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Backup Applications And Data On Cloud And Restore Later

Whenever we talk about backing up application data on our Android devices, the first app that comes to our mind is Titanium Backup. Even though Titanium Backup is the best of its kind in the Google Play store, it is meant for advanced users and regular users are not comfortable operating it. For regular users there are way too many options available but not all are up to the mark.

Today we will be talking about yet another backup application that is available for free and is extremely easy to use. Even if you are completely new to the Android operating system you would find it very convenient to understand how the app works. Some of the interesting features that it offers include Cloud sync, backing up SMS & contacts, freezing apps (needs a rooted device), and many more.

How  To Use Ease Backup

Step 1: Head to Google Play store and download Ease Backup which is available for free.

Step 2: Launch the application and on the very first screen you will find a list of the installed apps. If you swipe to the left, there is a User Data tab under which all your contacts, SMS, MMS, Call logs are ready to be backed up. At the bottom of the interface are five different buttons and each of them corresponds to a different section. The first button from the left is for the backup history, the Cloud button (second from the left) is for logging into Dropbox or Google Drive and backing up your data, the Clock button is for backup schedules, the fourth button is to sort applications, and the settings button is to access the app’s settings.


To backup an application or a group of applications, select them one by one or select all of them at once, and hit the Backup button (see the first image below). Similarly if you are under the Cloud backup screen, log into either your Dropbox or Google Drive account, select the apps, and hit the Backup button that will show up on the top.


To access your last backup, tap on the very first button present at the bottom from the main screen. From here you can easily restore applications. One can also schedule Backups using the schedule tab. The user will have to specify the apps, type of backup, and the time.



As per my experience it is a wonderfully built app that not only offers good features but also ease of use. This is the free version that was run on a non-rooted device and it worked flawlessly. If you like the application you can buy the Pro version key.

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