Change Wallpaper, System Sound, Trigger As Per Time, Agenda, Connection On Android Phone

Phoneweaver is a great app which lets you define profiles on your android device. By define I mean that one can define system sounds, trigger type, wallpaper, sounds, ringtones, Wifi, GPS,Bluetiith, autoanswering and countless number of other features.

The interface is simple and very easy to use. We have profiles like Mute, Day, Night, Car GPS, Airplane Mode and PhoneWeaver Auto. To select a profile tap on it once and if you want to set a timeout timer for the same then long press it and then enter the number of hours and minutes after which the app will automatically switch to next one corresponding to the current time.


By default one can set timer for the Mute, Car GPS and Airplane Mode profiles. For instance, the time shown in the timer below is 1 hour 30 minutes which means that after 90 minutes the profile will automatically be switched. One can also lock a particular profile timer from here only.


By default one cannot change or set any timer for Day and Night profiles from the main screen as they are set in accordance with the time, but from the edit profiles section one can.


To access the edit profiles section, press the menu button and tap on Edit profiles.


On the very first screen of Edit profiles section, you will see all the profiles listed in one. To edit a particular profile, tap on it once and if you wish to change the order of the entries or rename any profile or delete etc then you can long press until you see a pop up screen with the same options.


As I said to edit a profile go to Edit Profiles and then tap on any one. Here you will get a number of options that one can change or set as per his or her preferences and use. The first tab is Trigger tab where you can change the trigger type which is manual by default for the mute profile. One can change the trigger type to Default Time, Location,  Agenda or Connections. Under Default Time one will have to specify the time for weekdays and weekends during which the app will remain activated. Location triggering can be done by settings locations. For Agenda triggering action the app will track your google calendar and lastly Connection triggering can be achieved by setting the type of power source or Headset or Dock which your device is connected to.


The Sounds tab lets you set the ringer mode, notification volume and type, multimedia volume, system volume, alarm volume etc.


Under the Communication tab one can set Wifi, GPS , Phone, Autoanswe, Autospeaker, Sync Data and other features on and off as per the profile which is set.


Lastly under Other one has the power to change the profile icon, adjust screen brightness, auto lock and screen rotation etc.


To get into the settings of the app on the main screen press the menu key and enter the Settings section. Notification bar icon, auto exit features can be edited from here. Locations can also be set.


The app also features a widget which can be placed on the home screen which makes switching between profiles more convenient.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.0 and up.

Conclusion: Apps is good though slightly tricky to edit all the options under the profiles but is it quite useful. So try the Trial version first before buying

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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