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How To Get Money Refund For Paid Apps on Android Play Store After 15 Minutes

One of the few advantages that the Play Store has over the iOS App Store is that it has a 15-minute refund window for paid apps. Once a user purchases an app from the Play Store, he has up to 15 mins to refund the app, if he does not like it. Earlier Google allowed refunds for up to 24 hours, but later on reduced it to a mere 15-minutes.

While the 15 minute refund window is enough for apps, it is definitely not enough for games that generally weigh in several of GBs nowadays. By the time the user is done downloading the game files, the 15 minutes refund window is generally over, which means that he cannot refund the game even if he does not like it.

The good news is that Google actually offers refund for apps and games for up to 48 hours. It is just that the first 15-minute refund window is automated. To get refunds for apps and games after the first 15 mins of purchasing them, users need to just send an email to Google’s Play Store customer support within 48 hours to get a refund for the app. However, this refund policy is not valid for live wallpapers and ringtones, for which the 15 minutes preview window time is more than sufficient. Also, it is not necessary that sending an email will get you a refund for granted, that decision is up to Google.

How To Get Refund For Paid Apps/Games From Play Store After 15 Minutes

Step 1: Head over to your Play Store account. Here all the apps that you have installed on your device will be listed, including the purchased app for which you want a refund.

Step 2: Navigate to the app for which you want to request a refund, and then press the ‘Report a problem’ button. From the “Select your issue” drop down list, select the “I would like to request a refund” option.


Step 3: In the text box below, mention in detail as to why you are requesting a refund for a refund. Do elaborate your issue, otherwise Google won’t refund you the money. If there is bug or issue with the purchased app or game, email the developers first before requesting Google for a refund.


If your reason for a refund is genuine enough, you will soon receive an email from Google stating that your refund has been approved and the transaction cancelled.


As I have stated above, the above 48 hours refund option is only for some rare scenarios. Don’t abuse it or think about getting a refund for every other app that you buy. Google will then simply decline your request to refund and you will be left sulking.

If there are any bugs with the game or app that you have purchased, contact the developer first. Only if he does not reply, use the above steps to get a refund for the app.

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