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Android Apps That Remind For Birthday, Special Occasions in Your Life

Sometimes it is bound to happen that we miss wishing some of our friend’s birthday. And the next day we have to use the word “belated” in our wish which of course is awkward. If you are a Android phone user, here are few free apps that you might consider giving a try. These app will inform you prior to any even via notifications so that you never miss someone’s b’day again. So here are two better Android app for you that will work as a saviour (and these are free too.)

Contact +

While there are plethora of apps dedicated to providing solution to this similar problem, Contact+ is my favourite. It automatically syncs data from your phone contact and all other major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Foursquare, and Google plus (and now Whats App too). It will list the birthday of the contact in Events and will inform you one week prior. With Contacts plus you will be able to send regular texts messages without having to switch to messaging app.

Contact Plus on Android
Basically Contact+ is a complete contact management app which gives you each and every option to add in a contact. You can even select special ringtone for a specific contact.

>>Download Contact+ From Play Store

Friends B’day Reminder

Friends b’day Reminder is another app worth considering. This is a very light weight application focused on simply reminding and wishing a b’day. That b’day wish might be a Tweet, or a Facebook Wall post or even an animated GIF image.
Friends B’day app syncs data from your Facebook account and you need to provide necessary permissions. It can also sync from phone contact b’day.

Birthday Reminder App

>> Download Friends b’day Reminder

Google Calendar

While these are the Apps that are worth trying, I think the Google calendar is also an extremely feasible option. All you need to have is getting used to it. Since Google Calendar is a cross platform app, it will sync events to all your devices including your windows and Mac machines.


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