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At Google Play Store there is a pyramid of apps which let you browse the file system (called File Explorers), each one carrying there own pros and cons. While choosing a complete File Explorer we take care of functionalities like its support for displaying every file extension, its support for Cloud storage services and so on. We did exactly same test before trying this ES File Explorer and it passed out by flying colours with some additional benefits.

Features of ES File Explorer

Ever since the ES file Explorer got its V3 update, it has become even more efficient file managers. Apart from supporting the local file system (internal and storage included), the ES File Explorer has even support for the LAN as well as eight different Cloud storage system which includes Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive as well.

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Fast access pan provides quick access for your favourite items, Local (items stored in your external and internal storages), library which includes Pictures, Music, Movies and Books, and to to Network. The app explorer scans all your items and tapping on Music or Movies will take you to all music/movies stored irrespective of their location on the card. The ES File Explorer has also a built in Image Browser.

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ES File Explorer is not just a File Manager for Android. Its a full featured application manager. A whole lot of tools like App Manager, Download Manager, System Manager, SD Card Analyst etc are present as supplement. SD Card Analyst analyses your SD card and gives you a graphical representation of storage spaces used in your phone. Similarly Directory Analyze gives a graphical representation of storage spaces occupied by Pictures, Audio, Video, Documents, etc.

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The main advantage of ES File Explorer lies in its support for other external resources apart form local storage. Those external resources include the LAN support, Wi-Fi support, and Cloud storage support. If you are looking for a free, yet powerful file managers of android ES File Explorer is the one you should give a shot to.

Download ES File Explorer | Google Play Store

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