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Auto Change Wallpapers Periodically On Your Android Phone, Tablet Home or Lock Screen

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked by the average smartphone use is how to automatically change wallpapers on his Android device. While Android allows any kind of image to be set as wallpapers including user interactive ones, thanks to live wallpapers, it does not allow users to change wallpapers at a selected interval.

However, there are a bunch of apps in the Play Store that can change wallpapers of your Android device at a specific interval or at any other specified condition.

How To Change Wallpapers Automatically On Your Android Device

Step 1: Download Wallpaper Changer from the Play Store and start the app.

Step 2: First of all, tap the “Select folder” option and point the app to the folder where you have kept all your wallpapers or photos that you want to use as a wallpaper.


Step 3: Now, select the first option in the app – “Change wallpapers every __ min” – along with the time interval in minutes at the end of which the app should change the wallpaper.


If you want to change the wallpapers in random order, just select the “Random order” option. If for some reason, your wallpapers are not of the same resolution as your tablet’s or phone screen, you can select how you want them to be applied as a wallpaper from the app’s preferences.



While Wallpaper Changer does not include its own wallpaper database, it is still perfect for people who already maintain a wallpaper folder and want to cycle through it randomly at every ‘x’ interval, or maybe just use their camera snapshots as their home screen wallpaper. If you don’t have your images sorted folder or album wise, you can use Wallpaper changer to do that as well. However, you will need to purchase the paid version of the app to gain this functionality. The app also has a nifty option – the ability to change the wallpaper every time the user unlocks his or her Android device.

It is recommended that users do not set a very low interval to change the wallpapers automatically on their Android device. Setting a time interval too low can cause a noticeable decrease in the battery life of your Android device.

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