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Block Annoying Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browser

Our fellow bloggers aptly call ads as “necessary evil”. Thats quite true too. Ads pay developers and in return you get the free services. As long as the developer is getting paid from apps, you will continue to get updates as well as the battery of other interesting apps. The chain follows.

Sometimes, these “necessary evil” act just like evil. Blocking them is only option left. In this post i discuss how to block ads in your android applications and games. I also discuss how you can block ads in your browser on your phone. Ready? Read on.

Blocking Ads Through ABP (Adblock Plus)

First thing, this is not the only app which will block ads. You also might try AdAway. Both of these work on rooted as well as un-rooted devices. For this tutorial we will move ahead with the ABP.

To install ABP, you need to adjust the security settings. Go to settings, – Security and click on the unknown sources.


Since google has blocked all applications which block ads, you will need to sideload this app. Go to Adblock Plus for Android, and download the apk file from there.

Configuring Adblock Plus

Once you have installed the application after adjusting the security mentioned above you are ready to configure the Adblock Plus.


If you device is rooted, after installation, the app will ask for superuser permission and it will start blocking the ads in apps and games.


If your device is not rooted, worry not it will still work but after some proxy tweak. The detailed instructions are mentioned here. Just to remind you, the instructions will be different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.


Now that you have tweaked the required proxy settings, the Adblock plus will start blocking the ads.

Blocking Ads on Browser

The Adblock Plus is also available for Firefox for mobile in the form of extension. The Adblock extension will only block ads appearing in web pages in mozilla. It wont have any effect on your apps and games.

If you are already not using Firefox, you can install form Google Play Store for free. Once you have installed the Firefox browser, open up this link. Its a Android add on with the name of Adblock Plus. Once installed restart the browser.

That is all for blocking ads in bowsers.


Here we saw how to block ads on rooted as well as unrooted android phones. Obviously the rooted users get more options to get into their devices and they can also block ads by editing host files. Host files are plain text files in any operating system to map hostnames. We will cover the same in our following posts. Stay tuned.

By Kamal Nayan

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