Auto Backup Apps Before Upgrading to a Newer Version in Android

Upgrading of apps and software are often associated with excitement because of addition of newer features. But there might be a situation where you have come across the shock of your “beloved” feature being discontinued in the upgrade. Being clueless (obviously) you would have compromised without your “beloved” feature as there is no way to roll back especially in case of Android.

Is there an app which can take a back up of the current app version before the up-gradation takes place? So that at some point if we did not like the update we can roll back the older version?

Yes there is one called AppWererabbit. The app auto backs up android apps before they get updated. You can start the process of grabbing a copy of it from the Play Store.


The first screen shows the all apps installed in your system with their version details and sizes. Tap on any one of those apps and you should be prompted with actions like Launch, Uninstall, Back Up, or Export Apk.


The Back up option is different from the Export APK. Export APK simply stores the current version of an app as APK file so that you can install the same version from scratch. Settings are only stored when you choose to back up the app.

Swipe left to right to get more options like Cache Cleaner (this feature seems like a fashion).


Auto BackUp

In the same (previous) screen go to settings, then basic settings and tap the Auto Backup option. This will automatically backup apps after every install.


Restoring Apps

To restore an app, swipe left to right to get more options. Tap the Backuped Apps, there you will find the list of all of the apps you backed up earlier. Tap an app and you will be prompted options to either install from the Google Play store or you can choose to view versions. Thats it. Its as simple as you read.

Similar feature can be achieved by the Titanium back up too. But being a free and easy to use i will prefer using this apps to back up my apps before upgrading.

Download AppWererabbit (Free) | Google Play Store

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