Auto Reply Text Messages With Android Phone When You Are Busy, Cant Take Call Or Read SMS Messages

Can’t Text is an amazing app which automatically replies to text messages when you are busy doing something more important than texting. For instance while driving, as per rules, one is not supposed to be using his or her phone, so it would be great if an app helps you at such points.


The interface of Can’t Talk is so simple and user friendly with no confusing options at all. A message section at the top and three buttons, call off, both call and text off and text off respectively at the bottom is all what constitutes the main screen.

The app comes with a set of preset text messages which could be used when someone texts you or calls you while you are busy with something else. Tap on the message window and the list of message templates will appear.


In order to add a custom message, scroll down through the templates until you see the Tap here to add message option. Press it and add the custom message.


With the three buttons provided at the bottom, you can separately toggle between options. In the image below I have switched on the Call option so that it can respond to incoming calls.


Similarly you can switch on the Text option and as soon as you do it, the app will put your phone to silent mode.


Lastly you can enable both the call and text options at the same time by hitting the center button.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 1.6 and up.

Conclusion: The app works well but I wish it had a widget which would enhance the convenience of using it.

Our Rating: 3.5| Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Can’t Text

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