How Blind People Can Use iPhone

Apple being the best of his competitors has provided one of the very interesting features in iphone and Ipod for blind people, which is named as “voiceover”. This feature is provided for the Blind people especially which can read the tab or name of the application where the user will tab once and if the user goes for double touch the option will be enabled.

So today we will be helping you to know how you can enable this option and also after enabling how you can use this feature.Lets first see hoe you can enable this option:

Step 1: Go to the Setting menu by clicking on the “Setting” option from the home.

Step 2: Once you are in the Setting Menu click on the “General” option as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Step 3: Now scroll down to select the option “Accessibility” as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Step 4: Here you will find an option for “VoiceOver”. Click on Forward arrow corresponding to this option as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Step 5 : Just click on the OFF/ON switch displayed in front of this “VoiceOver” as shown highlighted in the below screenshot and you the feature will be enabled.


How to work with this feature:

For the new starters it could be hard to understand the working of this option but it is really amazing and very useful for the blind person to operate the Iphone/ipod. The blind person could very easily and efficiently operate the Iphone/iPod using this option.

So let’s try to understand how a person can work with this feature

1. Whenever you want to hear what you are touching on the screens just single click on the option. For example in the below screenshot I have touched a number 7 on the number pad. And when I touched the button the Iphone has utter “Seven” so I got know the number 7 has been selected.


2. Now if you want to click on the button you just need to select the button and can double tab anywhere on the screen. For example as in the 1st point you have selected a number seven. So once the number is selected you can double tab anywhere on the screen and the number 7 will be pressed

3. Now the question is how to Scroll the screen. So whenever you want to scroll the screen up or down you need to touch anywhere on the screen and then using your THREE FINGURE you can scroll the screen up or down


Whenever the Phone gets lock it will give you a voice alert saying the phone is locked.

This feature is really amazing as it makes it easy and comfortable for blind people to use iPhone/iPods. With this feature a blind person can also handle the Iphone with an ease. To off this option you can just go to the VoiceOver option as shown above and can select the option by single tab “ON “ option and then double tab anywhere on the screen.

So now a blind person can also use the iPhone/iPod with a very ease. You just need to handle the iPhone to the user enabling this feature and the person can operate it without any help.

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