Best Alternative Email Client Replacement For iPhone Apps

The stock iPhone Mail app is one of the smartest app yet a couple of features offered do not function as they are advertised. As a solution to this many third party developers have come up with interesting mail apps that offer more than one demands.

Sparrow is one amazing mail client that has been serving Mac OS for quite some time now. Recently the developer released the Sparrow iPhone mail client which we will be reviewing in this post.

Sparrow is a paid app and has a great interface but the most important feature that it lacks is Push Notifications. I know many of you are disappointed but beside this the app has a lot to offer. The interface is user-friendly and swipe gestures perform most of the tasks. On logging in with your email account the app will immediately open the inbox. To change between Inbox, Starred and Unread mails tap on Inbox present on the top of the interface.


Use your finger and swipe towards right and the screen would move to bring sections like Inbox, starred mails, sent mails, drafts, trash etc.


Swipe towards left on an email and options like add to favorites, reply, trash, archive, add to important will appear. So using swipe you can take an action as quickly as you think.


When viewing a thread, switch between conversations using up and down swipe gestures. Tap on the arrow present at the bottom right corner to show up additional options like trash, add to starred mails, reply, archive etc.


To delete, move or archive emails in bulk, press Edit button on the main interface, select the mails by tapping on the corresponding circles and take the action.


To compose an email quickly, tap on the floating New button present at the bottom right corner of the main interface(refer to the first or third image). Add the recipient(s) and press next.


Interestingly the app lets you attach pictures directly by pressing the attachment icon. Now you can either choose from the camera roll or take fresh pictures.


Thing Which I Don’t Like About Sparrow

  • So far so good but the Push notifications feature which it lacks does turn me down. But otherwise it is a complete application.
  • A default signature, Sent From Sparrow, is used which is not a good thing. Without this default signature it would have been better.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Conclusion: Handy and extremely useful. Do try it

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No, Download Similar App From Here ]

Similar Apps

  • eMailGanizer : emailGanizer is one of the best mail clients present on the app store. It offers loads of features, including folder support, color schemes, passcode lock. Although many features are there, the interface is not as good as that of Sparrow.
  • iMailG : If you are a gmail user, then iGmail is what you are going to love. Fast, multiple logins, Push notifications, shake gesture support and much more.

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