Battery Doctor app in iOS to Check and Maintain the Battery Life

The Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security software Co. ltd introduced an application: “Battery Doctor” . This is one of the most useful app you can find in IOS as this application as it gives you battery status with details of which application is consuming how much batter and solution of how you can save your battery, Provides you charging time with status and Health score of your battery and can also accelerate the memory by a single click and many more.


Battery Doctor provide you a clear view over your battery consumption and on the status of your battery life remained. In the below screenshot you can see that it showing the approximate timing that the cell can work without charging and it also shows which application is consuming how much battery time. As you can see in the below screenshot it is also suggesting you that suspending of which app will extend you battery timing by how much hours/minutes.


For example it is showing you if you suspend (turn Off) wifi you can extend the battery time by 1 hour 35 mins. Moreover it shows you how many time you can save by suspending all the applications.

One of the most interesting feature here is: if you don’t know how to suspend any particular application this Battery Doctor can help you with it. you just need to click on the forward arrow in front of the corresponding application and you will get the detail of how you can close that particular application. The example is shown below for suspending GPS.


Here you will also be seeing a Tab “Detail” here and wondering how it will be helpful. It is one of the very good option provided here. With this option you will be able to see the power details. For example in the below screen you can see the phone is now 100% charged and with this charging you can use 8hr 06mins with internet on wifi or talktime for 12hr 36mins etc.


Now lets move to the next tab which is “Recharge”. in this tab the Battery Doctor tells you that for how much time you can charge your battery more. For example in the below screenshot you can see that i can chare my mobile for 10more min as the battery is almost full and i was using the USB power supply using the Laptop.


But for it it not enough for this tab. Here you can see the backward arrow which we have highlighted. With this arrow you can get the screensaver while you battery is recharging the battery. Also you will keep getting the Health Score for your battery. Also in this screen you will be seeing that this application keeps the Recharge records for this month. you can click on the arrow next to this option and you will get the calendar showing when you have charged the full battery. you could see the your past charging record as shown in the below screenshot.


Now moving toward the next tab that is “Rank”. Here in this Tab the battery doctor will rank the application that you are having in your phone. It will rank the application starting from Level 1 to Level 5 where level 1 stands for the application that will consume the lowest battery and level 5 for the application that will consume the highest battery. For example you can see in the below screenshot. Here it says that Chrome is a levell 4 Application. Moreover it also shows the Battery consumption of that particular application in terms of mAH/min. It contain the list of all the applications installed in your Iphone.


It also provide the timing and also suggest you that which application can run in the background and which can be closed. It also tells you that which apllication cannot be closed and why. for example you can close the “Location” as many other applications will be using it to get the location. So the appliction will suggest you not to close this application as many other application is using it.

The specialty of this application can be shown by when the battery is not full this application provides you an option to accelerate the memory usage.


When the battery is not full you will get an option of Accelerate, where you can just click on the Accelerate option and can improve the available memory usage.

Now if move for the next tab which is “System”, this is a simple one but has a really amazing capability. This tab could give you the details of your iPhone. Just check the below two example screenshot which could amaze you how this application can detailed your iPhone.


this was just the example. You can use this apllication and see the details of you iPhone. You cold get the details of CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Wi-Fi network, 2G/3G network and many more. It is really Impressive.

Last but not the least, the “More” tab. this is an additional option added to this Application and can be said as Cherry on the cake.


Here you can see the option for Discharge rank which just give you the rank as described above when the battery is not full. It also provides you Alarm Clock with which you can add the alarm. And as per the specialty of each tab this tab got one as a “Tips”. It provides you a very useful Charging tips and a Power-Saving tips which could help you to enhance your battery performance and increase the life of you battery


Whatelse you will want in this application. Configuration wise this application is compatible with iPhone, Ipod touch  and IPad and it is optimized for iphone 5. It requires iOS 4.3 or later to installed. This is one of the must have application for the iphone and is really helpful to enhance the battery life and IPhone performance.

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