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Book IRCTC Tickets Directly From the Cleartrip Android App

If you are one of the frequent travellers by Train in India, you must be aware of the ‘tantrums’ of the booking site IRCTC. Frankly it takes a hell lot of effort to book a ticket from the IRCTC site.


But Cleartrip app for Android, an online travel portal, seems as a ray of hope, especially in the direction of train bookings. The recent version now integrates feature to book train tickets (through IRCTC) within the app itself. The app has also features to search, check availability and PNR status enquiry along with the book trains directly from the Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the Cleartrip app from the Google play store, it is advised to have an account there (Cleartrip). Sign in if you already have or sign up for one. It takes only a while and doesn’t involve any sort of going through the confirmation thing.

You will notice options like ‘Flights’, ‘Trains’, PNR Status, Trips and more. Since this post involves going through the details of booking a train ticket through IRCTC we will limit to just trains. Enter the source station name and destination station names to get started.


Booking Process

In order to proceed with your train bookings, Cleartrip requires your IRCTC account to be synced. If you have not synced earlier, on the search screen you should see a notification saying “For reservations sync your IRCTC account”. (See the screenshot). Click on the notification and you will redirected to the IRCTC Sync page.


There are two steps involved in this entire syncing process. First you need to have a IRCTC account to get singed in. Then you will have to enter one time password (OTPs) which are sent by IRCTC itself. Once you enter OTPs sent at email, and phone you are ready to make bookings. Now click on “Get Started” and you will see a screen to enter your IRCTC details. The good part is if you wish to register a new IRCTC account you can even do that from here itself. Take care of all the details, as each one of them will be checked from the IRCTC database and then only you will receive the OTPs. Once you register or Sign In, you should receive OTPs at your email and phone. These OTPs you will have to enter at once as the last step of the process.


Enter all the details and click on the activate IRCTC account. Thats it.

One of the other advantages of using the app is you can save your card details in Expressway and can be enabled from settings which will save you from entering the card details on every transaction.

Also you can have a traveller’s profile which can include your friends and family member so at the time of reservation you don’t end up typing down the details of every passenger.

I recently booked a ticket from the app from my home to college and it all went glitch-free. Let my know how was your experience with the app.

By Kamal Nayan

Kamal Nayan is a blogger at where he has been writing about personal technology, productivity hacks and often produces how to videos. He takes some time off from his engineering to write about tips and tweaks related to Android and other phones on this blog.