A-Rix Meter – Pay Right Fare With Correct Meter Readings [Review]

If you have to another over a long period of time and you do not have a vehicle over there, then I am damn sure that you must have encountered one of the auto rickshaws and no doubt he must have over-priced. It is a very common problem, especially in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and more. Even if you ask them to follow the rickshaw auto fare, they have some tweak on their meter which will again over charge you.

Now you might be wondering that why I am putting this problem in a post here as there is not application which can take care of such a specific problem? Well, I have a solution to it with a very good application and the users having android and iOS smartphones can use this application.

A-Rix Meter App Review

We have mentioned certain which can be used to track your motion while working out, now the same principle can be used in tracking the motion of your auto rickshaw (i.e. GPS) and thus multiplying the distance covered by the correct fare will give you the fair fare which should be given to the auto-rickshaw.


Once you launch this application, it will take some time to get acquainted with GPS on your phone. So launch this application as soon as you get inside the auto. Now, you will just have to select the type of conveyance which will being used by you, it can be an auto-rickshaw, a taxi and or any other personally hired vehicle. If you will select the third option you will see the screen mentioned below.


On this screen, you will have to mention all the details of that cab and then tap ‘tick mark’ button. Now after selecting any of the options mentioned above, you will have to slide the slider as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Once you slide the slider, meter reading will start and then it will keep on calculating, there are certain drawbacks with this application. Firstly, it will not let you know the fare to a certain point even if you know the distance and it will also not display the fare chart for auto-rickshaw and if you want this application to work properly then you should not press home button or lock the screen while using this app or else it will stop at the time when you have pressed home button and then, when you will launch this application again, it will directly link the previous point with the current point without considering any U-turn or other off-road travelling.



Once you finish the journey, put the slider back to its previous position and then a popup will appear as mentioned in the screenshot above. Just enter the amount actually paid, don’t worry it will not do anything, I don’t know why does it ask for it? For now this application can be used only in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Similar Apps To Calculate Right Taxi Fare

  • Taxometer [ Global ]  – Above mentioned app, is only for India as for now so all the US citizens can use this application to calculate the taxi fare at any point. Taxometer is able to calculate the price of any taxi fare in 300 cities in 35 countries all over the world. There are rates for all major cities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe …and more!
  • Taxi fare [ Global ] – This application can be used by anyone in the world if you know the basic fare rates and the distance between the two point, unlike the apps mentioned above it will not track the whole distance then tell you the fare. It is a simple Taxi fare calculator in which all the input data will be provided by you manually.

Both the applications mentioned above are paid.


As of all the applications mentioned above, Indian users can opt for A-Rix Meter and US citizens can opt for Taxometer. For others, a less featured application is available called Taxi Fare. There are not much applications related to this feature, so please let us know if you come across any of the similar apps. Finally, just remember that there might be certain error in the calculation done by these apps.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link | Visit Google Play Link


Book Flights On Make My Trip Using iPhone App [Review]

Nowadays when flight booking can be easily done over internet, it is important that we should have some application for these websites to do the booking from our cellphone as their web interface will be highly occupied when viewed on our cellphones. Profession people may need flight booking at any point of time, so it is advisable to use these types of applications on your smartphone.

Indian air ticket booking websites have also developing their applications, for iPhone and Android. Now when there is huge competition between the air fares among all the flight services, they are easing their availability for the users. In this post we will mention about a new application for MakeMyTrip website which can be used to hotel and flight booking. Apart from that we will also mention some other application which can be useful to the users apart from INDIA.

MakeMyTrip iPhone App Review

As you can see from the first screenshot, all the functionalities for this application are mentioned.


Now ‘Book Flights’ section will take you to page (mentioned below) where you will enter the venue, date and timings of the flight and then click Search


Then it will search all the available flights and show it on your next screen, you can tap any one of them to book them and then continue to use any promo code or to make any payment.


If you do not want to make payment at that point of time but you wish to go by that flight only, then you can save that flight and book it later. If you want to check the previous booking made by you, then start tapping back and back until you reach the home screen and then click the appropriate option ‘My Booking’.
Now enter the search criteria to search your bookings. Same goes with checking the status of the flight. If you want to check out the places to eat in Delhi, then you will have to tap the suitable option on the home screen and then you will land up on the page as mentioned below.


Now either you can enter the name of the restaurant or you can check them by city. You will just have to enter the first 1 or 2 alphabets of the city and then it will automatically show you the appropriate in which you can check the details for the places to eat.


Apart from that you can also provide them your feedback.

Similar other applications

  • Goibibo – All the android users can go for using this application also, though it has not been developed for iPhone yet, both of these applications are almost similar.
  • Kayak – Users from almost all the countries can choose this application to book their flights and hotels, apart from this you can also access information related to the baggage and other details about the flights. For Android users, click here.
  • CheapOair – This application will also do the same as mentioned above, you will also be able to save searches and use a by default promo-code mentioned in the description of the tool.
  • Travelocity – This application can help you to book flight, hotels and cabs from airport to your residing place or the hotel. Moreover it promises you to provide with hot deals on hotel and flight bookings. Android users can download this app from here


MakemyTrip website is widely used by the Indian users to make flight booking and to book trip packages but as per now you will only be able to book flights along with the some discount which will be provided for the app users. All the other readers can prefer other applications mentioned above for other countries.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link  and Google Play Link To Install This App,


iPhone App To Know Cost Of Any Journey

For all the travellers it is very important to know that how much they will be spending on the gas or fuel for their car, while they are travelling from one place to another. Today I will be reviewing an iPhone application which will help the user to calculate the exact amount of gas which will be spent on the journey, when the user specified the exact model and the make of his or her car.


As you can see the screenshot, that you will have to add your vehicle by providing the year, name and then make of the model of your car.


After doing so you will go to another page where you will provide the starting point and destination point of your journey and then on the next page you will be able to see the exact result.


On this page, you will see the exact amount of distance covered by you and time spent with your car and thus the amount spent on gas, the cost spent on the gas will be calculated on the basis of rate of gas in America, If you want to dig into more detail then you can click the button named Get Trip Details and then it will open a page in the browser which will show some more details about the rates and the values on basis of which the tool made the calculations.


PS: – It is useful only for the users who are travelling in America, as it will not tell you about the gas prices if you enter any travelling route from any other country.

Key Features of Facebook messenger

  • Calculate the distance of the Journey.
  • Provides the amount of gas and its cost.
  • Covers almost all the known cars in US and other countries.
  • Provides further details by navigating the user to website.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android –NO ]


Find Best Local Places, Things To Do, Restaurants, Clubs And Much More On MyCityWay India

Ever wished you had a one stop app to get details on every possible place to visit in your city? MyCityWay India is a brilliantly designed app that incorporates 50 apps into one bundle that would help you find almost anything in your locality.

It is not dedicated to locals only but is really helpful for visitors as well. If you install the app you would literally have hundreds of solutions to your problem.


Want to find a nearby restaurant or nightclub, hotel or tourist spot, bank or spa, the app contains all. This is not it, it covers a number of sections like Dining, Nightlife, Transit, Tourism, Events, Hotels, Coffee, City Maps, Movies, Beauty & Spa, Parking, Shopping, Airports, Services, Weather, Banks, Gas Stations, Fitness, Jobs, Groceries, Police Stations, Art Galleries, Kids Activities, Real Estate, Classifieds etc.


On the top of the main screen you have Change City, Location and Search button. Under change city, you can select your city from a list of five including Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Under Location you can change your location as per an address, or from your recently visited placed etc. In the search section you can enter the desired keywords and look for the the place.


If you are a registered member you can access the my stuff section from the main screen and keep a log of your visited places, favorite places, created lists etc.


If you not sure about what places you should visit, try the Things To Do section from where you can look for parks, amusement parks, museums etc.


Need to visit the nearest bank or ATM or money transfer outlet, enter the Bank & ATM s section and find what you need. Here you also have a small Abc button on the top right corner to sort the results list alphabetically or according to distance.


Under the Lists section you have a couple of default lists of places categorized into one. Like you a list of Delhi’s awesome hotels, Most happening hangouts etc. If you login with your account you can create your own lists, bookmarks places etc.


If you want to watch a movie at the nearest cinema hall, head to Movies section, select the movie and get details on all the cinemas featuring it.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Conclusion: Trust me, you would not have to look anywhere else for places to visit if you have this app.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

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Track Flights To And From US and Canada In Real Time With FlightAware

If you are a citizen of US or Canada having an android or iPhone and often commute through flights, then the app which we are going to review today will definitely help you a lot. FlightAware flight tracker, as the name suggests, is a flight tracking app with which you can get complete information about all the commercial flights including arrival and departure time, diversions, gate changes, delays etc.

The status of all the flights is updated in real time and it also supports tracking of general and charter flights in US and Canada. Interestingly the app also notifies you of airport delays, flight alerts, nearby flights etc.

Flightaware Android

The app has four main sections for your convenience when searching for a particular flight.


The first on is Track by flight number where you have to select an airlines first(almost all the airlines worldwide are listed) and enter the flight number. After that you can hit the Track by Flight Number button to get information on the flight.

Flightaware Android1

Then we have the Track By Tail Number option and if you know the tail number of a particular flight, just enter it and press Track By Tail Number button to start tracking the flight.

Flightaware Android3

The search by flight route option lets you search any flight by entering its origin and destination. After picking the two airports just press the button and you will get information on all the flights between the same.

Flightaware Android5

While searching for flights by their origin and destination, you can either select the airports by their name or by entering the airport code.

Flightaware Android6

When you select a particular flight, the interface is filled with almost every possible information concerned with it. It includes Origin, destination, filed speed, filed altitude, duration filed route etc. Scrolling down on the same page you will get options like view flight map, track more similar flights and an add button.

Flightaware Android7

Press the view flight map button and the app displays the route on a map. The add button lets you add that particular flight into your aircrafts list.

Flightaware Android8

Additional options can be accessed by pressing menu key on the main screen where an amazing option airport info is provided.

Flightaware Android90

You can select a particular airport (all airports around the world are listed) and then press view airport details or delays. For a particular airport you can also see all the arrivals, departures, en route and scheduled flights, view flight traffic in real time and also get the location of the airport on the local map.

Flightaware Android91

You can also create an account by registering on FlightAware for further convenience and support.

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.6 and up.

Conclusion: A good app with complete information US and Canadian flights. Wish they had added support for other countries as well.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – Yes, Download FlightAware Flight Tracker For iPhone From here ]


Book, Check Availability, Fare, Ticket Status For Indian Railways On iPhone

In India, railways is one of the most important lifeline and every day millions of people travel across the country by train.If you are regular commuter and if you have an iDevice then getting information about stations and checking availabilities or price will be as easy as anything else.


The app’s main interface is very simple to understand. The first page has the from and to section along with the date. At the bottom we have Find trains, Ticket Status and Status Info. To get a list of trains from one station to the other, fill in the To and From sections, specify the date and press the find trains button.


On doing this , it will open a list of trains along with the train number and departure and arrival times.


On the next page you get again the details of the train in a better way like the name and number at the top, then the from and to stations, departure and arrival times along with the duration of the journey and the days on which it runs. At the bottom we have the Class section from where you can select a class and then check the availability, price or track of the train.


From here you can select any train so as to check the availability of tickets on that day.


Again from the same, after specifying the class, you can check the price of the ticket.


The track option gives you a a detailed table of the train with all the stations and their arrival and departure times.


If you already have bought a ticket and want to check the PNR status then on the main screen you can tap on Ticket status and enter the credentials to get the latest status.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later

Conclusion: Great app, works brilliantly well but disappointingly one cannot book tickets through the same

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free| Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No, Download Similar App From Here ]