Delete or Transfer Songs on iPhone To PC or Mac

Many users do not keep their music organized on their system which obviously means that it will be very difficult for them to sync their songs from their system to their iPhone. As there are many artists names, many albums, many genre and songs names which are kept on your system. This type of syncing might be helpful for you if you have lots of space on your iPhone and you want to all the songs into it without being specific, but then you know space availability on your iPhone is really very important (and you can refer to an article here which can tell you a lot to do so.)

Now if you want to be specific then are few ways to select the songs and them on your iPhone and similarly there few ways to delete them also. We will tell you some smart methods to do the transfer and the deletion of songs on you iPhone.

Select the songs and copy them in iPhone

One of the ways is to select all the songs from your system copy them and then paste them, they will be added one by one, just make sure that sync Music option should be disabled because generally when your iPhone connect to your system auto-syncing starts which will remove all the songs added by you if you have checked the sync music option (highlighted in the screenshot below).



DISADVANTAGE:- A major disadvantage of this way is that you will have to find each and every song (if they are not organized) while adding them every time on your iPhone and again while recalling every song you wanted to put you may miss one or two.

Create a playlist and always sync your music with that playlist

This is a better way of transferring songs to your iPhone. Create a playlist specially to put all the songs for your iPhone into that playlist, now whenever you download a new song which you want to be in your iPhone then you can instantly put that song on to that particular playlist. So, your playlist will look something as mentioned below in the screenshot.


Now whenever you want to add all the favorite songs on your iPhone you will just have to connect your iPhone to the system and its auto-sync option will put all the songs on your iPhone. This is a better and an organized way to do it.

Deleting the songs in large number or any specific song

If you wish to delete large number of songs from your iPhone then you will have to only uncheck the songs available in the playlist which gets synced with your iPhone but this method is recommended only when you need to delete large number of songs.

When it comes to small number of songs then you can delete them right through your iPhone and even if you sync your iPhone with that playlist, that song will not appear again on your iPhone. To delete the song you will just have to swipe your finger from left to right or right to left across that particular song and then you will see a delete option as mentioned below in the screenshot.


Just press this red button and then the song will be deleted. This is pretty quick way to delete the songs.

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