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Best 10 Useful Cydia Repositories, Sources For iPhone, iPad

We have had a couple of app guides in the past on topics like best photo editing apps, best online cinema ticket booking apps etc. But today we are here with a small guide that will tell you about the best cydia repositories for your apple device including, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

To start with I will tell you how to add a repository in Cydia, most of you must be knowing it though. First and foremost jailbreak your device, open Cydia and head to the Manage section.


Enter Sources, press the edit button at the top right corner and an Add button will show up at the top left corner.


So after pressing Edit, press Add and a small pop up window will appear where the web address for the repository is to be entered.


Best Cydia Repositories

1. : is Cydia’s most popular repository and I am sure many of you agree with it. The sole reason behind this popularity is Installous(Appstore alternative for downloading paid apps for free), which is hosted by Hackulo. If you do not have this repo, add it, download installous and thenget paid applications available on App Store for free.



2. xSellixe : According to us, xSellize is one great repository that hosts cracked application of paid tweaks available on other repositories. The repo offers less themes and other customization tweaks but focuses more on utilities. Another great fact about the repo is that it hosts a good number of ROM packs for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64 and NES emulators.



3. iHacksRepo : This is yet another amazing repo which is one of the most complete sources for Cydia. It offers not only apps but tweaks, HD themes, utilities, ringtones and SBSettings themes. It also hosts some unlockable DLCs and Apps Store game hacks which would help you progress in the game faster.



4. SinfuliPhoneRepo : Like xSellize, SinfuliPhoneRepo also offers countless number of tweaks and apps. It also features cracked versions of some of the most popular and paid Cydia tweaks hosted by other repos.



5. HackYouriPhone : HackYouriPhone is another great repo with tons of apps, tweaks, ringtones, themes, mods. Beside these the app also host downloadable content(DLC) for App Store apps and IPAs.



6. Insanelyi : Insanelyi offers less tweaks and cracked apps than other repos but if you are looking forward to customizing your device’s look, this is the repo to be added.



7. iPhoneCake : iPhoneCake is more popular for its library of amazing free games which are otherwise paid on the App Store. If you do love gaming on your apple device, do add this repo to Cydia.



8. BiteYourApple : Nice repo with a fairly good collection of apps, tweaks, ringtones, mods for your apple device. Worth adding to the list of repositories.



9. iSpazio : This is an Italian repository but that does not mean it offers Italian stuff only. The repo also features plenty of international apps, themes, games and wallpapers to download. The reason why it is on our list is that a number of times the app has offered particular tweaks and apps which were unavailable on other repos.



10. PwnCenter : PwnCenter is solely dedicated to ringtones, themes and wallpapers and so if you are more into multimedia content, do add this repo.



I hope these repos do help you download some plenty of games, tweaks, apps, ringtones and themes which you were earlier deprived of. If we come across any new repos we will definitely share the same with you people.

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hello my problem is that i cant add even one source in my iphone 3G when i was trying to add sources each time when i write the source it flashes only one massage verification error so could you please help me


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