[Solved] Fix Cannot Deactivate iMessage

Well, iMessage is a new feature introduced with iOS5.0. It is quite similar to BBM used by Blackberry Messengers, so in short I can say that all the apple device users can exchange SMSs for free, whether it an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac etc. they all can go for facetime video calling and texting with iMessage. But these we came up with many users struggling with a common problem related to the deactivation of iMessage on your iPhone. Now this might pretty simpler to you, but it can be tedious especially when you have lost your iPhone already, or accidentally you dropped your iPhone swimming pool.

We have come across many users complaining that even if they stop using iPhone, or put that same SIM onto another phone, they will not get rid of iMessages. In other words if a user has left using an iPhone and now he has switched on to some other phone, say Android or Nokia phone then instead of receiving a normal SMS he or she still gets an iMessage and even the sender’s iPhone indicate that an iMessage has been sent or delivered.

Today we will be discussing 2 ways to deactivate iMessage option from you iPhone. Both of them have been mentioned below:-

Deactivate iMessage On iPhone

Just go to Setting and then you will see an option named Message, tap it and then you can deactivate that iMessage option (as shown below in the screenshot).


Deactivating iPhone From Apple Support Web Portal

Now this way of turning off iMessage option is really helpful for the users who cannot go back to their iPhone to turn off iMessage, Click this link Now here you will provide you login credentials of Apple ID and then you will enter to a page mentioned below in the screenshot.


You will see that your iPhone is registered to on this support site and you also have your contact number on the left hand side of the page. What I can think of is this registration of your iPhone binds your contact number to that Phone number of yours. Now click on the arrow as highlighted in the screenshot mentioned above.


You will be navigated to another page where you can see ‘Unregister’ button as mentioned above, just click it and then confirm that you want to Unregister, Once you do that and logout. You will not continue to receive those iMessage on your Android cellphone from any iPhone.

Please let us know if you have any other issue related to the deactivation of iMessage.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

3 replies on “[Solved] Fix Cannot Deactivate iMessage”

I have tried the second option above. Unfortunately, I cannot try option #1 this is extremely annoying because, everyone I know has an iPhone so it sends from their device, but does not receive on my device. The phone I am currently using is an HTC EVO 4G. Please if you know any fix besides the ones you have listed I would highly appreciate it. I am currently on sprints network (no sim to change).

That did not work for me as my iMessage icon is greyyed out and that link u sent would not load y account. Problem still not fixed

One day iMessages set to my phone number stopped being recieved. I had to open up and new iMessage convo but this time it sent from my email address. The iMessage icon is now grey and inaccessible as well as the iCloud icon. I logged onto apple and realized the decice has never even been registered to me this whole time, it was my mothers and is still registered to her. i have had the phone for almost two years now. I recently downloaded the Onavo app to hopefully conserve data so that may have done it. I did that before I realized that the iMessage uses your data, unfortunate because that’s almost all I send. Please let me know if anything else is found on this issue because I seem to have no recourse.

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