for App Store so in that case Android users are going to be disappointed. But still as they say, anything but android doesn’t lack apps. You can try Passport photo app to take photos for Visas and passport on your Android device as well.

Download : Photo4id | App Store (Free)

Apps Lists

Top Five Brain Teaser Apps for Android

Our brain is nothing but a kind of natural machinery. This natural machinery needs some tweaks and tasks to perform everyday. A mind can turn dull without any efforts and obviously no one wants that.

So today we bring out a list of five Android applications which makes your brain perform and perform under pressure. These applications for android tests you memory, your short term memory, your abilities to perform calculations and so on. We are starting with Brain Age Test Free.

Brain Age Test Free


The popularity of this apps speaks in terms of the downloads. Clearly it is one of the top mind games available in the Play Store. The application is too simple and what it does is testing your short-term memory as well as brain age. You will be shown a bubbles with numbers in scribbled on it for a short period. Once they disappear you will have to tap those bubbles in terms of their ascending orders.

Go for this application if you are looking for a simple yet very addictive mind teaser app.

Platform : Android

Math Genius Brain Trainer


Nothing comes close to maths when it comes to exercising your mind. Math Genius Trainer is a math brain puzzle game. You will be required to solve maths problem as logic puzzles. The app is again a very addictive one yet very simple to play.

Platform : Android

Brain Age Game


The application particularly determines the age of your brain. You will have to remember the order of the appearing balls and tap in the same order. The app also lets you track your performances using graph and lets you watch your stats as you continue playing the game. It also has the feature to compare the scores among your friends and share on Facebook.

Platform : Android

Find Differences


I bet you must have did this once in your childhood. The chid magazines in those days featured two almost similar pictures and you had to find the differences between them. The same thing could be enjoyed on your smartphone now. The free app has got more than million downloads.

Platform : Android

PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App


PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App is our recommendation for someone looking out to boost their vocabulary skills. The app lets you conduct vocabulary tests where each word’s has got few options. In multiplayer mode lets you play with other live user. The app also features a handy dictionary.

Platform : Android

Other Alternatives

While these are our favourite brain teaser apps to try upon, apps like Riddles, Brain Teasers, Logic is also worth mentioning. The app has riddles in the categories like Brain Teasers, Funny Riddles, Logical Riddles, Math Riddles etc. Another light alternative for brain teasing can be Hard Brain Teasers.


So here we presented you few brain teaser and booster apps. Chances are we might have missed quite a few of them because they are available in myriads. Let us know in comments if you use any Brain Teaser apps.


Auto Backup Apps Before Upgrading to a Newer Version in Android

Upgrading of apps and software are often associated with excitement because of addition of newer features. But there might be a situation where you have come across the shock of your “beloved” feature being discontinued in the upgrade. Being clueless (obviously) you would have compromised without your “beloved” feature as there is no way to roll back especially in case of Android.

Is there an app which can take a back up of the current app version before the up-gradation takes place? So that at some point if we did not like the update we can roll back the older version?

Yes there is one called AppWererabbit. The app auto backs up android apps before they get updated. You can start the process of grabbing a copy of it from the Play Store.


The first screen shows the all apps installed in your system with their version details and sizes. Tap on any one of those apps and you should be prompted with actions like Launch, Uninstall, Back Up, or Export Apk.


The Back up option is different from the Export APK. Export APK simply stores the current version of an app as APK file so that you can install the same version from scratch. Settings are only stored when you choose to back up the app.

Swipe left to right to get more options like Cache Cleaner (this feature seems like a fashion).


Auto BackUp

In the same (previous) screen go to settings, then basic settings and tap the Auto Backup option. This will automatically backup apps after every install.


Restoring Apps

To restore an app, swipe left to right to get more options. Tap the Backuped Apps, there you will find the list of all of the apps you backed up earlier. Tap an app and you will be prompted options to either install from the Google Play store or you can choose to view versions. Thats it. Its as simple as you read.

Similar feature can be achieved by the Titanium back up too. But being a free and easy to use i will prefer using this apps to back up my apps before upgrading.

Download AppWererabbit (Free) | Google Play Store

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Change Your Android Phone’s UI Like Windows 8 Phones

The extent of customisation in the Android phones is not a new thing to write about. It is the only OS in the world which can wear the any OS’s user interface and still work flawlessly. In this post i have tried to make my android Phone look alike the Windows 8 UI (Live tiles n all).

Getting Started

For Windows 8 customisation for our Android Phone we would install the free Windows 8 like launcher called Arikui Launcher. Once you have installed the launcher, tap it open and choose the action to be performed by Arikui launcher as always.


Once you have done it you will be at the default lay out of the launcher. The background remains the same as previous and the entire screen is covered by the tiles. Swipe left to see the other additional apps.



Tap the settings icon sitting at the bottom corner of the screen and you will be allowed to tweak settings of tile, Desktop, Preferences and other system settings.


The preferences tab contains all other main settings ranging from appearance, display effects, performance optimisation, to Gestures.


Gestures tab in the preferences has gestures settings (obviously). Swiping down with two fingers can open the Preference, swiping up opens the Apps Drawer. Similarly you can define what pinch in and pinch out will open up.


To change the settings in the tile, just long tap it and there will be options to change the colour (pencil icon), change the size or even unpin the tile from the main home screen.


Adding shortcuts and Widgets

On the main home screen you can also add shortcuts of applications which support this. Tap the plus icon in the lower right corner of the main home screen and you will get the options of choosing shortcuts.


Similarly widgets can be added too.


When Android has no problem in letting you customise and tweak in settings and user interface why should you think twice? Install and enjoy Windows 8 user interface on your Android phone today and do let us know if you are already using some different launcher.

Download Arikui Launcher (Free) | Google Play Store