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[Tip] Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera

iPhone 5 has been recently announced and it comes with a new feature which allows you to capture photos with 8MP camera on iPhone 5 during video recording is on. However these photos taken while video recording is not same photos you can take from iPhone while shooting images but rather these images are 16:9 ratio with a size of 1,920×1,080 pixels.


As per declared information the new feature which allows you to take photos is only available on iPhone 5, and this feature comes in the default camera app and you can not get this feature on iPhone 4 or 4s or older iPhone even when you upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS version.

Take Picture While Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4S or Older iPhone

Yes, there are simple ways you can add this feature to iPhone 4 or 4s camera by installing some third party apps which allows you capture photos during video recording on iPhone 4 os 4s camera.

First app we will talk about it is Video Snap [$0.99], which can make your iPhone take photos while recording videos. It is an easy to use to capture or taking photo while you are recording a video. One more feature this app adds is that you can control the photo and video quality adjustable at Max, Medium, Low.

Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera

Another app which does similar thing but also provides more features like VideoPix mode which allows taking still photos while video recording.


You can easily capture photo during video recording using this app called QuickPix [$1.99]and it works on iPhone 4, 4s iPod Touch and iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS with performance limitations.These photos which you took while recording are sent to camera roll once you end the recording.

photos during video iphone

This app has lot more to offer in terms of features like fastest full resolution bursting available, Take pictures while taking video, Fast startup, Minimal time between pictures, Easy as the default camera, Saves directly to the camera roll and Advanced features that stay out of the way.


This way you can get this new feature of taking photos during video recording on iPhone 4s, 4 and older iPhones. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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[Solved] Email on iPhone or iPad Are Not Sent In Background rather Stuck in Outbox

It has happened with me and many of our readers when they tried sending an email from their iPhone, iPad but once they tap on the send button and if they minimize the mail app the emails are rather stopped in background from being sent and all these emails are stuck in background.

photo 1

Force Full Send The Emails Stuck In Outbox

In such cases when you realize that emails are not being sent in background when you close the mail app or minimize it. You can go to Mail outbox folder and then try sending the emails which are stuck and shown over there, but make sure that you don’t minimize this by pressing home button until the mail app is finished sending this email.

emails stuck in iPhone

Toggle Airplane Mode On or Off To Send Stopped Email

One method which worked for many people to solve this issue, as for most of the users this happened when they tried sending emails on 3G, so turning on the airplane mode for a some seconds and turning it off again solved the issue.

photo 2

Free Up RAM On iPhone To Send Stuck Emails To Be Sent

One way to make sure that iPhone send all the emails which are stuck while sending is to kill others apps running on your iPhone so that mail app sends the email which are some how stopped from being sent. You will need to press the home button twice to bring up the multitasking bar and tap and hold any app and then kill the apps running other than email.

photo 3


This is how you can solve the problem of emails stuck while sending ipad and iPhone and similar apple devices. We hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck emails in outbox. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

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[Solved] Can’t Download Apps After Updating To iOS 6

If you of those users of apple device who is downloading lot of apps at the same times, these apps could be some of the apps you had already installed and other ones which you are downloading fresh, some of the iPad and iPhone users reported that they are no longer able to download or update the apps after iOS update.

apps dont download on iPhone, iPad

In this post we are going to discuss the possible reasons of this problem and solution of the same as well. After doing some research we came to know about some of the reasons why this could happen to any iOS user.

Problem With WiFi or 3G Connectivity 

Yes, if you are updating or installed several apps at the same time and after some minutes you see the waiting text below all the apps and you see no new app installing or updating then it could be due to the breakage in internet connectivity which might have occurred while updating or installing these new or old apps, in such case you first need to check the wifi or 3g connection and then tap on these apps to toggle from waiting to pause state and then tap again  to download state, so they resuming downloading from app store.

Open iTunes On Device and Delete All The Downloads Going On

One of our users easily fixed this issue by, following the simple steps. Open iTunes on your device, look at downloads and you will find one of them is stuck. Delete it by swiping right and bingo. It’s fixed.

Reset Your Device and Restore From iCloud or Other Backup

Please Note: Make sure you backup your iPad in iTunes or on iCloud before you follow the steps below.

Go to Settings -> General –> Reset – then select Erase all contents and settings

On startup, choose “Restore from iCloud backup”, or “Set up as new iPad” as per your preference.

Don’t Update or Download Apps in Bulk

As per the user reports, this issue arises with users who are downloading or updating large number [ 9-10 ] of apps at a time, so to fix this try downloading apps in limited number at a time like 3-4 at a time.


Most of the users were able to fix the problem by following one of the above method, if you have a related problem or in your case none of above method worked then please leave a comment through the comment section below.

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[Solved] WiFi Sync Does Not Work on iPad, iPhone After iOS 6 Upgrade

Some of our users reported that they are no longer been able to do a wifi sync after they upgraded their apple devices to iOS 6, some of them did had problems with WiFi connectivity after iOS 6 OTA upgrade but this issue is quite different. For some users it affects the some Sharing. Upgraded the phone OS via USB cable.

While this issue does not appear on all the apple devices but it did turn out as per the responses that most of the users facing these issues are iPhone or iPad with 3G or cellular data on due to which some apps gets conflict in syncing via cellular or wifi connection.

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[Solved] Stop iPhone, iPad or iPod Contents Gets Deleted When Synced With iTunes

Many users have reported that they lose all the data once they connect their iPhone to iTunes. Now, it is one of the major issues which an iPhone user must have faced once and this is really annoying when you connect your iPhone and then all data gets vanished. Before proceeding further let me tell you that in the solution discussed below, I have mentioned only iPhone everywhere, but all these tips are viable for iPad and iPods also.

Common circumstanced when this problem occurs

  • When you have connected your new iPhone to iTunes installed on your PC.
  • When you have connected your iPhone to another PC or a new PC for the first time.
  • When you have connected your iPhone to a PC on which iTunes have been installed for the first time.


Tips to get over this Problem

  • Remove Auto-Syncing
    I will recommend you to stop the auto-syncing in you iTunes. Sometimes, we do not want the syncing to occur as soon as we connect our iPhone to iTunes. But then then once syncing starts it will complete its all the 7 or 6 steps and then you will be able to disconnect it. Moreover auto-syncing may lead to losing all the data on your iPhone.
    Go the ‘Edit’ menu and under that click the ‘Preferences’ section, which will take you to another window, as mentioned in the screenshot. Just select the appropriate option as highlighted below and then auto-syncing will be stopped.
  • Authorize That Computer for your Apple ID (when connecting to a computer for the first time)
    Syncing is the process where in your computer or laptop will always keep a perfect synchronization between the applications available on your iPhone and the folder on your computer where all the applications are saved.
    This means that if you have installed any application on your iPhone then it will automatically transfer that IPA to the folder on your computer where all the other applications are saved. And, if you download any application from iTunes on your computer, then while syncing, it automatically transfer that application on your iPhone. Unless you delete that application manually from your iPhone or you uncheck that application on the syncing Window.
    But when you are syncing your iPhone for the first on a new computer then, then that computer should fetch all the applications from your iPhone without making any changes to your iPhone. Instead this, sometimes it happens that computer starts deleting all the application from your iPhone.
    This awkward thing happens when you have not authorized that computer on your apple ID and thus computer is not authorized to transfer any data form your iPhone.
    To correct this issue, go to the option named ‘Store’ and then click the option ‘Authorize the Computer’.
  • Stop losing your data when you have connected your iPhone to a new computer (and do not want to authorize it)
    If that is not your computer, and you still want to sync your iPhone as you want to transfer some new songs, then go the ‘App’ sub-tab and then below it, un-check the checkbox for syncing the applications. Similarly you will have to do the same for contacts, images and other important stuff on your iPhone.

These are the only settings which should be taken care of while syncing your iPhone on any computer. Please mention your comments if this problem still persists.

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[Solved] iPhone Does Not Boot Up or Turn On

Lately one of my friends happen to face a very troublesome situation where the screen of his iphone went black. He tried pressing all the buttons a couple of times and even charged it for while but he was unlucky. I asked him a couple of times what according to him the possible reason for this problem could be but unfortunately the reason was unknown. So I was left with a device that will not turn on and I had to troubleshoot it using a couple of methods I know.

Assuming that many of you have already faced this problem or could face this problem in the near future I will share all those methods with you so that instead of panicking, you actually help yourself and bring the device to life.

1. Charging iPhone For A While

Sometimes the battery of your iPhone discharges to such low levels that it does not boot up immediately and rather takes  couple of minutes. So before you jump the gun and say that my iPhone is dead, you should charge it for at least 15 to 20 minutes and if it does not boot even after 20 minutes then you should try method number 2 which we are going to discuss below.

2. Performing A Hard Reset On iPhone

If the first method of charging your iphone does not act in your favour, you should probably try hard resetting your iPhone. Don’t worry as you will not lose any data and interestingly a majority of similar problems can be resolved by this method. What you are supposed to do is hold the SLEEP(POWER) and HOME button simultaneously for 6 to 7 seconds. Hold both the buttons simultaneously and count till 7 and then release both the buttons and try powering on the device using the power button.

If this does not work, instead of counting till 7 just keep holding both the buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds to 1 minute and and probably the Apple logo should appear on the screen. In the worst of the cases you will end up with no luck and then you are only left with one solution, restoring your iPhone using iTunes.

3. Restoring iPhone To Stock State

In case none of two methods mentioned above work for you, I am afraid all you can do now is restore your iPhone to stock state using iTunes. Try plugging in your device to the computer and see if iTunes recognizes it or not. If it doesn’t , you will to put your device into DFU mode which is pretty convenient provided you are using programs like iREB and Snowbreeze developed by ih8n0w.

If you are using iREB, all you have to do it run the program as administrator(Windows only), select your device and follow the onscreen instructions.

DFU Pwner

Putting your device into DFU mode could be inconvenient at times as many users are not able to be as precise in timing as the onscreen instructions want you to be and after several tries, you would still not be able to put your device into DFU mode. For such people I have a small trick where you have to press the SLEEP and HOME buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds(as you did while hard resetting) and then immediately release the SLEEP button and keep holding HOME button for the next half a minute. The trick could be helpful but I would still advice you to use iREB or Snowbreeze.

In the end if none of the above methods, you can declare your device dead and should visit the nearest Apple Store to get your device replaced.

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Enable Zoom Slider iPhone With A Tap On Screen While Using Camera

We got this problem reported by some of iphone users as they were not happy with the feature that iphone does not allow to zoom in while taking a picture, as some of us know tap to activate the zoom slider while using the iphone camera has been removed in iOS 5. Now if you want to activate the zoom slider in iphone camera you will need to pinch with two fingers while doing the same.

As per previous settings on iphone camera, when ever you tap on screen you were required to tap on screen to activate zoom slide in camera, but the new changes in iphone camera app made it really difficult as using two fingers while capturing a photo can be difficult as you might holding it with one hand.  This fix given below for this problem applies only if your iphone is jailbroken, ZoomIsBack tweak on cydia allows you to slide-to-zoom function, that was present in the iOS 4, before you upgraded to iOS 5 on your phone.

Enable Zoom Slider iPhone With A Tap On Screen While Using Camera 

If you do, then you will be glad to know with the ZoomIsBack! Cydia tweak you can bring back this functionality while running the iOS 5 firmware.

ZoomIsBack Cydia iPhone

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Tweet Faster On iPhone

Yes, this post it dedicated to twitter addicts like me, and if you tweet more than you talk then you should be interested in this article, as the tittle says I will tell you all the ways in this article about how you can you tweet with your iphone faster than any app on iphone, yes for this you will need to install some third party twitter apps.

What about Official Twitter App On iPhone ?

Official twitter app is good but not good enough if you want to tweet faster than people can think off, yes I say this to people that I can tweet more faster you can type or think of tweeting with your phone any one phone including the windows phones as well.

Which Apps Allows You To Tweet Faster ?

First app which lets you tweet faster from your iphone is TweetFire is very simple app which gives you tweet box to type your tweet and tap send button to post it on your twitter timeline and once posted, the tweet box will stay there and you can type another tweet before the first tweet is actually getting posted on twitter.


TweetFire [Free]  app does not display any messages or your timeline. This app does not take photos nor allow you to attach them. TweetFire has been built for the sole purpose of rapidly tweeting, non-stop. Upon launch the tweet window fires up without further unneeded delay or interaction. When you fire off your first tweet the window reopens again so you can continue sharing your thoughts. The tweet window is built to launch even when you return from other tasks making this app simple and direct.

TweetFire Features
* The smallest and minimalistic tweeting app
* Tweet window opens on launch
* Tweet window reopens upon tweet
* Tweet window reopens when you return to TweetFire from other apps
* No timeline or messages to distract you
* No distractions to slow down your tweet

Please Note: This app is built ONLY for iOS 5 devices with twitter integration. Please make sure to register your twitter account on your device before running.

Another app named TweetFire – a Twitter client with SPEED and Push Notifications which is call itself as Twitter on Speed and TheNextWeb call it – The Fastest iPhone Twitter Client.

TweetFire - a Twitter client with SPEED and Push Notifications

Another tweet called Tweet Faster [Free] allows you to send Pictures and tweet information to your followers extremely fast. However this app has nothing new, it uses the iOS in built feature of iOS 5 nothing new and event tweet box loads every time after every tweet, which does waste some time while tweeting fast. [ as shown in the image below ]

Tweet Faster

Another app called Quick Tweet does the same, by providing you a quick tweet box where you can keep typing and tweeting without any delays.

Quick Tweet

Another app called Tweet Fast like the ones mentioned above, It is the easiest and fastest way to tweet from your iPhone or iPod Touch. No ads, no gimmicks, and no extra features. Just pure speed. It is perfect for sending out quick tweets while you’re on the go. It also makes a great tool for reporting on live events quickly.


  • Tweets in portrait or landscape mode (just rotate it!)
  • Tracks the length of your tweet while you type
  • Protects you from going over 140 characters per tweet
  • Locks your Twitter username and password settings
  • Background themes
  • Shows your last successful tweet
  • Keeps a running total of your tweets
  • Supports cut/copy/paste
  • Restores tweets interrupted by telephone calls

We hope you have got to know about all apps which you can use to tweet faster when ever and where ever required, so the above mentioned apps works for ipad as well, we suggest you check the app compatibility on app page on iTunes store.

Tweet Ultra Fast On Jailbroken iPhone

Just in case if you have a jailbroken iphone, the fastest way possible to tweet is shown in the video below, do check out the same.

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[Solved] Block Receiving Calls, SMS On iPhone From Some Phone Numbers


Yes, you can  block calls and messages coming from specific phone numbers on iphone, however this feature is mainly controlled by the phone signal provider, so in case you want a complete solution you can ask your phone provider to block a number so that you stop receiving calls and sms messages or mms messages from that number.

Today we are going to talk about how you can control this from your iphone, and what apps can help you block calls and messages which you don’t want to receive them on your iphone. After searching on the app store, I found many apps which claim to do this, but none of them actually works effectively as this feature of blocking number only works from the carrier side.

So the only possible way you can do this on iphone is to first Jailbreak your iphone and then install iBlacklist app from cydia under Bigboss repository. It blocks also FaceTime/iMessages and runs on iPod 4 and iPad 2. It allows you to select from who you want to receive calls and hide messages. It also removes the sms popup preview protecting your privacy, has parental control mode by blocking outgoing calls, can be fully scheduled and many other features. Try it , you’ll love it.

iBlacklist iphone

Additional Tip: Block Calls or SMS From Any Number On Any Phone

If you live in india, you can use the following links as per your carrier

  • BPL Mobile – Do Not call sign up page
  • BSNL Do not Call registration – you need to be registered to use this service.
  • Idea Cellular – Post paid users need to be registered to use this service. Prepaid users just need to enter their number to stop unwanted calls.
  • MTNL Delhi – A bit lengthy registration form
  • MTNL Mumbai – this page speaks for itself.
  • Reliance Mobile – Do not call me, i will call you
  • Spice Karnataka – Sms START DND to 1909 or call 9844098440 and place a request.
  • Spice Punjab
  • Aircel Chennai
  • Aircel Tamilnadu
  • Tata Indicom – sms START DND to 1909, or you can use the My account(for registered users) page for the same to stop promotional calls in your tata indicom mobile.
  • In case you are an Airtel customer, you can subscribe for the airtel call manager feature which lets you block calls, you will need to Rs. 30 per month for using this service.
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[Solved] Add, Import Multiple VCF Contacts Files Into iPhone, iPad

Recently, one of my friend bought a new iphone 3GS previously he was using a nokia 5300 from which he imported all his contacts phone numbers as .VCF files which were lying in a folder, now the task was to import all these VCF files a different contacts into his new iphone 3gs anyway possible.

After doing some search on the same we found out many solutions, some of these solutions involved iTunes and some of them tells us about some which was first required to be downloaded and then we can import all these contacts files on iphone with the help of app. We tell you about all these methods one by one below, so you can decide which one you want to go for.

iTunes Contact Sync With Outlook or Google Or Yahoo Account

The most easy way to import all these vcf contact file into your new iphone, can be done through iTunes which allows you to either sync the contacts with Outlook on your computer, so if you have a Microsoft outlook installed and configured on your computer, you can easily import all these vcf contacts files and then sync contacts in iTunes with Outlook.

iTunes Contacts Sync

In case if you don’t have Microsoft Outlook configured or installed on your computer, you can choose to sync contacts from google or yahoo account on iphone, for this you will need to enter the username and password and before you do this make sure you import all these VCF files in your google or yahoo contacts using the web browser mail interface for the respective email services.

Please Note: We don’t recommend windows contacts as the field in windows contacts might make a mess with the first name, last name and other fields when you import your VCF contact files and then sync then later on with iTunes.

Import VCF Contacts File On iPhone Using VCard Backup 

If the above method seems difficult to you, you can install VCard Backup[$1.99] on your iphone and then import all the contacts through iTunes to your iphone again by just selecting the folder which contains all the VCF Files and then run the application on phone to import all of these VCF contacts on iphone. Another similar app for iphone which does the same is called Read VCard it comes at the same cost and does the same.

import vcf contacts into iphone

Note: If you want to know how to do the reverse that means, when you want to export all the contacts on iphone into multiple VCF files which you can import on some other phone then you should install the app called Contacts to vCard [ $0.99 ]

Mail All These VCF Contacts As Single File and Import Them All Via iPhone Mail App

The most simplest way to import all VCF files into iphone as contacts is by merging all these multiple VCF contacts files into one and then send this file via email and then open the mail attachment using the default mail app on iphone.

For this you will need windows, issue the following commands once you are navigated to folder which have VCF Files, we recommend to create a folder in C: Drive. You will need to type the following command as shown in the image below.

Copy *.vcf all.vcf  

merge multiple vcf files into one

This command shown in the image above will combine all the files into one single VCF which you now email it to your own email id and then configure the email id on your iphone or ipad in the email app or open email id from safari browser interface.

Open the email attachment of the single VCF file you mailed as shown in the image below.

photo (2) 

Now you will get the option to import all the contacts by adding them to your iphone contacts library as shown in the image below.

photo (3)

You should select to create new contacts as shown in the image above.