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Whenever our Android phones gets slowed down, our first step is to do a clean of junk files and caches. These are some unnecessary files which get stored on your phone when applications execute. This can be a hectic task for some but thankfully Android has even an app for this too.

Clean Master

Although there are several apps (like App Cache Cleaner and History Eraser) but Clean Master caught our attention because somehow the Clean Master felt like a complete solution for cleaning our android phone.



Clean Master sports a very neat design and in spite of carrying whole lot of features the interface doesn’t look cluttered.

The main interface shows informations related to space available at your internal and external storage. Then there are four sections: Junk Files, Privacy, Tasks, App Manager.

Although in a sense all four of these are useful enough but it is advisable that you don’t use an external task killer. Why because Android is quiet self sufficient in managing running processes.

Clean Cache and Residual files

Head over to Junk files section and clear off the cache and residual files with a tap. No rocket science needed.


Clear Privacy Items

Next head over to privacy screen which lets you remove things like your internet browsing history, call logs, smes and other things. Just to make note in case you want your call logs to be retained at your device you should deselect it.


Uninstall and Back Up Applications

Now there is an inbuilt Uninstaller in the clean master which can be either used to uninstall the app or back up the current app. Pretty useful in the scenario when you prefer the older versions of some apps over the newer ones.


A reminder can also be set for you to clear the cache from the settings.


What’s more is, the Clean Master app also comes with a beautiful widget that tells you usage statistics with an option to clean it up.

Screenshot_2013-08-21-22-27-51 (2)

As mentioned earlier, the Clean Master app is one of those cleaning apps for android which serves the purpose satisfactorily. And since the app is freely available at Google Play Store, you should give it a try.

Clean Master (Cleaner) (Free) | Google Play Store

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