Bubbly Voice Lets You Hear What Indian Celebrities Have To Say

Bubbly motion has introduced their bubbly voice app for iphone on indian apple app store which lets you share a voice or text update with your friends. They call it voice blogging, but the same thing you can do it with Whatsapp as well for free however whatsapp is not free on app store but this app is free. It lets you post the voice or text update on facebook and twitter. Another interesting app feature of this app is that it lets you listen to your favorite celebrities in india like Amitabh Bachchan and R.Madhavan etc.

One of unique feature of this app is that you can follow your celebs through this app platform and listen their voice updates however you will need to pay 2.99 $ once the 30 day trail expires. To continue listening to all or the one celebs for life forever you will need to pay this amount one time atleast. The list of all the celebs on bubbly voice app is listed below. When it comes to voice updates you can record upto 90 seconds.

indian celebs on bubbly voice app

For Android ?

Yes, they are soon coming up with the android phone version of this app which is under development right now, they expect to release it by the end of march 2012 in indian android market place. On the other hand they can’t say about the windows phone 7 os.

We used the app on own iphone and found it pretty good for all those indian celebs lovers and fans of bollywood and tollywood, below are some screenshots which explains different features of app we explored during our review.

Creating an account is really easy, just filling 3 boxes and its done.


Once you have created the account, you can connect the same to facebook and twitter.


You can follow the celebs right away and start listening their voice updates from the app as shown in the image below.


I followed the most famous amitabh bachchan sir, as shown in the image below.


Last but not the least you can only record audio message upto max of 90 seconds only. 021

Install the bubbly voice app from the apps store from this link [ it will work for only for indian app store account ]

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