Hammer: Application to share and take Opinion of Others

Social networking is one of the most popular sector that has been growing over internet because people love to share their opinion, their good or bad news with their friends and the known ones over internet. Today I will be sharing an application which has its own social circle and which has been primarily developed to let you interact with new people who somewhat share the same opinion about the intellectual matters happening all around the world.


Honestly speaking I avoid killing time on Facebook and I feel that Twitter is far better than that because Twitter is not much famous in my country and there are very less number of people over Twitter as compared to Facebook and so there are less number of distractions over Twitter as compared to Facebook. So I end up reading opinions from great scholars and orators about some of the very important topic and news happening round the globe and sometimes I also participate by stating my views.

How Does This Application Work

Hammer as an application is solely dedicated to the last 2 lines mentioned above in the paragraph. It will ask you a general question and based upon your opinion it will show that what others have to say about it. We will recommend you to directly choose the news section and then share your opinion about the latest topics. You can choose to change the topics by choosing a different category.


One of the sections of this application will ask you a question and show you two options in form of images and you will have to select an option and once you select your option, you will see the result of the poll which will tell you whether you go with the majority or not. You can also leave a comment related to that question and you can also post or own question which can be also be shared over the other social networks.



This application is unique in its operation and you will surely use it once in a while (even if you don’t get addicted to it).This application is really great for the Marketing research surveyors who will at least the get opinion about their questions from the 50 to 60 users. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this application, you can download the same on iPhone and Android smart-phone both.

Download Hammer – App Store | Google Play Store

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List of Best Apps For Scanning Documents on Android and iOS

It was just few years back when we scanning a document meant connecting a scanner first, then placing the document in the required orientation and then keeping the digital format in memorable format.

But just imagine the way offers have been now, where you either need to produce the previous bill number to avail the discount. Every time you went to home and instead snapping pictures of the cool gadgets you bought you had the urge to OCR the bills to your computers.

But thanks to the smartphone. (Are the really smart, i doubt) We don’t need to have so many steps. Instead we have now capable apps to do the job done uberly through camera. Here are top apps for scanning document on your Android and iOS smartphones.



Evernote has myriad of functions and note taking one of the primary one. Very few people know about the inbuilt feature of it to take pictures and store it as documents even PDF formats. Now how cool is that?

With in the note app, tap the plus-sign button and select Page Camera. There you go. The best part it you can scan multiple documents and then merge them into a single one.

Download: Android | iOS

Google Drive


Google drive is another multi-utility app available for both android and iOS. Simply snap a document and it gets saved into your drive in the form of PDF. It will automatically (obviously) add the OCR so that its easily searchable in the drive.

Download: Android | iOS

Scanner Pro

scan pro

Unlike the two of the apps mentioned above, this app is a premium but at first glance looks like worth paying. The interface is clean and easy enough to operate. Once you have scanned the document, you can scan them directly to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs.

Download: Android | iOS



CamScanner is another option if you wanted to turn your smartphone into an OCR scanner. The app lets you access documents from the web from its web interface where you can also edit file name, tags and other attributes of file.

Download: Android | iOS



TurboScan is among those apps which deliver better performance with high image quality. If your main objective is about document scanning accuracy, and want documents to be crisper and clear, TurboScan is what you should get.

Download: iOS

Other Options

DocScanner is another option for iOS, Android and Mac users which offers a decent interface. The app also has the feature to detect the edges of the pages so this can be an addon.


If personally i would have to pick one, i would go with either with Google Drive or Evernote app. Not only because these are free to use, but also offer the best possible synchronisation on different devices. For a premium service, i have my reservations with Scanner Pro.


BattSaver – Best Cydia App To Save Battery on iPhone [Review]

Battery of an iPhone has always been of a huge concern to the users specially when iPhone 4S was released. On the specifications page, it clearly states that stand up time and the talk time on the network is 66.66% of what iPhone 4 offers.

I am sure that many of you would have tried many apps on App Store and Cydia but they don’t really alter the battery backup and after some time, we delete them. The reason being some of the times, we don’t know that what this application actually doing to increase the battery backup. But today in this post we will talk about a tool named ‘BattSaver’ which claims to double your battery back-up.

After only reading the description you will know that this tool we surely work because it does not have any anonymous operation for increasing the backup. We have mentioned about the tips of increasing your battery backup in this post. Obviously, we have lot more things to focus on apart from following those tips whole day. But this jailbreak tool mentioned above will do this for you.

BattSaver Review

First screen of the tool will appear as mentioned below in the screenshot. There are 4 options which can be seen on this screen. ‘View Graphs’ will show you a graph plotted between time and the Current Capacity.


You can see the graph below, it shows the current capacity is falling with time, so once you will use it will fall with as time proceeds.


Other option is ‘Last Battery State’ which will show you the complete details about the battery, number of times this battery has been charged, maximum capacity of this battery, the present status of current level in the battery, temperature of the phone, info about the charger to which your phone is connected and many more.



Under Settings section, you can see the graphs for the data collected over past weeks or you can change the mode of operation of the tool. Now let us talk about those modes in detail.

  • None Mode, will not do anything to your mobile. Selecting this mode means not allowing this tweak to make any changes to the settings of your phone.
  • Normal Mode, under this mode it will disable the exchange of cellular or any data online, when you will lock your screen. It will keep on activating them on every 15 minutes for receiving emails and notifications from all the applications on your iPhone.
  • Aggressive mode, under this mode it will everything that has been included in the previous mode but with longer gap of 45 minutes and if you have switched on Wi-Fi usage, then it will automatically kill edge and if Wi-Fi is ON but if it is not connected to any hot-stop then Wi-Fi will be disabled by this tool. After the battery backup reached below 15 percent, then it will automatically switch itself to Ultimate mode.
  • Ultimate mode, under this mode the only extra feature it will have is the permanent disabling of the radios and then you will have to enable them on your own.
  • Custom Mode, under this mode you will decide your own plan of saving the battery; you may decide which components of controls should be automatically controlled by this application and which components should be handled manually.

To make sure whether this application is working or not, you can select None as the mode and then watch the graph for few hours, then use any of the suitable mode and then match both graphs. You will definitely see that the graph will become steadier with lesser slope.

Similar Other Applications

  • Battery Booster [$0.99]: This application claims to improve the battery life by just tapping over the battery icon. Once you visit its page, you will see only one screenshot indicating the screen on which you need to tap. It does not explain the way it will do it.
  • Battery Boost: This application will not do anything by itself as it is the collection of useful tricks and tips which you will find everywhere on internet. It claims that once you follow those suggestions, it will improve the battery life in all the aspects.
  • Secret Battery Booster [$0.99]: This application claims to improve the battery life of your iPhone by improvising the level of brightness automatically on your phone. It will change the brightness as different amount of daylight around it and it will create profile to control the brightness.
  • Battery Boost Magic App, Free: Claims to provide full detail about the stats of battery and thus provide you the remaining time for all the activities which can be done from your phone. Its user interface is fully automatic along various tips and methods to increase the battery life.


The jailbreak application mentioned above has stated every logical reason behind improving the battery life and thus there is no doubt in claiming that BattSaver has been the best app among all of these Batter boosting apps.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $2.99 | Visit Cydia


Install Windows 8 Theme on iPhone

Yes, now you can run windows 8 on iPhone, but the primary requirement will be you need a jailbroken iphone for this, you can run windows 8 interface on any iphone including iPhone 4s, 4 or 3gs or any new iphone including iphone 5 as well.

For this you will need to download two apps from Cydia, the first one is named as Dreamboard which is under Modmyi repository. Once you have installed dreamboard app, you will need to install windows 8 theme which is also at modmyi repository – its named as Metroon the theme is paid – it comes for $1.50

If you want to see, how does this theme look in actual and in action, you can watch the video below.


[Solved] Cannot Charge iPhone Using A Car Charger, iPod Charger Or External Wall Charger

One of our readers tried charging his iphone using the ipod power wall charger and he was successful in doing the same, but many times he used to see the error on the iphone screen that this accessory is not made to work with iphone and iphone charging stopped every time, in order to fix this he used to unplug the cable and then re plug it into the iphone charging of iphone get started again.

This Accessory Is Not Made To Work With iPhone

One other reader who has been using a car charger most of time while travelling got this error when iphone does not charge anymore with its old car charger which used to work perfectly and still works with other iphone, but now it throws the error most of time when he tries to connect his iphone for charging from car battery using the old branded company car charger.

Charging Is Not Supported With This Accessory On Your iPhone

There are many methods to solve these kinds of problem occurring with your iphone, you can try the methods mentioned below as per the nature of your problem.

Fix Charging Stopped With iPhone Using Wall Charger or iPod Charger

In most of the cases this problem may occur when you are using the iPod wall charger which has a ipod touch or iphone style connector at one end and Power charger on the other end like the one shown in the video below.

Now when you are charging using ipod or wall charger using this kind of cable, you just need to unplug the cable and plug it back in after 1-2 seconds and most of the time you will see your iphone or ipad starts charging again. If you still see the iphone or ipad does start charging, try some other power port and it should work in most of the cases, still if it does not work then follow the solution below.

Charge Your iPhone Using A Universal Charging Adaptor and iPhone USB Cable

You can also charge your iphone any model from 2G to 4S or higher as well using Universal USB Power Adaptor and iPhone USB Data cable, for this you will need to buy a USB Power adaptor separately from your local market near by your place or you can look over some of them at this link [ ] or this link [ ] – Once you have go the charger you can connect the USB data cable with USB 2.0 port and other end will go into the iphone or ipad and then you can connect the arrangement to power port to charge your iphone.

Please Note: The USB Power Adaptor you buy should not give output more or less than 1 Ampere of current, as it then it might be able to charge your iphone or may throw more current that could be harmful for your apple device.

apple usb power adaptor

Please Note: [ I am suggesting this way as the genuine apple USB power adaptor comes quite costly in most the countries ]

Fix iPhone Does Not Charge By Doing SSH On Your Phone and Replace Contents Of IPAD System File

We also got emails from some users who were saying  they are facing the yellow exclamation mark with a message charging is not supported with this accessory as shown in the image below.

Charging Stopped On iPhone

After some searching we found more solutions some of them are really geeky, so it on your whether you want to try the same. In case if you want to get rid of the error saying “Charging is not supported with this accessory” and make your iphone continue charging you can do it by following the complete tutorial, making sure that when you do this your iphone should be connected to internet or Watch the video below to know how its done using a PC by connecting your iphone to computer.

Hardware Fix For Charging Not Supported Error On iPhone [ For 3G and 3GS Not Sure if It Works With iPhone 4 and 4s ]

If you are enough confidence to open your iphone, you should follow the guide by John who explains how to fix it by removing the hardware logic behind this error. Follow this guide at your own risk.

Fix Cannot Charge iPhone By Installing a Cydia Tweak Called Pop Up Blocker

Another way to fix this problem by installing a tweak from cydia called Pop Up Blocker which actually blocks the error message from appearing on iphone touch screen when you try to charge your iphone with some other charger. But this tweak works for following firmware as tested (2g,3g,3gs and 4) for the firmwares Greater than 2.0 …so its works for 2.0,2.0.1 ,2.0.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0 , 3.0.1 ,3.1, 3.2 ,3.2.1 , 3.2.2 , 4.0 , 4.1, 4.2,4.3 , 4.3.1 FWs not tested on higher firmware but may work.

Watch the video below to know how to apply this fix on your iphone.

Another Video Talking About The Fix Of iPhone Charging Problem

We hope after watching all the videos above, you might be able to fix this problem if still you haven’t been able to solve this please let us know through comments, we will let you know some other solution as we find them.


Open Camera App Shutter On iPhone Faster

Yes, there are many iphone user who face the problem of camera running very slow, the camera shutter opens slow for most of them and you are not the only one. When an iPhone user launch the camera app on iphone they keep waiting for couple of next seconds and only after 6-7 seconds it opens up, it may go to 10 or more seconds time for some iphone users before the camera app actually ready to snap a photo or do a video recording.

There are numerous ways to make camera app runs faster on iphone, if your iphone is jailbroken then you have more options to improve the camera app speed on iphone.

With Cydia Tweaks

Snappy is one such cydia tweak which lets you launch iphone camera from almost any app which you are running on your iphone, by just tapping the status bar or else you can use activator to decide how to quick launch camera on iphone with this cydia tweak, read the guide here for more info.

Another quick way to launch the camera directly can be done by just sliding the lock screen upwards which will open the camera, this can be done by installing a cydia tweak called Camera Grabber, you can read about here for more info.

With Third Party Camera Apps 

Another option of making the camera work faster and more responsive, is to install some third party apps like Quick Camera Video  [$0.99] or some others apps which lets you just tap on screen to take a photo quickly, read here for more info on this.

Trick To Open Camera Shutter Faster

The last and the simplest way to make iphone camera shutter opens up faster after launching it can be done by launching the camera from the lock screen in iOS but double press of home button which shows the little camera icon and then tap on it, it will launch the camera more faster then one in which you tap on camera app icon on homescreen.


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Android Phone Youtube Video Download With WonTube

Just in case you are using a Android mobile, you might be using the default YouTube app running on you device. But there’s a major shortfall to this app. You can only watch and subscribe your favorite videos, you can not download and store them in your mobiles to be watched anytime anywhere. You always have to download some third party app to do the same for you. Well, here is one free and simple YouTube Downloader app for you – WonTube. With WonTube, you can do android phone youtube video download to view offline anywhere.

android phone youtube video download

2 Simple Steps To Easy YouTube Videos Downloading :

Step # 1 : When you click on the app’s widget, straight away you get the homepage where you can search/browse your desired video. Just select one.

Step # 2 : Clicking on your chosen video, you can simply play or start downloading it directly using the ‘on-click download’ button on the top right of the screen(the icon is a white colored arrow pointing downwards with a green color background)

WonTube App Features :

  • very simple user interface
  • when downloading a video, you can choose the Quality of videos (HD is supported) before downloading it on your device
  • manage videos with a ‘library’ and play them anytime and anywhere

I have used the app and found it good as i already have downloaded many videos in a short time soon after i got this app on my android mobile. Coming for free from the Android marketplace, it’s worth your phone memory.

Download WonTube App For Android Mobiles.