Best File Manager On Android With Integrated Download Manager

At Google Play Store there is a pyramid of apps which let you browse the file system (called File Explorers), each one carrying there own pros and cons. While choosing a complete File Explorer we take care of functionalities like its support for displaying every file extension, its support for Cloud storage services and so on. We did exactly same test before trying this ES File Explorer and it passed out by flying colours with some additional benefits.

Features of ES File Explorer

Ever since the ES file Explorer got its V3 update, it has become even more efficient file managers. Apart from supporting the local file system (internal and storage included), the ES File Explorer has even support for the LAN as well as eight different Cloud storage system which includes Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive as well.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-39-52 Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-40-13


Fast access pan provides quick access for your favourite items, Local (items stored in your external and internal storages), library which includes Pictures, Music, Movies and Books, and to to Network. The app explorer scans all your items and tapping on Music or Movies will take you to all music/movies stored irrespective of their location on the card. The ES File Explorer has also a built in Image Browser.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-43-11 Screenshot_2013-08-24-12-00-08

ES File Explorer is not just a File Manager for Android. Its a full featured application manager. A whole lot of tools like App Manager, Download Manager, System Manager, SD Card Analyst etc are present as supplement. SD Card Analyst analyses your SD card and gives you a graphical representation of storage spaces used in your phone. Similarly Directory Analyze gives a graphical representation of storage spaces occupied by Pictures, Audio, Video, Documents, etc.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-51-22 Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-50-00

The main advantage of ES File Explorer lies in its support for other external resources apart form local storage. Those external resources include the LAN support, Wi-Fi support, and Cloud storage support. If you are looking for a free, yet powerful file managers of android ES File Explorer is the one you should give a shot to.

Download ES File Explorer | Google Play Store


Boost Your JAVA, SAP, Database Knowledge With This Free App

There are myriad of things that our smartphones can do. Taking pictures, communicating, taking notes are just few of them. We spend majority of time gluing ourselves to smartphone screens liking pictures, sending emoticons, laughing at jokes and every other enjoyable things.

This time we bring you an app that is a bit different from league. The app Guru99 is for nerds that are more interested in how a class in java works than counting the likes recieved on a photo.

What is Guru99?


It is a tutorial app that teaches you about functionalities of operating system, java programming, Database, Software Testing and SAP. It starts from scratch and takes you to the summit. It provides you all the necessary experience that you would ever use to encounter any problem.

What Is So Cool?


The coolest feature is that this provides you the video tutorials. Videos give you one on one experience. Rewind, pause, loop, do whatever it takes to take a full command on the course. When you are done take quiz and check your progress. The head-turner is that its free.


Any cons?

Of course there is. You will need a really fast internet to play with it. So if you have slow connection you will start by being frustrated and end up by uninstalling it. Keep calm and learn.


So at the end of the day this app will definitely come handy when you have resources to operate it. A decent internet connection in your smartphone and you can turn your self in a database programmer. Okay not that but still close to that.

Download Guru99 | Google Play Store


Turn Any Android Device into Chromecast Receiver With Cheapcast

It has been only a month since Google Chromecast debuted in market and since being a very cheap and hackable at the same time, the product has already made its presence to most of our houses. Those who are new to the Chromecast thing, its a product by Google, available at just $35, lets you stream any content from any device to your HDTV.

The only weak point is the compatibility and Google Chromecast is only supported with handful of applications. This limitation is genuinely and intelligently is removed by Cheapcast. Cheapcast turns any Android device into a Chromecast receiver. In nut, it mimics the entire features of $35 Chromecast without letting you spending a penny.


The app is freely available at the Google Play Store and from downloading to getting it work required not more than a second. However one additional thing you would like to do is to add a friendly name to the device. Though a default name is already given.


Next when you open the YouTube app, you only have to tap the Cheapcast icon at the right corner, and it will give the list of devices to play the video on.



Without any problem i was able to stream Music and YouTube videos. But just to note that the Cheapcast is just a beta product so the video quality and duration might feel lagged and distorted. Also the tab casting of Chrome is not supported in the app.

The Cheapcast appears to be a working alternative for those in need of the Google Chromecast. Also if you have multiple Android devices and not use some of them, this little useful app might put them back in use.

Download Cheapcast (Free) | Google Play Store


[App Of The Day-#4] Say Another Way App Review

There are myriad of applications available in the Google Play Store. Be it Productivity, or Social Networking or Games. Recently an app which caught our attention was Say Another Way. Its a brain and puzzle game where you describe a word in a different way and other people score by guessing the right word.


Getting Started

The Say Another Way application weighs around 17 MB in terms of size and is available free at the Google Play Store. To use __Say Another Way__requires you to either have a separate account or log in via Facebook. I personally go with a separate account however i dont think there is a problem logging in via Facebook. In addition if you log in via Facebook, you are likely to enjoy its social integration features.

How to Play

The playing is as simple as it could have been. Clicking the Create New Game button creates a new game (obviously) for your friends. You can invite them via Facebook, Email or even random.



Then the app provides you few words to choose. Once you have chosen the word, you need to add a brief description to it, making it catchy.


Next, the description will be sent to the person you chose to play with. If they happen to guess the words correctly they will score points.


If they cant they can press the give up.

If you don’t like words suggested by the app, you can go ahead with your own words, which requires “heart”. You can buy hearts from exchanging it with “stars” and “stars” can be bought via in-app purchases.



Setting tab contains a brief video description of the procedure to play. You can also view your statistics under the achievement tab.


As interface and design wise the app did not please me at all. I didn’t like the app’s color combination either. The app is based on a simple idea which is you describe a word in a different way and your friends guess it. At times i found it quite addicting but i am not sure if i should recommend this as a must have application for your Android phone.

Say Another Way (Beta Testing) | Google Play Store


Share a Contact via SMS without any Attachment [#New App Android]

When it comes to contact then either we use the instant messengers to send or share the contact. We also share the contact through an e-mail which attaches the .vcf file or sometimes while following the most lengthy approach we open your contact book go to that particular contact copy his or her number and then paste it in the SMS to send to it any person.


Actually the last way is the most general way to share a contact because SMS is the most general feature which is available on all the device. You might not find some of your friends on Whatsapp or BBM or Line Messenger but they will always be approachable through SMSs. But again this is most lengthy way to share a contact


Today I will be sharing an application with you which will make it really quick for you to share a contact with an SMS (without attaching any attachment like vcf files). Once you open this application it will ask you to choose the contact which is to be shared and then you will select the medium via which it should be shared.


Once the SMS option is selected it will take you to the new SMS screen where the contact number details of the contact will already be available there in the textbox. You will just have to enter the details of the contact to which it is being send and then the contact details of the person will go as a normal SMS (which is really a great part of this application).


[App of The Day #2]: Molto-The best UI Application to view your GMail inbox.

Molto is the best application with the best UI available over the App Store to configure your GMail application. The reason is that it has the unique feature of merging your contact Display Pictures with that of their Facebook profile which really gives the relishing look to the Inbox. We will talk about the features of that application in detail but apart from that you will not see any other technical feature which is new.


Mostly all the features are available in the default application of GMail but usually the images used by the people for their profile are not updated as frequently as compared with their Facebook profile. Moreover the type of animations this application provides is pretty good.


One swiping towards the right it will archive the mail and then on swiping it towards the left it will display the inbox in the editing mode and then you can select the multiple number of mail to give them a common command. These types of features are usually useful when you are checking your phone after a long period of time and a huge bunch of non-sense mail have logged in the inbox.


You can tap on the logo of the e-mail sender which will display the multiple usual options for the mail and then once you open it you will see the cover photo of the Facebook profile at the top of the mail followed by its content. Again once you open the mail you will have more options which will also include printing the mail.

In the Settings section you can disable the Facebook configuration mode, if you want any merging of info on Facebook with your GMail account but actually nothing is being with your data on GMail account rather Molto is just using that information to make the UI of the application more interactive than the default GMail account. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this application.

Download: Molto | App Store | Google Play Store


[App of The Day #1]: Quipio–The best application to put Words in a Photo

If you love listening and reading motivational and inspirational quotes, then I have got a great application for you which is named as quipio and with the help of which you can actually distribute such quotes among your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This application is one of its own type and TechCrunch has called this application as the instagram of the words. This application can take the text which you have typed and then give them a very good calligraphic look which will be explained later in this post.


As of now I can see this application only on the App Store, so Android folks will have to wait for a bit before it shows up on the Google Play Store. Open the application and then create new post by simply entering the text. You can see that the limit to the number of characters being used is 500. Once you enter the text highlight the words which are supposed to be emphasized.


After that you will simply have to choose the layout under which your message will be displayed, most of the good one are not available for free but they are available at the nominal prices.


If you do not want to pay for this, then I will suggest you to keep scrolling down and you may like few of them (as I have, while creating a quipio for this post). Once the layout is selected you can make few changes in them by editing them further like changing the color of the text, but then the choices will be very few.


Once everything is done you can share that via multiple options as mentioned in the screenshot. This application does not provide you the provision to share the same on all the social networking account at once. So, for that you can share that on quipio + Instagram.


This application will open this image Instagram and once you further complete the usual editing of the images on Instagram there, you can further share it on Facebook and Twitter from that point only. This application is really good, epically if you want to say sorry to wish birthday to any of your friends publically on the social accounts. Please let us know if you find any problem while using this application.

Download: Quipio | App Store


Letterology–A Pictorial Word game For the Kids

If you have small kids at home then you must have observed that usually they keep on checking your smartphones to find a new and attractive games to play on. Even if you have kept your phone out of their reach, they will somehow manage to get that and then start playing Angry Birds or Subway Surfer or Temple Run.


But what if you could install few games which will help those kids to enjoy and also learn at the same time. Well, letterology is one of those applications which will help your kid to learn new words and the name of new living and non-living things with the help of images.


This application is a game wherein you can adjust the difficulty level on the basis of the age of that kid, now it will show you the images of some things and new alphabets will be given below the image giving a hint to the player about the spelling of that word. This way he will be able to learn most of the words through this application.


The correct answer will not only be displayed but will also be spelled out by the application so that the player or the user of the application gets a complete info about that word. The developer of this application is also a kid of 13-years age who is trying to help the kids around his age. The UI of this application also gives the feel for the user who is appropriate to this age. Please let us know if you discover any bug or problem while using this application, we will try to get this resolved. Till then stay tuned.


[App Review] Doodly Doo – Completely New Way to Communicate

Gone are the days when you impressed your girl through copy-paste love quotes. Everyone is now pragmatic and needs something original. Smileys were once in craze, then came the stickers and now we are yearning for a better than smileys and stickers medium.

Here comes Doodly Doo. Perfectly suitable for people who are bored with the present means of communication (texts, stickers, smileys etc). Doodly Doo presents you a simple screen where you draw your emotions and send them to people who are using the application or share on Whats App as well as Facebook.

Getting Started

The free Doodly Doo app weighs around 15 MB in size. Once downloaded you will be required to register yourself by entering your phone number. And once your device is registered you can start making creative doodles.

The primary screen initially shows some pre made doodles to get you started. Also your Whats app shares and other doodles received will be visible in this section.


To create a doodle of your choice click on the green arrow button. You will be presented a blank white screen with two menus at the top. The first ‘plus’ menu is for replacing the white background from your gallery photo, or a google image, or a map or might contain a simple smiley. The rage face option has variety of faces to choose from that appropriately describes what you are feeling are want to make feel others.




The next paint brush icon is to choose the thickness of the paint brush and colour of it.



Once selected you are good to draw your emotions either on the imported background or simple on the white background provided. Once done click on the send button which appears once you start drawing. The option includes sending it to contacts, or Whats App or even at Facebook.




Doodling on the Map

This is one of the nifty features of the Doodly Doo. You can draw additional instructions on the Google Map. Select the Map when choosing for the background. Select the appropriate location and tap on right sign and you can now draw anything on the map.



The Doodly Doo provides a sort of gratification while using. The new intuitive way is certainly going to be one of my primary communicating application for the coming days. The stark fact that it provides the complete customisations to your messages is what makes it score over Hike and Whats App and other messaging services.

>> Download Doodly Doo (Free) | Play Store


Timely App : One of the Best Looking Alarm Clocks on Android

Whatever it is, Android ecosystem doesn’t lack apps. Developers are constantly adding better apps everyday and their most preferred category happens to be Weather and Social Networking. However there is one more section which has lately gaining more and better apps than before. Yes you guessed it right. Alarm Clocks they are. Few might argue that the system inbuilt clocks works just fine but use Timely app for a few minutes and you will realise what stock alarm app is lacking.


Timely is an elegant, crisp, typography-focused, and gesture based alarm clock for Android. Before we get into the details of the app, jump ahead to Play Store and install this beautiful looking app and i assure you won’t be disappointed. (Its free by the way).

Setting Alarms

Setting alarms in Timely is as easy as it should be. On the main interface, swipe from the edge of the screen, and you would be able to set it through a beautiful looking dragging bar.


Smart Rise

The best feature of the Timely is Smart Rise. When you set your alarm for morning it will trigger a slow sweet fading melody before 30 minutes prior to the alarm (based on the sleep cycle theory). I have been using it and the mornings are less of annoyance. The moment you lift your phone, it automatically reduces the alarm volume. When you turn the face of your phone, the alarm will be snoozed automatically.


Perfect Cloud System

The Timely works on the cloud, so if you set it up on your phone, you can sleep with the tablet and it will ring for you. When you snooze the later, the change is reflected in all other devices synced. Also the alarms and other settings are backed up so you won’t have to set them again if something goes wrong.

Timely app also has a built in Stop watch which works as flawlessly as you wished it to be. The app also has its support for Android’s Day Dream screen saver and Google now.


With all its premium look and feel the interesting part is the app is still freely available on the Play Store. Surely an app which should not be missed at any cost.

Download Timely App (Free) | Google Play Store