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Auto Login In Chrome on Android with Synced Password From Desktop Chrome Browser

Google Chrome has been one of the most loved browsers among users and the credit goes to the construction of the browser. It is relatively light, works efficiently, and is offered with countless extensions which include games, advertisement blockers, apps, and more.

Considering the success of Google Chrome on desktop operating systems, a while back Google released the Android and iOS versions of the same. As expected, it became popular soon and now Google is working on making the browser better and better, for mobile operating systems.

Recently, Chrome for Android has been updated with a new and interesting feature  – Password and Autofill sync. I am sure you must be familiar with the sync feature of Chrome wherein it syncs tabs, bookmarks etc, between the desktop and Android browser. Now, with the recent update, you will be able to access your saved passwords and auto-fill form data present on Chrome for desktop, from your android device.

How to Sync passwords and auto-fill data?

Open Chrome on your pc, go to settings, and Sign in using your Gmail account. Once you sign in, set-up the Sync feature and give access to Autofill and Passwords. (see the screenshot below)

Google Chrome password

Now open Chrome on android and it will ask for your permission to to sign-in. If it does not, you can open Gmail in the browser and log in using the same account you used on your desktop. In case you do not have Chrome for Android, download it from here.


Once you have signed-in, Chrome will automatically access all your saved passwords and autofill data from the desktop version of the browser.


NOTE: You must enable the sync feature on your android device, or else Google Chrome will not be able to access your passwords and autofill data.


Also you will have to enable sync in Chrome on android – To do so, hit the settings button, now tap on your email Id which will be displayed near the top of the settings screen. Once you are inside the email section, switch Sync on and select the information you wish to grant access to.

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