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Book Flight Tickets With Clear Trip iPhone App Review [India]

We mentioned above MakeMyTrip application for booking the flights then finding the perfect place to hang-out after a long time of travel. But then there was a small problem with that application, if you are booking a round-trip then you will be able to see both the booking on the same screen, as you can do with the websites on your computer.

So, we will be discussing about an application named ‘Clear Trip’, which will solve this issue for you, this application is specifically designed for the Clear trip websites and it will not help you to book the restaurants and any other eating outlet, but it has many other advantages.

Clear Trip Review

As you open the application, you will see a screen from where on you can start booking flights either one way or a round trip. After you select the destination, dates and number of passengers, tap ‘Search Flights’.


It will take some considerable amount of time, I will suggest you to either use this application on 3G or use it on a high speed Wi-Fi connection. The search results will be shown as mentioned in then screenshot below.


Select any 2 of them and then tap ‘Book’ , you will be directed to the other screen mentioned below. From there on you keep proceed provide all the information if you have not created any account on clear trip or you can login directly and don’t fill all the information.



You can also opt to register your credit card or debit card details so that in the future you will not have to repeat this most tedious part of making payment by entering all the numerical details and similarly as in all the other flight booking applications you can see your booking history against your login ID.



Other Similar Apps

MakeMyTrip: We recently reviewed about this application; it adds something more to the flight booking by helping you to book hotels and booking exploring the area to get the best eating outlets.

Kayak: This application is also getting a very good rating from the users (as observed from iTunes), it is great for users from US, it again adds up more information related to baggage weight limit and other details about that flight.

Travelocity: This application will also help you to book cab drives, hotels and restaurants as extras to booking flights. It also claims to offer good deals and discounts over the bookings done.

GoIbibo: It is one of the equal competitors of MakeMyTrip and Clear Trip as it offers the same amount of deal and discounts over the flight booking, but this application is only available for the android users as of now.


In the end I would say that its better UI that any other application puts it somewhere above the chart, but then other tools mentioned below also have their own advantages which Clear Trip cannot fill up.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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