Backup Upload iPhone Contacts, Photos And Videos On Internet Using iDrive App

iCloud has been a great addition to the Apple services and the fact that it syncs apps installed on device with another, is simply brilliant. Now iCloud does have a limited space to offer initially but if the user wishes to pay more, he or she can get an extra amount of space to backup more data. Of the plenty of interesting online data backup apps, we will be reviewing one today.

iDrive, you must have heard the name, is a known online data backup service and is available for iPhone too. Called as iDrive Online Backup, the app is free for download.

You need to signup for iDrive when you start the app. So you need to have a valid email address. Once you are through the first screen, you have My Files,Account Info and help sections. Enter My File.


Now the app asks for the tyupe of Encryption you prefer. One can either go with the default encryption or can set an encryption key of his  or her choice by tapping on Private Encryption.


The next screen has My iPhone Backup tab at the top. Beside this you have the forward button, at the top right corner, which can be used for backup and folder management. At the bottom you have four buttons. First one from the left is for adding a new folder, the second for accessing the list of favorite/ backup files-it is more like a shortcut. The third button is to be used to refresh the list of backups and the last button is to view the image files, if there are, in a particular folder.


Now coming backup to the backup feature, tap on My iPhone Backup. The next screen has three sub-sections: Contacts, Photos and Videos. This is the point where the backing up of files will begin from.


To backup contacts to the server, enter Contacts and the app will automatically ask for making a backup.


Press Yes and voila, all your contacts are backed up.


Similarly you can enter the Photos tab and you can backup all your photos. You will also get the option to select particular files from the gallery and capturing live photos.


You can see all the pictures under Photos. See here I am selecting the pictures I wish to upload to iDrive.


To delete, restore or share the backed up pictures, you have to use the forward button that will show up at the top right corner under Photos.


One can also view the progress of the content which is being uploaded.


To logout iDrive or know how much data you are currently using, you can go back to the main screen and enter the Account Info section.


Other Salient Features Of iDrive Online Backup

  • Browse through files and folders in your IDrive account
  • Read documents, watch videos and listen to music
  • Share files and folders with anyone
  • Backup contacts and items in the Camera Roll

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Conclusion: I Like the app but there a few issues as well. One common issue is that the files would disappear which can be made appear again by logging out and logging back in.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: $9.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes, Download It From Here ]

Similar Apps

  • CrashPlan: A brilliant data backup app. It has a unique feature of backing up data from your device to your friend’s computer. This helps you save some storage space and is exclusive to CrashPlan.
  • SOS Online Backup: A good app which is easy to use. Interestingly it also lets you backup your Music over the servers.
  • MiMedia: An app designed for media backup only. It include music and videos. Disappointingly you cannot backup your contacts with it. Also it is an old app and does not support multitasking.
  • Carbonite: It is one of the best backup services out there but unfortunately it does not offer any free storage space and one could find it a bit expensive to use. But overall a brilliant app.

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