Meta Trader – Forex Trading iOS App Review

If you are into Forex trading and you always like to keep in touch with the latest share prices and also want to do the trading on the move i have got an excellent app for you MetaTrader 5. This app is the world’s most popular Forex trading app. The app allows you to control your Forex account, trade in the financial markets and also do market analysis. The app provides you with Real-Time quotes, full set of trade orders including pending orders and history of all your trading transactions. The app also supports all types of execution modes.

MetaTrader 5 Review


This is the first screen which will open up when you will launch the application for the first time after installing it from the Apple store. As you can see the application has Settings button the top left hand corner, the application also gives you two options, first one is to Login with existing account and second one is my best in case you just want to try the application, you can Open demo account.


In the Settings we have following options :-


Accounts:- This option will show you all the Accounts that are configured in your App and you can select any one of them. You can also add an account by using the ‘+’ sign at the top right hand corner.


Charts:- This option gives you all the settings to modify options for Charts like volumes, Tick Volumes, Trade Levels, OHLC and Data Window.


Messages :- The messages option will show you all the messages that you have got. This option will also help you to delete a single message by swiping from left to right and all the messages using the Delete All button at the top right hand corner.


Journal:- This option shows you all the major activities and other things that you have done in this app. This acts like your statement of proof to keep a record what all transactions you have done and to keep a track of them so that you exactly know how many transactions you are doing, for much are you charged and whether any one else is using your account or not.


This screen will open when once you have made an account. It has Five buttons at the bottom i.e. Quotes, Chart, Trade, history and Settings. The above screen show you the Quotes. In Quotes page you have two tabs on the top Simple and Advanced based on your requirement of information you can choose any one of it. You can also add any stock quote using the ‘+’ sign on the top right hand corner.


The above screen shows you the advanced version of Quotes with a lot more information about the stocks.


The above screen shows the Chart screen with option to view the charts in three possible ways i.e. bars, Japanese candlesticks and lines.


The Trade screen shows us all the information about the trade that we have done. Such as Profit, Balance, Equity, Margin, Free Margin and Margin Level.


History tell you about all the information that Trade tell us but it includes all the past transaction details.

The app is very user friendly. It provides trade levels and volumes on chart. It also works in offline mode and has minimum traffic. It can also receive push notification form the desktop so that you can view them.

Other Similar Good Apps For Trading

1. Bloomberg

This app provides you with the instant access to all of your business and finance news, portfolio tracking tools, market data and also with the most trusted financial professionals. The app provides latest market moving new around 35 categories.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link

2.DailyFinance – Stock Quotes and Business News

The app provides you with the real time stock quotes from the BATS exchange and a 15 minute delay quotes from the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The app allows you to track and create 25 different portfolios. The app also provides you with interactive charts to track the historical performance of a stock.

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3. TD Ameritrade Mobile

The app was formerly knows as iStockManager. The app is ideal for the users of the website. The app can be used for on the go access to the equity, option trading, real time balances, streaming quotes, positions, news and more.

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4. E*TRADE Mobile Pro

The app provides you with the free streaming real time quotes with all the integrated charts, breaking news from the market, option trading with the market, limit, advances orders and quick cash transfer to and fro from any institution.

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5. Real-Time Stocks

Displays you all the real-time quotes/charts for most of the stocks, auto refresh feature will refresh the price of your stock in every 30 seconds or whenever you press the refresh button. The app also supports indices of global markets and it supports many non US stock exchanges also.

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6. thinkorswim Mobile

The app provides with a market calendar to track all the financial events, touch to trade, EFTs, futures and Forex. The app streams live CNBC and also provides you with the real time quotes.

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7. ChartsLive – Stock Charts

The app provides you with a total portfolio management , detailed technical charts and the stocks from the exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, FTSE and TSX.

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8. iTrade – Stock Market Simulator

This app is stock trading simulator based on the The app is a realistic stock trading simulator for iPhone with the only difference that you won’t loose your money.

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9. TheStreet – Stock Market News, Charts & Technical Analysis

The app has a unparalleled charting technology that includes up to 20 years of price, volume and technical analysis data. It has customizable technical indicators and overlays. You can customize your portfolios that will allow you to drag and drop 100 different data points.

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10. Forbes Intelligent Investing

This app presents a series of stories and video conversations with the business and world’s most respected minds. You can watch intelligent with Steve forbes. Read about various intelligent investing articles and panel discussions as they focus on current investments topics.

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link


According to me MetaTrader 5 app is the best option in terms of features, GUI and its user friendliness if you are looking for applications in this category. You can also try out the other applications that i have mentioned Other Similar Good Apps For Trading category. If you have any comments about the applications that i have discussed in this post or if you find any other application for the same purpose apart from the ones that i have listed then please let us know about your reviews from the comments section.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link