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[Android] Colorful Bar Indicators For Battery, Wifi, & Other Stats

Android is complete in all senses, and what complements the look and feel of the operating system even more is the on-screen widgets. Apart from application dedicated widgets you can also apply several other widgets which can indicate stats like battery percentage, wifi signal strength, storage space etc, right on the home screen.

Having a couple of widgets is just fine but the problem arises when you have applied many widgets. On doing so there will be an evident lag in the performance of your device and it can only be resolved if you remove those widgets. Users who are facing this problem and really want these stats without compromising with the performance of their device now have a solution.

PowerLine is a great app for minimalists and it can literally replace all those performance eating widgets with colored bar indicators that appear on the edges of the screen. The lines or bars look nice, unobtrusive, and replace the cluttered look of widgets. The color of the lines indicate the current state of the item in question – battery, wifi, storage, and so on.

How To Use PowerLine

Step 1: Download PowerLine from Google Play store.

Step 2: Launch the app and you will see a colored line appearing immediately on the top of the screen. This one is added by default but you can change it later. The first default indicator is for the battery stats but you can add more indicators by tapping on the + sign given at the top right corner.


Step 3: Each indicator will have its own settings page from where you can change the position, alignment, transparency, thickness, offset, color and so on. To configure an indicator you can tap on the same and it will open its settings page. If you wish to remove an indicator, you need to long press the entry present on the very first screen and then hit remove.


Below are some pictures that will make it clear how the indicators look like on the home and lock screen.




The app is great for users who own devices which cannot handle a bunch of widgets at the same time. Important thing to note here is that the free version of the app only supports 2 indicators at a time, and if you like the application you can buy the full version by hitting the Unlock button present at the bottom of the settings page.

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