Send Same Message, Photos, Videos to Multiple Contacts in Whatsapp on iPhone, Android

There could always be a need to send a same message to multiple friends and its really not worth to retype the same message multiple time. So when you want to send a same message to multiple contact then why to send this message separately to each contacts when Whats App allows you to send this message simultaneously.

Whats app provide you an option with Broadcast message with which you can send a same message to multiple user in a very few and easy steps.


As you can see in the above screen, under the “Chat” tab ,you can see the option “Broadcast Message”. This option helps you to send a same message to multiple user. Just click on this option and you will get the list of your Whats App contact. From this list you can select the list of contacts to whom you want to send the message


Once you select the list of contact you can proceed with the “Broadcast to” option and you will get the screen to type the message you want to send. Click on the “send” option and the option is sent to all the selected contacts.


Sharing Media to multiple users

You can also share the media like Photos, videos, ,Notes, Contact or your location. You can go to the option share Media and proceed with the desire option like Take Photo or video to capture a photo or vide and send it or can use option like Choose existing to send the pre-captured photos or videos.

Bonus Tip:

You can also create a group and add a multiple Contacts in it to send a same message to multiple contacts added within a group

In Whats app you can also create a group to send message to multiple contact. With this option you can minimize the use of your Media as you will be sending only single message.

To Create a Group go to the “Chat” tab and there you can fin and option New Group as shown in the below screenshot.


once you proceed with the option “New group” you will be navigated to the below shown screen where you enter the Name of the group under the Subject and can add the desired number of participants. The only limitation here is you can have only 30 members in a group where while sending a broadcast message you can add any number of recipients.


one more thing to be noted here is only the creator of the group can add the participants in the group.


I felt the Broadcast option really useful when I want to send a same message to multiple user. This option could save you effort and time in retyping and sending the same message again and again separately for every individual contact. Group chat is also a very efficient option when you have a 30 or less recipients.

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to how many members can i broadcast message ?
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