iPhone Simultaneous Photos Upload On Both Facebook, Twitter in iOS 5 or Later At Same Time

It been a long time I have been using an iphone as my primary phone, I use the full capabilities of the device by using it to full and with large number of useful apps which makes iphone more useful. I am a facebook and twitter user so recently I was trying to find a way which could let me do iPhone Simultaneous Photos Upload On Both Facebook, Twitter in iOS 5.

After some searching I got to know many apps and other ways with which I could update both facebook and twitter. Even for jailbroken iphone there are cydia apps like FBUploader, iSocialShare, qTweeter which lets you upload the same photo both on twitter and facebook but these tweaks no longer work in iOS as if now.

There are speculations and news coming about ios 5.1 which may have facebook integration just like you see for twitter in iOS as shown in the image below.


Some other apps which you can easily install from apps store which allows you to post a photo on both facebook, twitter at the same time are, Instagram,


PicPlz ipone app




Hootsuite iphone app

and Tweetcaster, Pixelpipe.

Another way to do it without using any of the above app is to link twitter to facebook permanently, but posting every tweet and update on facebook from twitter could be really annoying to some of your friends on facebook. You can also try another 0.99$ app called QuickPing which lets you update 40 social networks at once including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Bebo, FriendFeed, Plurk, or any of your social networks.

post photo on facebook & Twitter

Some of the above apps I used for simultaneous photo upload on facebook and twitter worked well, but still none of the above apps actually uploaded the same photo both on facebook and twitter which is way if they upload it on twitter I see a link to view the photo on facebook and vice versa.

After some more searching I found another app called Seesmic which lets you update and view multiple social networks in an efficient and powerful application. Manage multiple Twitter accounts, your Facebook account.

Seesmic is one such apps for iphone which do separate photo upload of the same picture for both twitter and facebook. It lets you update and view multiple social networks in an efficient and powerful application. It has spaces which lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts, your Facebook account.


While doing the update you can include both facebook and twitter while making a update as shown in the image below.



Type on iPhone Using Voice To Text In Any App [ iPad Also ]

After seeing Siri in action, almost every iphone  user wants to have the similar experience, so in order to cater such questions, we posted about how can you update facebook, twitter on your iPhone without Siri. read it here Today we will tell you how to type on iphone using voice. As you can see this function requires voice to text conversion.

Type on iPhone Using Voice

There are many apps which may let you convert voice to text, like speak  to sms app called Shoutout which will come to app store very soon, another app lets you send sms using voice is Voice Text Pro.

voice to text

One such popular app for voice to text is Dragon Dictation which lets you do Voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard and can also submit text to social networking applications – Twitter and Facebook. Another similar app called QuickVoice iP which is ideal for capturing ideas, voice memos, dictation, "to do" lists, classes, meetings, even entire lectures and seminars, makes it useful for professional, educational, and personal use.

dragon dictation

Some other similar voice to text apps for iphone are Vlingo, Google search app for iphone which lets you search on web using voice. There are some other examples like the apps I mentioned above, but all these apps mentioned above lets you do a specific voice to text conversion either for sending sms, email or updating facebook, twitter from the app native interface, but on the other hand there is great app which will cater to the need when you don’t want to type on any app you are running on iphone.

The Best App to Type on iPhone Using Voice 

This app is called Voice To Apps for iPhone, iPad which lets you use your voice instead of typing, touch the microphone dictation app, then say what you have to say,
the iPhone converts your words into text. Use the dictation to write an email or an SMS messages, taking notes and edit text before tweeting, updating on facebook.

email using voice


[Solved] Cannot Create Location Based Reminders on iPhone

One of my friends who use an iphone 4 with ios 5 on it, just sent me this message in which he complained that he is not able to create location based reminder on his iphone. As per his narration whenever he tries to create a location based reminder – he see the following error which says cannot determine the location while creating a location based reminder.

For some people it may happen that they may not be able to see tasks in reminders where they can add new to do tasks but in such cases the possible solution could be the following steps.

1. When you are in the Reminders app, tap the menu button on the top right

2: Chances are you have an exchange email account or the equivalent selected under Tasks

3: Select iCloud (or any other non exchange based email account listed) and click Reminders

reminder app

Now for those reminder app is working fine when they try to add a location based reminder or add location to exiting to task to be completed in reminder app but when you do this, the time when you need to select the option to choose a address, it will try to ask you to select a contact which may have some physical address but in most of the cases if you store a phone number as contact, it will not have the address.

Now in order to create a location based reminder, you should follow the step by step guide given below.

Firstly open the google maps application, now locate the address if you are the same location for just locate it or in other case you can search.


then once you have located, click the arrow and then add the geo location as shown in the image below.


Now you should add this location as contact, and name it home, office or any other relevant name with which you can add the same.


Now go to reminder app and create a new location based reminder or edit the existing one and add a location with the new contact you just created by mapping a location with the help of google map.


Now you can add location you just created and added as contact as shown in the image below.


This way you create a location based reminder on iphone without any problem.


iPhone Back LED Flash Blink When You Receive a Call, Message or Notification

Recently I found this cool new setting which makes the back LED adjacent to the camera in iphone 4 to blink when you receive a call, message or notification.

After some digging out with the option under settings on my iphone, I came to know that this can be possible only on iphone with back LED and it should have iOS 5 or later running on it. OS 5 has this feature targeted  to the iPhone 4.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and turn LED Flash for Alerts ON, your iPhone camera flash will now flash when receiving a call or an alert as shown in the image below.


The video below shows how does this setting work when enabled.


Significance Of Long Press In Android Phone Touch Screen

Every Smartphone operating system has something unique to offer. We shall be talking about Android OS today and the significance of the long press feature.

Unlike iOS featured in Apple devices where all the commands are there on the screen under different sections, the Android OS offers many interesting things which are needed to be explored. The Long Press feature is probably one of the areas which need to be exploited by the users as whenever you do so, a new list of


Many of the users use the physical menu button to look for additional options but actually its the long press feature which would give you the options you are looking for.

When you are on the home screen you can long press the screen to add widgets, shortcuts etc.

Android  4

While you are in the message app and scrolling down the threads and you can long press a message or particular thread to gain access to options like read, forward, copy, delete etc.


Similarly in the mail app you can long press a particular email to read, mark unread, delete it. Apart from this you can also remove the star from mails.

Android 2

When you are viewing contacts you can press on any one for a while and can see options like view contact, call contact, text contact etc. From here you can also add it to favorites, edit it and even delete it.

Android 34

This post was dedicated to making new Android users familiar with the functionality of the OS and this special feature. I hope this post is of some use for you readers and remember, whenever you are on a particular screen do try long pressing and I am sure you will explore new features.


Create Photo Albums With Camera Roll Pictures On iPhone, iPad Running iOS 5 or later

With all the new features in ios 5 we have been posting about, one such great feature which allows you to filter your photos in camera roll and add them to newly created albums or old existing albums. This way you can create photo albums of different moments of life by creating a specific albums with some name related the the moment, and all the photos you add to photo album will not get deleted from camera roll pictures so the photos will show up in both the photos album and camera roll on iphone.


Below is the procedure explained on how to create photo albums on iphone and add photos into them.


How To Record Audio Messages And Send Them Via Email On iPhone

Earlier we made a post on how to record and email videos on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which I am sure will definitely help all you iPhone lovers. Today we will talking on how to record audio and to send the same clips via email from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Voice Memos is an interesting feature of iOS which lets you record audio clips and then use them as reminders. But another feature of the same is where you can email and MMS the same audio clip. With this post I will explain how to do this.

Open the stock Voice memos app which you can find on your iPhone home screen or probably in a folder named utilities.


The left red button is to record the video and the right one with three parallel lines is for the options menu. Press the red button so that the recording is initiated and further you can pause or end the recording by pressing the corresponding red button on the left hand side or the button with a black square on the right respectively. So record the clip and end it so that it is saved.


Now press the options button on the right hand side which opens up another page where all the recorded clips are displayed along with a few options.


Whichever audio clip you wish to email or mms, tap on it so that it gets selected and then press the share button at the bottom.


After pressing Share, you will get the two options Email and MMS. Select Email so that you directed to the mail app. In the mail app fill up the To, CC and Subject sections and hit send and your audio clip will be mailed to the desired mail id.


Another way of doing the same is that from the list of the clips, tap on the arrow present at the right hand side of each of the clip. You will be brought to another screen where you can set the memo as a reminder and just below you will see the share option which again is similar to what was on the main screen.


I do hope you will love this small feature that apple provides and will send audio clips to your closed ones.


Download, Save Facebook Photos To Camera Roll In Facebook iPhone App [No Jailbreak Needed]

There are times when you would like to save the photos from facebook app on your iphone camera roll or photos, but previously there was no way you could save photos on your iphone directly from facebook app.

There are were some workarounds like you can download or save photos from facebook by using facebook through safari browser and then it will allow you to save the pictures directly in camera roll, you can read our complete guide here

Another hack which runs only on jailbreak iphone or ipod touch involves a app which you need to install from cydia, this app is called FBPhotoSave, it allows you to save photos by using simple gestures. All you have to do is to tap and hold the picture which you want to save until it prompts you to save it to the camera roll as shown in the image below.