WeChat App Review – A Smart Way To Chat Using Any Smartphone

Initially when smartphones were limited to Apple users, SMS exchange was the most common trend to be in touch, now when Android has made almost every phone, a smart-phone. Users have started moving closer to the cellular data pack or mobile internet.

Nowadays there is a trend of instant messaging through mobile internet, and it is really helpful especially when you want to configure all the instant messaging accounts of Google Talk, Facebook, MSN Messenger and mobile SMS on your phone. Today we will review an application which is a great application when it comes to instant messaging.

WeChat App Review

Upon launching this application for the first time you will have to your create your account, with your username and password which will be used to login to this application again next time, when you install this application on another phone. After you create an account and log-in, this application will ask you the permission for address book matching.
Through this application will check all the contacts available in your Phone book and if any of you friend are available on this application then it notifies you. You can send them a request which should be accepted by them to start the conversation. If you want to invite any of your friends to this application then go to the tab named ‘Social’, then tap Add Contact, then tap Mobile Contacts, you will arrive to the screen mentioned below.


You can tap the contact and it will automatically generate an SMS which will invite your friend. Apart from this it has its own social networking portal mentioned below in the screenshot, you can get in touch with new people through these portals.



Once your friend has accepted the request, tap the tab named ‘Contacts’ and then tap his or her name. Your chat will be initiated and you will be able to see that chat on the tab names ‘Chat’.



Under ‘Settings’ you will be able to change the info about your profile or create your QR code or change the UI settings or check the friends who have been blocked by you.

Similar Applications

  • Whatsapp – This application is among top best sellers, but the application mentioned above has lot more features as compared to this application. This application does not have any feature to meet new random people and its UI is also very simple. Moreover this application is paid for iOS (but gets free occasionally) and Blackberry and comes on a trial version of 1 year for Symbian mobile phones.
  • Kik Messenger – This messenger is also available for all the mobile platforms including Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Its UI is better that Whatsapp but it is not famous as of now. All the features of Whatsapp are available in it. You can visit Google Play link to download it.
  • eBuddy Messenger Pro – We have already done a detailed review about this application here. This application creates a hub for your Facebook, Gmail, AON, Windows Live account IMs.
  • IMO Messenger – This application is free and does everything that is mentioned above for the application.


WeChat can opted by the users if they are more interested in knowing new people and interacting with them as for now it not much popular and this application lags slightly on iPhone also and if you tried to operate it at your full speed then it may crash also, but still its social interaction part is worth experiencing once.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link  and Google Play Link To Install This App,


Monster Job iPhone App Review India

Some of the pioneers in Job consultancy in India are, and Most of the fresher and experienced workers are pretty familiar with these sites but the only problem with these websites is they are not available on your mobile phones. Now even if you will say that you open these sites on your phone, then let me tell you that these sites are pretty descriptive and they are supposed to be when it comes to job offerings. So opening them on phone can be an option when you are in real emergency but now monster jobs have created their application for iPhone which takes you out of this trouble.



As mentioned in the screenshot once you login you will have to select the country in which you want to search jobs and then you will land on to a dashboard view where all the users who are new or who have not logged-in land-up. Now if you are already registered then just login to your account or else register yourself. Once you login to your account you will see the screen as mentioned below.


At the times of registration you must have entered all the information related to your choice of career or in other words you must have submitted all the information which is mentioned in your resume as the answers to the asked questions. With the first option ‘Fresh jobs’ you can see all the new jobs as per your desired career options. Now second option is pretty obvious and its screenshot is also mentioned below wherein you can search the job for yourself.


Third option is ‘My profile’, herein you can see the details of your profile and make any changes as per any information written there. Now the froth option comes up is ‘Employer Actions’, in here you can see the action taken by your Employer as the application submitted by you. Whenever you will apply for any job an application with your attached resume will be sent to the Employer based on that he may accept reject or put any comment on the status of your application. The last option of Career Service will provide the extra services provided by Monster jobs to improvise your resume.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Conclusion: A great app for job consultancy firm and better experience to be in touch with Employer response and not to miss any good opportunity.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – YES, Download App From Here ]


Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Case Text + Video Review [Compatible With iPad 3]

iPad 2 is the best tablet in the world right now, and if we say this more precisely ipad 3 launched recently is now the best most powerful tablet in the world. Now either it is iPad 2 or iPad 3 both of them are one of  best tablets to carry with you when you are on the move.

iPad 2 or iPad 3 both are best for on the go entertainment needs, also good choice for work on the move but if you actually need to reply to long emails and some other work for which you need to type more on your ipad, you will actually in the end may hurt your fingers. So you actually need a ipad keyboard which should get connected to via bluetooth.

Some days back we received Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard + Case, I used it most of the times when I was on the move and was required to work on my ipad to check website status, replying to emails etc from my iPad.


Build Quality Of Logitech iPad Keyboard + Case

Talking about the build quality Logitech iPad Keyboard + Case is made of Aircraft-grade aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish that matches the iPad 2


It holds the iPad 2 or iPad 3 both very securely in both portrait and landscape mode very firmly without any room for movement, it also has soft padding on the 2 vertical + 1 horizontal sides to that the keyboard case does not hurt iPad and also hold it tight when you carry in your hands and protect it from dropping out.


Form Factor of Logitech iPad Keyboard + Case

Form factor of logitech iPad keyboard is also so good much like the feel you get when you carry a iPad in your hands without any case on it. More over it just adds 12 ounces around .345 grams.


Mount Your iPad In Both Vertical + Landscape Position

Logitech iPad keyboard + case allows you to mount your ipad in both landscape and vertical position as shown in the image below.



Quick Typing Speed Without Almost No Delay

Logitech iPad keyboard + case works just like almost as quick as you can think off, you just need to connect it one time with your iPad, it will automatically connect next time almost instantly with your ipad once you turn it on and bluetooth on the ipad should be on.


Charging or Does it Require Cells To Work?

Logitech iPad keyboard case can easily get charged with the with USB port with USB to micro-USB charging cable, you can charge it with a computer or a laptop and it last really long for around some weeks with normal use, it has 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.


Large Flat Base Makes Its Stable While Typing

The large flat base of Logitech iPad keyboard case makes it much stable while typing and when you have placed it on your Lap or using the keyboard in bed.


It has special multimedia keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, etc and when ever you place your ipad in the Logitech iPad keyboard case, your ipad will automatically goes to sleep mode and when you take it out it resumes and wakes up automatically.


Keys Touch and Spacing ?

All the keyboard keys are nicely spaced out with each other makes it easy for both thick and thin fingers, on the other hand keys are nice and soft to press and work like a charm just when you press them mid way. Logitech iPad keyboard case also have multimedia keys for giving sleep command, home button is also there, and you can lock or unlock your ipad from the keyboard itself.

Will It Work My iPad 3?

Yes, Logitech iPad keyboard case is full compatible with ipad 3 as well so it works for both ipad 2 and ipad 3.

Conclusion Review For Logitech iPad Keyboard Case 

In all Logitech iPad keyboard case work very nicely, gives to lot more speed in working with your ipad providing you great pleasure and good feel and an awesome post PC experience. It worth the money you would spend on it as it solves the purpose of a case and keyboard for your ipad. 

Video Review Of Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

In case you want to see Logitech iPad keyboard case in action, we recommend you the video below in which did a full video review and unboxing.

Where To Buy Logitech iPad Keyboard Case?

If you live in US you can buy it from amazon, at this page for $76.95 and if you live in india then you can buy it from this page for Rs 4,995


Clingle VS Foursquare – Which one is better? [For India]

After reading the title, please note that its not what its look like, and firstly I would like to say few things before I start. This post is not affiliated to foursquare or clingle in any way we don’t endorse any of these.

Foursquare profile page

Clingle VS Foursquare

Clingle profile page


Before actually writing this article I did some research on how people perceive the so called foursquare when they use the app their phones on the go, for most of them it’s a game which they love to play and enjoy warning rewards as prizes, they love to post updates on facebook when they earn new badges and post the update on facebook or twitter when they check in to a new place.

What’s the point in using foursquare ?

I have heard this question 100 times from most of my non techy friends, Frankly I use foursquare a lot and I consider it as a game. However when we talk about the real meaning or real benefits of the foursquare, people far away from enjoying them either it’s a free coffee in Coffee Café Day or free pizza in pizza hut for the mayor. May be foursquare is so lazy in implementing these benefits when 3.3% of the Foursquare users come from India and they generate 4.1% of the pageviews on Foursquare. Foursquare’s official support site claims the total number of users to be Over 10 million users. I don’t understand what is causing them not to provide the benefits to users which they deserve.

Can I find any thing on foursquare ?

Anyways lets come to another point, well I would say you can not as the listing on foursquare is based on what people create. It wont let you find near by colleges, schools, stationaries, office or near by automobile showrooms, bus stop, railway station or highway etc. and however not all of these are relevant to everyone but different people are looking for different things when it comes to local listing of business.


My encounter with Clingle

I am a foursquare user since the beginning, but one day I found another more meaning full app called clingle which looked like another foursquare in the beginning but with time I discovered many things which were always lacking in foursquare from the start, it allows you to do the checkin from any local shop, bus stop or confectionery which may not be listed on foursquare and moreover Clingle is still in the learning phase and will get some awesome features in upcoming months very soon.

Who is bringing you  Clingle ?

Clingle is brought to you by the same team which built MyCityWay – another great app for iphone, android – the world’s most preferred urban mobility app which lets you find anything in the city with presence over 60+ International cities.

How is Clingle different from foursquare ?

The very first question that may arise in your mind could be, how is clingle different from foursquare, this is something which came to my mind at the start when started using clingle – firstly clingle has got an extensive database much larger which with you can find more than 10 times the number of places than foursquare.


Another is way clingle works, just you leave tip on venue on foursquare you can leave a clings which could be photo, text or video as well which others can see when they visit that venue. Clingle makes capturing and sharing your everyday moments a rich multi-media experience. From capturing your check-in moments at various places as a live video, exploring popular places around you, starting conversations or leaving messages for friends at your favorite locations with photo, audio or video Clingle.

Check in from places which never existed on foursquare ?

I have tried check in from a local shop on foursquare, I never found it on foursquare as it not listed on the database of foursquare, as it compared to clingle which is actually powered by mycityway database of local business listing which lists everything from coffee shops to local confectionary shop.


Clingle Update

Clingle is going to come up with great awesome features in which local business will get more near to the people who are check in using clingle and in return will get the latest updates on new offers and messages from the local business in strict moderated way which can be controlled by the clingle user. Apart from this as a reward clingle users can user the gift feature in coming very soon in india. As per which they can Choose gift cards from over 40+ premium retail and online brands, attach it to a cling and leave it at any store/location of your choice for your friends.


Both clingle and foursquare are great apps but they both have different ways to let you find the place or a local business, restaurant you need but for me clingle wins in some scenarios but still both of them need to more consumer centric in terms of benefits users should get when they use these apps. These benefits can in terms of free discount coupons, gifts, goodies or any other thing which entice a user to use these apps and make their life more simple with these apps installed on your smart phones.

Availability On Mobile Platforms

Foursquare is already available for iPhone, android, windows phone 7, blackberry and other mobile platforms like Symbian, check out this page or the respective apps market place for your phone.

Clingle is also available for iPhone, android, blackberry, Nokia ovi and will coon come out for windows phone 7 as well, check out this page or the respective apps market place for your phone.