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[How To] Auto Update All or Specific Apps On Android Phone, Tablet

Google’s Play Store might be lagging behind Apple’s iOS AppStore in terms of quality apps and games, but in terms of features and usability, it simply blows the latter out of the water. Unlike the iOS AppStore, Play Store features automatic updating of apps, the ability to refund apps within 15 minutes of purchasing them, delta updates and much more.

Delta updates is a big life and data saver because when a developer updates his app, users are not forced to download the whole installation file of the app again. Instead, the Play Store only downloads and installs the relevant or the updated part. For example, you download a game whose APK size is 48MB, and which then downloads additional files of around 1GB in size.

The next time the developer updates the game, instead of downloading the whole 1GB of game data or the 48MB APK, Play Store will only download certain ‘updated’ parts of the APK, thus saving users precious amount of mobile data usage.┬áDelta app updates, along with automatic updating of apps, means Android users will never have to worry about manually updating apps on their Android devices.

Automatically Update Applications On Android

Users can either decide to automatically update all their apps in the Play Store when an update is available, or only selected apps.

To automatically update all your apps, open Play Store, and press the ‘Menu’ button on your Android device or the 3-dots at the top right corner of the screen.

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Settings’ and then select the “Auto-Update Apps” option. If you don’t have an unlimited 3G or 2G data plan, it would be recommend to auto-update apps only on Wi-Fi so that you don’t cross your monthly mobile data limit. Select the third option from the Settings menu i.e. “Update over Wi-Fi only” to make sure that your apps are only updated when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t want to be notified about app updates, since you have turned on auto-updates for all your apps, disable the “Notifications” option from the Settings menu.

Auto Update Selective Apps On Android

If you only want to auto-update certain apps, open the app listing from Play Store and then select the “Allow Automatic Updating” option.


If you never want to be bothered about updating your Android apps or devices, the Play Store options will duly fulfill your wish. With features and options like delta updates and the ability to update your apps only via Wi-Fi only, Google clearly knows that mobile data is precious and costly affair.

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