Best Apps To Open ZIP, RAR Extension Files On Your iPhone, iPad

The stock Safari browser is indeed a great app but for some reason, still not known, Apple has not considered adding much features to it. WinZip, which is one of the most widely used formats on our computers, is not supported by Safari and the same is not capable of unzipping WinZip files.

Many of you might be knowing the solution to this problem but this post is targeted at people who are still unfamiliar. WinZip has finally released a utility for the iOS platform with which you can conveniently unzip Zip files both from your Mail app as well as Safari. The best thing about WinZip is that it is available for free on App Store.

Download the app from app store and it will immediately get integrated into Safari and Mail app. To download a Zip file from the mail app, open the email consisting the file and tap on the very file. There is another similar app called Zip File Viewer[Free App] which allows you to view the content of any zip file which comes via email or some other way on your iphone.


When tapped, the file will be fetched. Once it completes, tap again and it will prompt you to open the file in WinZip.

NOTE: In the image below you see two option, Open in Bluetooth and Open In. This is because I have a couple of apps installed other than WinZip. If you do not have any other apps that support Zip file installed, it will prompt Open in WinZip.


If you are in a similar state like me and have a number of apps installed, tap on Open In and then select WinZip.


On selecting WinZip, the compressed files will be immediately opened in the WinZip app which is present on the springboard.


To view a file you can then tap on it in the WinZip app itself.


If you wish to download a Zip file from Safari, head to the page where the file is located and tap on it.


On tapping it will open up in a separate page with two options Open In and Open in WinZip, present towards the top. So you can select Open in WinZip and open it the file in the very app.


To delete a downloaded Zip file, head to WinZip, tap on the folder or file and press the Trash button present on the top left corner.


Formats Supported By WinZip For iPhone

  • Word documents (.doc, .docx)
  • Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)
  • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx)
  • PDF files (.pdf)
  • Photos and images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff)
  • Text files (.txt, .ini, .inf, .bat, .js, .log, .xml, .css, .java, .cs, .h, .m, .cpp, .c, .sql)
  • Web documents (.htm, .html, .jsp, .asp)
  • Rich Text Format documents (.rtf)
  • Keynote presentations (.key)
  • Numbers spreadsheets (.numbers)
  • Pages documents (.pages

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Conclusion: Handy and extremely useful. Do try it

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No, Download Similar App From Here ]

Similar Apps

  • iZip: While WinZip is all about viewing and saving Zip files, iZip is a more feature rich app and is definitely a better one. Interestingly iZip is also available for free and offers features like: compressing files into ZIP file, appending files to a ZIP file, sending files in email, zipping/emailing photos and videos from photo album, share your photos on your Facebook wall from iZip, uploading to dropbox and many more.
  • GoodReader: It is basically a rich PDF file reader but also offer many other features like creating zip files, renaming them, unzipping etc. If you are looking at dealing with Zip files only, we recommend iZip as GoodReader is a paid app($4.99).
  • Air Sharing: This is a brilliant app dedicated for viewing documents on the go. Definitely it supports zip files but again it is quite expensive($6.99). If you want a complete file manager, go for Air Sharing or else download WinZip or iZip.

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