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If you love to take photos from your iPhone, then I am sure that idea of taking an underwater photo must have crossed your mind, but then you will not risk it by taking your iPhone under water. Today we will tell you about few cases with the help of which you can to do that by taking your iPhone safely under water.

Before proceeding further I just wanted to share a tip that you cannot use your iPhone even if it is raining and you are not standing under the shed. The reason being its capacitive touch as once your screen gets fully wet, its touch will stop responding (or it may respond randomly) due to the layer of water over it. If you wish to take any photograph under these circumstances then you will have to go into a shed and wipe with a dry cloth to make its touch work again.

List of cases which can be used for under water shooting

The iPhone Scuba Suit

This case is perfect for diving under water up to 15 feet. You can click the link to buy this product. It has been tested before rolling out in the market. But this case offers not guarantee, if you spoil your iPhone then it will come on you only.

Touch screen will work perfectly and if you have waterproof headphones then you can also listen the music under water, the website also offer waterproof headphones for 20$ and you also need to keep on thing in mind that iPhone should not go below 15 feet, so you can go for using a an arm band which will be worth 10$ and the product itself is 60$.

Dry Case for iPhone

This case claim to keep your iPhone clean and dry even if you keep it 100 feet under the water level for 1 hour, moreover your iPhone touch and camera both will work properly again all the other feature mentioned above can be used here also and this one is cheap worth 40$. But it is not as stylish as the above mentioned case.

You can click the linked title to buy it and one more thing is that it is like a plastic cover so it might be uneasy for you handle. This cover works on the principle of vacuum generation, once you put your iPhone inside it, you will have to pull some mechanical thread which will suck out all the air and thus the walls of the cover will stick to iPhone screen acting as a screen guard.

TAT7 iPhone Scuba case

This case is much different from all the cases mentioned above. You will not be able to use the tough of your iPhone, but as you can see in the image it has got 3 mechanical buttons, one of them will be used to click the home button, the one in the middle is for clicking the shutter of the camera and the third one at the right hand side can be used to launch any application available in front of that button.

before putting your iPhone inside this case make sure that you have removed the auto lock functionality, else once it gets locked you will not be able to slide the across the screen to unlock your iPhone. This can is worth 84.95$.

RainBallet iPhone Case

This one is the best iPhone case (as far as the looks are concerned), apart from this it provides a solid protection against any impact, dust and water. It will provide you the best clarity to take pictures. This is due to the fact that a better quality of glass is available at the portion where lenses are situated.

I don’t have any idea that how deeper it can take your iPhone, but it says that you should test case under water before putting your iPhone under it. Moreover unlike some other cases you will be able to use the touch type and it after providing so much of the features it costs around 50$.


As per my opinion, the last one (RainBallet) will be the best option unless it completes your need for under water shooting, the reason being its reasonable price, but if you can ignore the looks to a certain extent then the first option will be the best. That said you should keep in mind that you will not be provided with any guarantee for your iPhone with any of these cases.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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