Clingle VS Foursquare – Which one is better? [For India]

After reading the title, please note that its not what its look like, and firstly I would like to say few things before I start. This post is not affiliated to foursquare or clingle in any way we don’t endorse any of these.

Foursquare profile page

Clingle VS Foursquare

Clingle profile page


Before actually writing this article I did some research on how people perceive the so called foursquare when they use the app their phones on the go, for most of them it’s a game which they love to play and enjoy warning rewards as prizes, they love to post updates on facebook when they earn new badges and post the update on facebook or twitter when they check in to a new place.

What’s the point in using foursquare ?

I have heard this question 100 times from most of my non techy friends, Frankly I use foursquare a lot and I consider it as a game. However when we talk about the real meaning or real benefits of the foursquare, people far away from enjoying them either it’s a free coffee in Coffee Café Day or free pizza in pizza hut for the mayor. May be foursquare is so lazy in implementing these benefits when 3.3% of the Foursquare users come from India and they generate 4.1% of the pageviews on Foursquare. Foursquare’s official support site claims the total number of users to be Over 10 million users. I don’t understand what is causing them not to provide the benefits to users which they deserve.

Can I find any thing on foursquare ?

Anyways lets come to another point, well I would say you can not as the listing on foursquare is based on what people create. It wont let you find near by colleges, schools, stationaries, office or near by automobile showrooms, bus stop, railway station or highway etc. and however not all of these are relevant to everyone but different people are looking for different things when it comes to local listing of business.


My encounter with Clingle

I am a foursquare user since the beginning, but one day I found another more meaning full app called clingle which looked like another foursquare in the beginning but with time I discovered many things which were always lacking in foursquare from the start, it allows you to do the checkin from any local shop, bus stop or confectionery which may not be listed on foursquare and moreover Clingle is still in the learning phase and will get some awesome features in upcoming months very soon.

Who is bringing you  Clingle ?

Clingle is brought to you by the same team which built MyCityWay – another great app for iphone, android – the world’s most preferred urban mobility app which lets you find anything in the city with presence over 60+ International cities.

How is Clingle different from foursquare ?

The very first question that may arise in your mind could be, how is clingle different from foursquare, this is something which came to my mind at the start when started using clingle – firstly clingle has got an extensive database much larger which with you can find more than 10 times the number of places than foursquare.


Another is way clingle works, just you leave tip on venue on foursquare you can leave a clings which could be photo, text or video as well which others can see when they visit that venue. Clingle makes capturing and sharing your everyday moments a rich multi-media experience. From capturing your check-in moments at various places as a live video, exploring popular places around you, starting conversations or leaving messages for friends at your favorite locations with photo, audio or video Clingle.

Check in from places which never existed on foursquare ?

I have tried check in from a local shop on foursquare, I never found it on foursquare as it not listed on the database of foursquare, as it compared to clingle which is actually powered by mycityway database of local business listing which lists everything from coffee shops to local confectionary shop.


Clingle Update

Clingle is going to come up with great awesome features in which local business will get more near to the people who are check in using clingle and in return will get the latest updates on new offers and messages from the local business in strict moderated way which can be controlled by the clingle user. Apart from this as a reward clingle users can user the gift feature in coming very soon in india. As per which they can Choose gift cards from over 40+ premium retail and online brands, attach it to a cling and leave it at any store/location of your choice for your friends.


Both clingle and foursquare are great apps but they both have different ways to let you find the place or a local business, restaurant you need but for me clingle wins in some scenarios but still both of them need to more consumer centric in terms of benefits users should get when they use these apps. These benefits can in terms of free discount coupons, gifts, goodies or any other thing which entice a user to use these apps and make their life more simple with these apps installed on your smart phones.

Availability On Mobile Platforms

Foursquare is already available for iPhone, android, windows phone 7, blackberry and other mobile platforms like Symbian, check out this page or the respective apps market place for your phone.

Clingle is also available for iPhone, android, blackberry, Nokia ovi and will coon come out for windows phone 7 as well, check out this page or the respective apps market place for your phone.

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