Best Application for Mobile Recharge [iPhone / Android]

Today we are here to tell you about the best application over your iPhone or Android or any other mobile platform which can help you to get your phone balance recharged within no time. It is so convenient that you will not be bothered to go to any of the mobile shop again to get the recharge done. The name of the application is PayTM, this application also has its own web portal to provide the same service.

Not only your cellular recharge but you can also prefer to go for booking interstate Bus-Tickets or getting the DTH Cable TV pack renewed for the next month. To we will be giving you the overview of this application and will be telling you how you can actually use it. Once you open the application it will look as mentioned below in the screenshot.


Now enter the mobile number and it will automatically predict the cellular service provider on that number, enter the required amount or check the amount suitable for you by tapping in the highlighted area as mentioned in the screenshot.


Tap the button ‘Proceed To Recharge’, you will see screen full of coupons where you can choose the coupons by paying the corresponding amount printed on it or you can also see some of the free coupons on that page. Usually users in the hurry don’t want to choose any coupon so they directly switch on to the next screen.


Now if you have bought the PayTM Cash then you will not have to enter any details of your credit card to get the phone recharge. The recharge amount will be deducted from the PayTM Cash. PayTM cash is the amount already spent in advance for the recharge of your mobile phone. We will tell you that you can buy this PayTM cash later in the post.

So if you have got the PayTM cash then the recharge will be done in less than 5 seconds.

How To Buy PayTM Cash

Go to the first screen of the application and then tap on the highlighted area on the screenshot.


Now in front of the PayTM Cash you can see the amount available and then you have the Add button with the help of you can add some cash in your PayTM account with the help of your card details. If you do not want to save advance cash in your account then you will also have the option to save the card details which is only possible through the desktop version of the website.


You can use this advance cash for any other service also, like paying the Telephone bill, recharging the DTH Cash, buying a bus ticket or recharging the toll card.


360 Mobile Security Review [Android]

Android is all about openness. Myriad of apps are available for you to download either from the Android (read Google) proprietary Play Store, or Amazon Store or from the any corner of the Internet. The openness which i liked about is not only its strength but also one of the cause of vulnerabilities. That is where anti viruses for Android come into notice.

Though there are too many anti viruses available for android but one of them has more than three thousand reviews and gains 4.8 star ratings. 360 mobile security i am talking about. The ultra minimal and clean and beautiful interface is what makes it apart from the mass.

Getting Started

The app is freely available at the Google Play Store and you won’t have to apply rocket science in installing it. The moment you first open you’ll notice the beautiful blurred background and colourful icons greeting you and making you aware of the features of the same. Vertically scrolling on boarding sequence that is called. Just to note that the app requires the root access of your phone.


Virus Scanning

For the first time it is preferable and suggested that you let the app quick scan your entire phone. The progress circle is definitely futuristic in looks and below the animation there is a detail pane which tells about the current app being scanned.


After the scan i was presented with the following result of a vulnerability and methods to fix it. Though you don’t require to take any action manually, 360 Mobile security does the job for you.


Task Killer

360 Mobile security gives you a complete device protection along with the device optimisation too. The app has an inbuilt feature called System Cleanup which clears out your RAM but destroying the running apps. Although not a suggested thing to do on modern android phones.


Floating Overlay

After installation of 360 mobile security you will notice a floating overlay which displays the current used memory percentage. Tapping it opens an overlay with toggles for Wi-Fi, brightness, GPS and other important settings.

Holding and dragging the overlay pops a drop target that causes the task killer to run and ultimately clean up applications.

Notification Center

The 360 Mobile Security also appears on the notification centre with a strip containing the shortcut for the app, current percentage of memory usage, shortcuts for alarms, recent apps and a very interesting feature flashlight.


In my more than two weeks of usage i have found the app suitable and useful. A question can a mobile security software has to look too good pops every time i use it but than as it doesn’t affect its performance i answer myself “Whats wrong in that?”.

Do you use any mobile security app for your Android phone? If yes which one and what makes you use it?

Download 360 Mobile Security | Google Play Store


Clean Master App Review

Whenever our Android phones gets slowed down, our first step is to do a clean of junk files and caches. These are some unnecessary files which get stored on your phone when applications execute. This can be a hectic task for some but thankfully Android has even an app for this too.

Clean Master

Although there are several apps (like App Cache Cleaner and History Eraser) but Clean Master caught our attention because somehow the Clean Master felt like a complete solution for cleaning our android phone.



Clean Master sports a very neat design and in spite of carrying whole lot of features the interface doesn’t look cluttered.

The main interface shows informations related to space available at your internal and external storage. Then there are four sections: Junk Files, Privacy, Tasks, App Manager.

Although in a sense all four of these are useful enough but it is advisable that you don’t use an external task killer. Why because Android is quiet self sufficient in managing running processes.

Clean Cache and Residual files

Head over to Junk files section and clear off the cache and residual files with a tap. No rocket science needed.


Clear Privacy Items

Next head over to privacy screen which lets you remove things like your internet browsing history, call logs, smes and other things. Just to make note in case you want your call logs to be retained at your device you should deselect it.


Uninstall and Back Up Applications

Now there is an inbuilt Uninstaller in the clean master which can be either used to uninstall the app or back up the current app. Pretty useful in the scenario when you prefer the older versions of some apps over the newer ones.


A reminder can also be set for you to clear the cache from the settings.


What’s more is, the Clean Master app also comes with a beautiful widget that tells you usage statistics with an option to clean it up.

Screenshot_2013-08-21-22-27-51 (2)

As mentioned earlier, the Clean Master app is one of those cleaning apps for android which serves the purpose satisfactorily. And since the app is freely available at Google Play Store, you should give it a try.

Clean Master (Cleaner) (Free) | Google Play Store


Battery Doctor app in iOS to Check and Maintain the Battery Life

The Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security software Co. ltd introduced an application: “Battery Doctor” . This is one of the most useful app you can find in IOS as this application as it gives you battery status with details of which application is consuming how much batter and solution of how you can save your battery, Provides you charging time with status and Health score of your battery and can also accelerate the memory by a single click and many more.


Battery Doctor provide you a clear view over your battery consumption and on the status of your battery life remained. In the below screenshot you can see that it showing the approximate timing that the cell can work without charging and it also shows which application is consuming how much battery time. As you can see in the below screenshot it is also suggesting you that suspending of which app will extend you battery timing by how much hours/minutes.


For example it is showing you if you suspend (turn Off) wifi you can extend the battery time by 1 hour 35 mins. Moreover it shows you how many time you can save by suspending all the applications.

One of the most interesting feature here is: if you don’t know how to suspend any particular application this Battery Doctor can help you with it. you just need to click on the forward arrow in front of the corresponding application and you will get the detail of how you can close that particular application. The example is shown below for suspending GPS.


Here you will also be seeing a Tab “Detail” here and wondering how it will be helpful. It is one of the very good option provided here. With this option you will be able to see the power details. For example in the below screen you can see the phone is now 100% charged and with this charging you can use 8hr 06mins with internet on wifi or talktime for 12hr 36mins etc.


Now lets move to the next tab which is “Recharge”. in this tab the Battery Doctor tells you that for how much time you can charge your battery more. For example in the below screenshot you can see that i can chare my mobile for 10more min as the battery is almost full and i was using the USB power supply using the Laptop.


But for it it not enough for this tab. Here you can see the backward arrow which we have highlighted. With this arrow you can get the screensaver while you battery is recharging the battery. Also you will keep getting the Health Score for your battery. Also in this screen you will be seeing that this application keeps the Recharge records for this month. you can click on the arrow next to this option and you will get the calendar showing when you have charged the full battery. you could see the your past charging record as shown in the below screenshot.


Now moving toward the next tab that is “Rank”. Here in this Tab the battery doctor will rank the application that you are having in your phone. It will rank the application starting from Level 1 to Level 5 where level 1 stands for the application that will consume the lowest battery and level 5 for the application that will consume the highest battery. For example you can see in the below screenshot. Here it says that Chrome is a levell 4 Application. Moreover it also shows the Battery consumption of that particular application in terms of mAH/min. It contain the list of all the applications installed in your Iphone.


It also provide the timing and also suggest you that which application can run in the background and which can be closed. It also tells you that which apllication cannot be closed and why. for example you can close the “Location” as many other applications will be using it to get the location. So the appliction will suggest you not to close this application as many other application is using it.

The specialty of this application can be shown by when the battery is not full this application provides you an option to accelerate the memory usage.


When the battery is not full you will get an option of Accelerate, where you can just click on the Accelerate option and can improve the available memory usage.

Now if move for the next tab which is “System”, this is a simple one but has a really amazing capability. This tab could give you the details of your iPhone. Just check the below two example screenshot which could amaze you how this application can detailed your iPhone.


this was just the example. You can use this apllication and see the details of you iPhone. You cold get the details of CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Wi-Fi network, 2G/3G network and many more. It is really Impressive.

Last but not the least, the “More” tab. this is an additional option added to this Application and can be said as Cherry on the cake.


Here you can see the option for Discharge rank which just give you the rank as described above when the battery is not full. It also provides you Alarm Clock with which you can add the alarm. And as per the specialty of each tab this tab got one as a “Tips”. It provides you a very useful Charging tips and a Power-Saving tips which could help you to enhance your battery performance and increase the life of you battery


Whatelse you will want in this application. Configuration wise this application is compatible with iPhone, Ipod touch  and IPad and it is optimized for iphone 5. It requires iOS 4.3 or later to installed. This is one of the must have application for the iphone and is really helpful to enhance the battery life and IPhone performance.


Plants VS Zombies 2: Awesome Next Level [Beginner’s Guide]

Plants and Zombies 2 is the new upgrade after a long time and as of now it has been released only for the iPhone users. I would love to play the same game on the huge screen but iPad will be the limit. This upgrade is really a great add-on for the game, the graphics of the game have been highly improved which can be clearly seen from the way the plant shoot their peas.


News plants have been introduced such as Boomerang Shooter and more have been introduced. Within next few days I will be finishing off with the game and then I will tell you the complete list of plants but there huge number of different zombies in the game, one of them has the power to capture your sunlight and the other one is so tough to kill that it will take at-least 3 peas shooters and 4 blocks of space to kill that one.


Apart from this you will have the power pack which can be used to make your plant highly powerful for few seconds, like peas shooter will shoot around 30 to 40 peas in 3 seconds when powered by the power pack and the same goes with the boomerang which will shoot the boomerang in the 4 perpendicular directions. The zombies which will be highlighted in green color will actually come with this power and on killing them you will be able to get these power-ups.


These power-ups cannot be logged to another stage rather you will have to use all of them in that level only (something very similar to the sunlight collection). This was highly expected from the new version but what surprised me was the instant level saver which included three powers for you. In this case you will intrude in the same and then destroy those zombies.

Starting from pinching the zombies where you will have to use your both the fingers (this seems really uneasy especially when we have the habit of playing the whole game with the taps of the fingers). The other one is the toss feature which will toss all the zombies covered in your 2 swipes across the screen and the last power is the electric shock power (which I found really touch to use), which will shock the zombies one by one and destroy the same.

These are the main highlighted features in the game which will definitely keep you stick with the screen. All these levels are assembled in a map where you can use the keys (discovered in the maps) to open the doors and collect the stars to go to the different part of the map. I will be updating this article frequently as I move ahead in the game, till then stay tuned and put your questions in the comment.


Shifu : To do & Task Management app But With a Difference

The quest of being more and more productive never ends in our life. In order to achieve highest degree of productiveness we turn to things like setting reminders, taking notes, using to do and task management apps and what not. We stick to our tasks in to-do list as if we were its slaves. But still sometimes we fail in achieving goals which are obvious. I will try to put this up with an example.

Calling mom often doesn’t find its place in our to do lists. Majority would like to think that this is an obvious thing and will be done in free time. But since there is not any dedicated app which works only in free time, obviously it will be forgotten. Shifu, a To do and Task Management app overcomes this drawback and some more.


How Shifu is Different

Shifu has completely different approach of handling your tasks. It reminds of your to-do tasks contextually. It can remind you of buying a grocery only when you are near to the store. It will remind you to do something (like calling your mom) when you are free. It will determine your availability to perform a certain task only when the time is suitable for you and it decides that based on your smart phone mobile usage patterns.


Shifu is capable of handling varied contextual tasks. Ranging from calling someone on some date only if you have 10 minutes free to phone call based alerts which shows reminders when you call someone.

I was amazed when it automatically reminded me of my grocery list items to buy when i was near it.


The only drawback which the Shifu carries is that there is no other option to use it other than logging with facebook. I believe the limitation will be removed in coming stable releases. Once you log in with facebook, it will also remind you to wish birthdays to your facebook friends with three fingers swapping form top to bottom.

The Shifu app is right now freely available at Play Store. Here is an interesting video to give you more better understanding of what Shifu is.

Shifu : Introduction from Signals on Vimeo.


Contactive-Integrates Your Social Media and Address Book

Ever felt like throwing your smartphone in disguise after receiving repetitive calls from customer care? Or ever missed a genuine call thinking it as promotional? Yes i know. The answer has to be a yes.

To all these miseries the answer is an app called Contactive. It does many things and i would like to start from the very primary thing, that is, integrating your address book (on the phone) with the social media services like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIN and the list is too long. You should be asking what for? Answer is to make your conversation more appropriate. How? Its like whenever someone from your network calls, you not only see his name calling but also information like his latest updates on Facebook and Twitter, your last conversation with that person and many other things.


But the utility of Contactive doesn’t end here. Whenever a call strikes on your phone Contactive first searches on your phone address book and in your social networks and if unable to find there, it searches the entire web and tries to associate numbers with the relevant matches. I came to know of the call from my Internet Service Provider before picking it up because Contactive did the right search for me. And the best part you get it in real time.


To use Contactive, you need to first sign up for it. Thanks to its support for Google and Facebook, you can log in with these too and get started in few minutes. Contactive basically unifies your address book into a complete and merged social hub. If you open a contact in the app, every social media profile associated with that will be accessible with a tap. You can whats’app that person or tweet him or read his latest update on Facebook, viber him and what not.


In terms of comparison with other similar apps, like CallApp, which has approximately similar functions, the Contactive app for android feels more polished and accurate. The way it fills your calling screen with additional info about the caller (in real time), without actually populating it, is what makes it stand out of the crowd.

Keeping its price in mind (which is of course free) i feel it deserves a place in your phone.

Download Contactive (Free) from Google PlayStore | Contactive


Mobikwik Wallet- Easy Recharge Option [App Review]

You must be wondering there are already several apps that lie in the same field and do absolutely the same things then why suddenly the MobiKwik app review? Well we have your back and it will be clear in the following paragraphs.

Mobikwik Wallet


First thing you notice about the Mobikwik android app is its light weight. So obviously there is lesser burden on your phone CPU. But this not the tempting thing. Right? With Mobikwik what you can do is you can park your money on the Mobikwik wallet, which will save you from hopping between merchant and payment gateways and banks. So next time you are going recharge or pay bills, you can complete your transaction quickly and hassle free with out leaving out of the app.

The CashPay Feature

Apart from supporting wide range of credit and debit cards and now net banking you can use the CashPay feature of the Mobikwik application. CashPay feature allows you to pay at your door step and then recharge or pay bills.

No Social Integration

One thing that you might not feel good about it is that before performing any activity it prompts you to register (of course if you have not done it already) and it is not socially integrated. So you cannot sign in with twitter or Facebook and get going. Once signed up for recharge you can either enter the numbers manually or choose from the contacts too.

Mobikwik Offers


The Mobikwik wallet comes with some exclusive offers. These offers range from Gifts, Movies, Dress Ups and even E-Bay offers. One example offer at the time of writing this post was to get 10% discount on purchase of movie tickets through BookMyShow at the price of just Rs 5.

Customer Support

The app allows you to access and view your transaction history right in the application. Once the app is synced you can view it even in the offline mode. In case something unfortunate happens i.e unsuccessful transaction, you can contact customer support right from the app. Go to My Account and simply hit, Help.


The cleaner and compact interface helps Mobikwik to stand out from the crowd of several other apps of the same arena. I am using Mobikwik since its improved version (3.1) launched and i am yet to face any issues. For its lighter size, improved User Interface and other really useful feature, i place it in the “give it a shot” app category.


ATU [App Of the Week] #2 : Line Messenger

One of the things I ever learned since I grew up was not to judge a book by its cover. Same here. Line is not just a messenger like others, but its a communication app which lets you place voice calls and messages free to other Line messenger users if you have data pack activated.


Initially when I learned that it was also a messenger app (like many others) , i was not so eager to try it. But somehow I downloaded it from the Play Store and after verification via SMS as well as Email, i started using it. The first thing which pleasantly surprised me was the fresh and clean user interface. (At least better than which I have used so far.) The app automatically adds your other friends using Line from address book. When you tap a friend in the list, you get option to either place a voice call or message, both of which are free of cost.

Voice Calling and other Features

You won’t be amazed by the free message as it has been common with all the messaging applications available out there. But the real-time voice calls is definitely jaw-dropping (provided your phone has a decent internet speed). A pinch of voice calls we have seen in WeChat as well as in Nimbuzz but the Line’s voice call was perfect in every sense. No glitches and lags.


In terms of settings tweak it provides a plethora of options. From choosing themes (although there are only three available but hey something is better than nothing no?) to setting notification sounds are intuitive. You also can choose the notification type as pop-up notification where instead you will get message in a pop up at the lock screen.


Stickers and Social Networking

Stickers are the new trend in messaging. You will enjoy the plethora of stickers available to use in this applications. At the sticker shop you can find all your favourite characters.


Another new feature is the social networking where you can share moments in the form of photos or videos or even location info. Those will be visible under the Timeline in the profile. There you can leave comments and make it more personal. To post anything (pictures or videos) tap the friends tab then tap your own Contact and then choose Home. There you should get an option to post something.


Personally I loved all the free stuff being provided by the application. Placing free voice calls to other Line users was pretty awesome. The User Interface was fresh and I would recommend trying this app for once and I am sure you will also fall for this like i did.

Line Messenger | Play Store | Free


MapMyIndia Launched ‘Locate’ for Tracking your Loved Ones

When it comes to map navigation then we have Google Maps which provides the most accurate maps all over the world and this has really helped the people to navigate from one place to another without getting lost. Undoubtedly Google Maps are more specific for the users of United States, users from US have got more options for their Google Maps when compared with the rest of world.


So keeping only Indian Users in mind MapMyIndia have come up with their navigation products which are used to help the users of India by showing them most of the places on the Maps which are not available on the Google Maps also. Minute details are available over this Map application which are not covered by the Google Maps for India but again Google Maps is synced with your Google Account and so anything that you do on the desktop versions is synced on the application of your smartphone.


MapMyIndia have come with a great application named as Locate with the help of which you can track the real time location of your family members and friends. When your daughter is coming late form work then both of you can launch this application and then you will be able to see the location of each other on the real time basis.


Now we know that location services use lots of battery from smartphone but it will not ON all the time rather once the contact has been added in the locate application it will update itself automatically after a certain interval. If the GPRS connectivity is not available on the device then its location will be cached and the moment the connectivity comes back, the location will be updated.

Using this URL you will be able to check the repository of all the locations which have been visited in the last 5 days and the best part is that user will not have to check in again and again manually, the application will take care of that on its own. Click here to download this application as of now this only available on the Google Play Store.