Quick Launch iPhone Camera App In Video Recording Mode [iPad Also]

There are many times I feel the default camera app runs really slow at time, in the past we had discussed ways with which you could make iphone camera launch faster but when you want to quickly record a video of something but as most of don’t record video very often with iphone camera so the camera app normally open in default photo capture mode.

So, before you can start recording some moment, you will need to launch the camera and then wait for the camera shutter to open and then you need to tap again to move iphone to video recording mode which usually takes like 5-8 seconds or sometimes more.

Launch iPhone Camera App In Video Recording Mode

After some searching we found out two apps which could really save your time specially when you quickly want to just record a video and then minimize the camera app on iphone. First app is called Capture — The Quick Video Camera [$0.99] – Its like a record button for your home screen. It immediately starts recording video after launch and saves the video to your Camera Roll after quit by pressing the home button on your iphone or ipad. This app works for all apple devices running iOS 4.0 or later.

Capture Quick Video Camera App For iPhone

Now you will never miss a video record the perfect moment with Capture.

Some Other Features of This App Includes

  • Quickly start recording video with a single tap
  • Avoid distractions with minimal UI
  • Leave the default camera app on Photo mode
  • Focus on tap or auto-focus*
  • Record using rear or front facing camera*
  • Perfect for video memos or video blogs
  • Toggle rear light
  • Use grid lines for rule of thirds*
  • Double-tap to view full frame
  • Lock camera orientation*
  • Disable record-on-launch*
  • Save video for iTunes File Sharing*

Please Note: Capture only works on iPhones equipped with a video camera running iOS 4 or above. iPhone 3G and original iPhone are not supported.

Trouble Shooting App Problems

Three quick tips if your video doesn’t show up in the Camera Roll

(1) Give the iPhone more time to copy over the video.

(2) Check for the video in iTunes when your iPhone is plugged in, in iTunes File Sharing.

(3) Clear space from your iPhone so there’s enough room for new video to be saved.

Another similar app called iREC – which is Fastest One Touch Video Recorder – It is another which gives you feature of one touch video recording on iphone. The working app is again really simple which lets you do one touch video recording, once you launch the iREC app it will start video recording and pressing the home button will stop recording and saves the recorded video on camera roll.

iPhone One Touch Video Recorder

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then again if you have password security turned on it wont be any faster then using the camera button on lockscreen…

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