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Single Account for Google Drive, SkyDrive and DropBox

Now a days, the cloud storage space is getting more and more crowded with the addition of new yet similar services. Having said that, one of the major issues that one faces when it comes to managing several cloud accounts is the ability to manage all of them at once. For that matter, we have a handful of aggregator apps which let you manage all your cloud accounts from the very same screen, and today we will be talking about yet another addition called CloudCube.

CloudCube is a cloud aggregator app for Android that allows you to take care of your DropBox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Yandex Disk accounts from a single screen. Users are not only able to browse and save files from these accounts to their android devices, but can also upload files directly to any of the aforementioned storages.

How To Use CloudCube

First of all download the CloudCube app form Play Store and on the very first interface tap on ‘Available Storages’. A small pop up window will appear from where you can select the type of storage and login.


Once you have entered the credentials for your first cloud account, you can view the free storage space by tapping on Available Storages. To further add more accounts you can tap on the ‘+’ button present at the bottom in the first image below.


To upload a file from your device to a particular account, first you need to select the account, then tap on Actions from the bottom row of tabs, and then select Add files. Then you will have to browse to the particular file or folder you wish to upload, tap select the same, and then hit the button at the top right corner.


To monitor the upload progress, you need to tap open the Activity tab from the bottom and you can get the required information. To search a particular file or folder, you can use the Search and index feature from the main screen (refer the very first image at the starting of the article)


Coming to the settings part, there is hardly anything to take care of except the language and cache folder. You can also backup the settings profile for the app to a file on your device and can also import from the same later.


The app is fairly well designed but is not as impressive as other similar applications. The tabs respond slow at times and the navigation could also be time consuming sometimes. But overall it is a nice app to try.

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