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Comparison Review Feedly vs Flipboard vs Pulse

There are millions of applications and sites that gather your social networking feeds and display them under a single hood. Along with them comes with the options of adding your own favourite sites and other preferences. But among millions there are only few notables and you must be bewildered which one is for you. We take a look of the three most commonly used such applications. Feedly Flipboard and Pulse.


Feedly is for hard core news junkies. Ever since Google Reader death was confirmed, it came into lime light and surprised everyone around there. One of the appealing things that Feedly carried was its ability to import the feeds from the Google Reader. Since the app has to serve as the replacement for Google Reader, it has to carry many other complexities on its shoulders and it does a decent job with its modern minimalistic design.


Feedly includes browser functions in it so if you want to read a feed whose only summary is appearing, you can click through it to view on the original website with in the application. From there you can share a particular articles to emails, tweet, Google+ and even Pocket.


Another high point of using this application is that it is not just alone a Android application. It works across the other tablets, computers and ultimately syncs settings across.


Flipboard is for the mediocre level of news junkies. It connects your RSS feeds and your social networks in a very elegant manner. It mingles all your feeds in a magazine style layout which you can flip through with only a swipe of your finger.


Flipboard also allows you to create your own magazine with your desired topics of interests and share them with them or even find magazines about topics you are interested in created by other users. You can even post updates to sites like twitter.


But then as i said its not efficient for getting through links quickly. So if you are like a hard core content consumer, rather rely on the feedly. Or else it is the perfect for people who are mildly interested in consuming contents.


The prime idea behind Pulse is, build a simple and crude platform for all your favourite sites at one board. The application gathers all your favourite site news stories and display thumbnails of those which will will give you a quick overview of what is happening in the world of your interest.


The app comes preloaded with some most popular sites like TechCrunch, Mashable etc. However you can build your own preferences and then organise them accordingly. Unlike previous two mentioned using (read organising) Pulse is quiet easy.


Perfect for people who want to take a break from their work to skim through the world they are interested in.

By Kamal Nayan

Kamal Nayan is a blogger at where he has been writing about personal technology, productivity hacks and often produces how to videos. He takes some time off from his engineering to write about tips and tweaks related to Android and other phones on this blog.

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